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Titleist AVX Review

Last Updated on 22 February, 2022 21:24 by Pri

The Titleist AVX has been on the market since 2018, launched as an alternative to the popular ProV1. This premium golf ball has been marketed as a solid option for golfers looking for low spin on distance shots, without sacrificing essential spin on shorter shots.

The AVX is a top-tier choice, bringing together innovative core design with a first-rate cover and the latest in aerodynamic technology for those looking to unlock the best distances with piercing trajectories and low ball flight. The Titleist AVX is a strange beast, however, with design spec that will appeal to both the golfing novice and more experienced player alike. Unsure of whether or not the AVX is the right choice for you?

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When it comes to golf balls, we all have a different goal. Some golf players are looking for high speed, some for high spin, others don’t care about ball speed and are looking for a lower spin and speed. When testing out this product, I became obsessed with learning about new balls.

I delved into the world of performance golf balls and given that I had started playing with longer irons, and needed a lower trajectory anyway – this would be a great test. The high spin rate of my last golf balls were beginning to drive me a bit crazy as it was causing too much side spin.

So the first time I used the AVX, I aimed my club face as always, and decided to smash the ball down the fairway. Immediately, I could tell just from the launch angle that something was different. Something was better. It felt like a lower compression ball, putting less pressure on my hands and grip. I found that my fairway woods liked them more, and out of all the golf balls I’d ever tested the new Titleist AVX was easily the lowest spinning ball. I actually think I hit the ball straight. Same was true when it came to my short game. The softest hit, produced the least spin and was simply perfect !!!

Read on for our in-depth review on what you can expect when you tee off with the new and improved Titleist AVX.

Introducing the Titleist AVX Golf Ball

The Titleist AVX was originally conceived as an alternative to the ProV1 and ProV1x, hence the name. This ball is certainly a more enhanced option, with a three-piece design that boasts the benefits of a multi-layer construction. What makes the AVX so unique when it comes to what is available on the market is how it blends familiar technologies together in a new way. Unlike other available golf balls that are softer in nature, the AVX is bolstered by a cast urethane cover that is usually reserved for tour-level balls like the ProV1.

Another key difference of the AVX is the dimple design. This premium ball includes a 352 dimple pattern. Unlike conventional spherical patterns, the catenary dimple design here makes for a ball with sharp and steep sides, unlike the curved form of other balls. These sharper, steeper sides also produce a flatter centre that is crucial in ensuring lower ball flight.

The AVX is not reserved for the professional, however. Unlike other premium balls on the market, the Titleist AVX is available in classic white and high-visibility yellow. The yellow ball variant is particularly useful for the less experienced golfer who struggles with wayward balls. Opt for the matte yellow AVX and you will never have to worry about losing your balls to the rough again.

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Design Technologies

The Titleist AVX boasts many of the same technologies offered by the ProV1. That being said, there are some distinct differences here that set the AVX apart from the ProV1 and similar balls. The most obvious point of difference is the core. The core is altogether softer and offers lower overall compression.

The new and improved core should provide you with a little bit more distance than before, while also making for a softer feel. The dimple pattern is also noticeably different and designed to enhance your control of the ball. It is worth pointing out that the dimples are significantly deeper than comparable golf balls, particularly the ProV1.

Control if further enhanced by the casing layer, which has been specially manufactured to help you get a handle on spin, while also boosting potential distances. The urethane elastomer cover is particularly effective at giving you better levels of control when it comes to playing on the green. The material also improves feel, making the ball a softer choice, while also making it a more durable and long-lasting choice.

You also have an upgraded aerodynamic design on offer here. The manufacturer claims the aerodynamics will ensure a more piercing and penetrating trajectory, while ensuring the ball remains low. This combines to provide more consistent ball flight, regardless of the kind of shot you are taking.

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Feel Factor

Generally speaking, the original AVX golf ball offered a similar feel to the ProV1, at least when it came to playing on the green. Elsewhere on the course, the AVX was noticeably softer in feel to the ProV1. The new and improved AVX still delivers a softer alternative to the ProV1. You will notice a soft feel if you are playing with a driver, irons or wedge club. This is not a bad thing, however.

While it is markedly softer than tour-grade balls on the market, it performs well across the board. You can still expect quality acoustics with the Titleist AVX, even if that sound feedback is softer when held up to comparable balls on the market. When it comes to playing on the green with a putter, the original AVX and the latest upgrade yields little difference.


One of the most important things that golfers look for when shopping for golf balls is distance potential. The Titleist AVX promises remarkable distances and penetrating flight performance. The AVX boasts some innovative technologies that will drive longer ball flights, particularly when you make a shot with irons.

These balls are also very playable and well-suited to golfers of all proficiencies. As such, you can expect decent enough distances, regardless of your swing speed and overall playing ability. You will want to take some time to play with the AVX to see if it provides you with sufficient distances to benefit your game. However, when you weigh it up against other options on the market, the AVX holds its own.

Spin Factor

The AVX might be softer in feel than ProV1 balls and similar options, but you can expect lower overall spin. If you are someone who regularly plays with drivers and irons and has trouble with excess levels of spin on their shots, the relatively subdued spin offered by the AVX will definitely appeal.

If you regularly reach for your irons, the AVX will make a fine complement to your game. You will definitely notice reduced spin on your iron shots, no matter how long or short the iron you are using.

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Titleist AVX | In Conclusion

The Titleist AVX is a premium golf appeal with broad appeal. If you are looking for better control of the ball on the green, the AVX scores better marks than the ProV1 and ProV1x. The AVX also performs well when you are further away from the green, at least when you are taking less aggressive shots or more marginal swings.

However, the AVX does show potential weaknesses the further away from the green you find yourself. The lower levels of spin might put off the more experienced golfer who requires spin to perfect their shots. Lower overall launch performance may also deter the golfer requiring who prefers high launch trajectories as they tee off.

The stopping distance credentials of the AVX are also worth bearing in mind before you part with your hard-earned cash. Compared to other balls on the market, the Titleist AVX has a longer stopping distance. If you have a low handicap and prefer tight stopping distances to maintain your score, the AVX may not appeal to you.

Ultimately you need to weigh up what you need from a golf ball to decide whether or not the Titleist AVX is the right choice for you. If you are unsure in your swing, but still want consistent performance, the AVX delivers. Beginners looking for a ball with reduced spin will also find the AVX very playable.

The longer stopping distance is a definite drawback here, but those with a higher handicap will find the impact on their game nominal. Finally, the option of a high-visibility finish – a definite rarity when it comes to premium balls – makes the AVX a very worthwhile consideration for the golfing novice.

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