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If you are looking for an advanced launch monitor to form the core of a first-rate golf simulator, you should definitely take some time to investigate what Uneekor has to offer. Uneekor is one of the biggest names in the golf simulator market, with two popular launch monitor systems to choose from; Uneekor QED and Uneekor EYE XO.

Uneekor | Review

Admittedly, these indoor launch monitors are on the pricey side. These overhead launch monitors provide you with incredibly precise measurements of your swing and club path metrics, launch angle, ball flight, ball speed, face angle, club speed and backspin to deliver the most accurate data metrics possible. Both the Unkeekor QED and Uneekor EYE XO will grant you access to a suite of cutting-edge technologies, while the Uneekor software significantly broadens the applications of each golf launch monitor.

Prepared to invest more in a premium launch monitor? Read on our review of the Uneekor QED and Uneekor EYE XO so you know what to expect from this industry-leading devices. And before you read on, of course Uneekor has competitors, like Trackman, Foresight (GC2 Launch Monitor & GCQuad Launch Monitor) &  SkyTrak.

Uneekor QED Review

Uneekor QED

The QED is the cheaper of the two main Uneekor golf simulator options, but do not assume this means a low price tag. The Uneekor QED is still one of the pricier launch monitors on the market, with most retailers selling the device for around $6,000. The Uneekor QED provides you with a lot for your money, however.

This Uneekor launch monitor is an ideal pick for anyone looking for high levels of precision and accuracy, along with the option of immersive golf simulation. This QED launch monitor uses an incredibly proficient camera system placed above the hitting area, ensuring you get the very best feedback from your swings and shot.

This is also a very reliable option when it comes to accurate data. Not only will this monitor provide you with enviable levels of accuracy at distances in excess of 430 yards, it also ensures a minimal margin of error. Even the widest error margins are unlikely to deviate beyond 10 centimetres. Meaning whether you are working on your short game, or taking the golf club to town and really going for it, you’re going to know exactly where the ball landed.

Key Specs

– Two hyper-speed cameras capture 3000 frames per second (fps)
– Sensors provide reading of balls and clubs
– First class sensor technology delivers superior levels of accuracy
– Ceiling mount included for simulator installation
– Real-time recording of balls and club at moment of impact

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The Uneekor QED golf simulator is ideal for golfers looking to shoot lower scores. Not every photometric launch monitor on the market will give you precise data readings when shooting lower scores, but the QED delivers here. This makes it ideal for golfers with more demanding practice requirements who want to just smash the ball down the fairway in course practice mode or in multiplayer mode.

The quality of the graphics on offer here are also impressive. Not only do the graphics provide you with a more immersive simulator experience, they also deliver a very useable interface for your to witness your own launch angle. You can enjoy first-rate virtual recreations of some of the finest golf courses in the world with this launch monitor and its software. Driving range practice is also supported. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to sift through available courses and ranges, while play mode selection is also straightforward.

This piece of kit is a great addition to your home golf tech, and without a shadow of a doubt increases your golf swing dramatically. This golf launch monitor is a must, and along with your golf mat, there’s no stopping you.

Uneekor QED Software

Uneekor offers a range of simulator software packages that can be used with its launch monitors. The QED comes complete with the QED Ignite  golf simulation software. This package includes QED OPTIX, an innovative photographic technology that provides you with useful videos of club impact and ball spin. You can also enjoy fitting data courtesy of this software.

A 3D driving range is also included as standard, while a swing motion analysis tool is on hand to help you perfect your golf technique. One thing to remember about the QED launch monitor and the Ignite software package is that you will not have immediate access to course level play.

In order to access courses, you will need to upgrade the software options to the Refine or Succeed package. Both packages can be purchased directly through Uneekor. The QED launch monitor is also compatible with third-party software, namely the E6 Connect software package from TruGolf as well as The Golf Club (tgc 2019).


– Superior camera technology
– Reliable reading of ball and club metrics
– Incredible levels of accuracy
– Real-time video recording
– Suitable for use with indoor golf simulators
– Supports third-party software


– Basic software package does not include access to golf course levels
– Very expensive for the basic launch monitor

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Uneekor EYE XO Review



The Uneekor EYE XO is one of the most advanced launch monitor systems on the market. This overhead launch monitor camera is designed with indoor use in mind, attaching to the ceiling so it can be used as part of a premium golf simulator setup.

This is the perfect choice of monitor for those looking to work on their drives, while it can also be used to help you improve levels of accuracy when dealing with irons. Just grab your hitting mat, marked balls and get going because the intel from this device is simply going to blow your mind.

This versatile launch monitor can also be used to practice your putting ability. In short, this launch monitor can be used to improve your golfing prowess across the board, with cutting-edge technologies to ensure you receive superior levels of accuracy and precision.

The tracking analytics provided by the Uneekor EYE XO are hard to beat. You can use this launch monitor with all clubs in your golf bag, allowing you to build confidence with everything from drivers to putters. The information provided by this launch monitor is very thorough, with the measurements provided allowing you to make fine adjustments to your technique in the field to ensure you get the best results from every shot.

While the QED is limited slightly due to the fact golf balls have to be marked in order for the device to make reliable readings, the EYE XO is free of this limitation. The non-marking tracking technology included here means you can practice and play quickly, without having to waste precious time setting things up.

Key Specs

– Two hyper-speed cameras capture 3000 frames per second
– Sensors provide reading of balls and clubs
– Unrivalled ball data accuracy
– Real-time recording of balls and club at moment of impact
– Ceiling mount included for simulator installation
– Ball tracking requires no markers

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The Uneekor EYE XO is a superior solution for those looking for incredible levels of accuracy when it comes to club data. This launch monitor provides you with crucial data including launch, spin axis, spin, club fitting and distance. With all of these variables tracked and analysed, you can make highly relevant adjustments to your style of play.

The Uneekor EYE XO is one of the best golf launch monitors around if you are looking to develop your club face strikes and improve playing consistency. Full golf ball and club data metrics are covered here, while Club OPTIX software will allow you to fully visualise where the club strikes the ball.

Top-flight graphics can also be expected here. The EYE XO launch monitor trounces the competition when it comes to graphic quality, while the device interface is incredibly user-friendly. You can switch between virtual golf courses and ranges with ease, while practice and play modes can be navigated through swiftly as you make your selection.

Uneekor EYE XO Software

The Uneekor EYE XO launch monitor comes with the VIEW software package. This software includes EYE XO OPTIX, a photographic technology that provides you with ball spin and club impact videos for each shot. It also provides you with fitting data, as well as access to 3D driving range levels. This premium software also grants you access to a swing motion analysis tool, which is essential for improving the basics of your swing.

As with the QED launch monitor, the software here is relatively minimal. If you want to enjoy full access to the full library of virtual golf courses, you will need to pay for an upgrade and switch to the Refine or Succeed software packages. Both of these software packages can be purchased via Uneekor. As with the QED monitor, the EYE XO can also be used with TruGolf E6 Connect software.


– Innovative twin camera technology
– Premium sensor technology for accurate readings
– Superior levels of precision
– Useful video recording of moment of impact
– Can be used as part of an indoor golf simulator
– No markers are required for ball tracking
– Includes premium software and supports third-party software


– Very expensive golf launch monitor option
– Recreational golfers will find little use for some of the advanced features on offer here
– Software needs to be upgraded in order to access golf course levels

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Uneekor EYE XO Installation

Uneekor EYE XO vs QED | Data Points Comparison

Data PointData ParameterUneekor QEDUneekor EYE XO
Ball DataBall Speed
Launch Angle Y Y
Back Spin Y Y
Side Spin Y Y
Side Angle  Y Y
Total Distance Y Y
Carry Y Y
Run Y Y
Flight Time Y Y
Distance to Apex Y Y
Apex Y Y
Land Angle Y Y
Side Total Y Y
Club DataSmash Factor Y Y
Club Speed Y Y
Club Path Y Y
Club Face Angle Y Y
Club Face to Path Y Y
Attack Angle N Y
Dynamic Loft N Y
Club Loft Angle N Y
Club Loft Angle N Y
Impact Point N Y

Which is the Best Uneekor? | Uneekor QED vs EYE XO

Even if you have experience with premium launch monitors, the QED from Uneekor will more than impress with its ball data metrics, incredible software solutions and high-speed camera recording. However, the EYE XO is well worth the additional cost if you have the extra funds to invest in it. The EYE XO provides you with additional ball metrics that the QED does not, including things like attack angle, club loft, lie angles and impact location.

The Uneekor EYE XO is also incredibly user-friendly, with no need for you to add reflective markers on golf balls in order for the launch monitor to make its measurements. Compared to other available models, the EYE XO also provides you with better video resolutions when recording club head movements, meaning you have much better reference material to turn to later.

Check the Uneekor comparison chart here that details on features of each of these models.

Uneekor EYE XO Price

The Uneekor EYE XO Launch Monitor price starts from $10,000 for the basic package that includes the View Simulation software.  Other software options include the View + Refine (extra $1,000), View + Succeed (extra $2,000) and finally View + The Golf Club (extra $950).

Uneekor QED Price

The Uneekor QED Launch Monitor price starts from $6,000 for the basic package that includes the ignite software. Similar to the EYE XO package, other software options include the View + Refine (extra $1,000), View + Succeed (extra $2,000) and finally View + The Golf Club (extra $950).