SkyTrak Golf Simulator Packages Comparison 2021

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Comparison

Not everyone has ready access to an actual driving range or golf course, but that should not stop you from enjoying first-rate golf practice. SkyTrak golf simulators are cutting-edge alternative to conventional courses and driving ranges, utilising the latest technologies and innovative software design to virtually recreate a wide range of playing conditions so you can perfect your golfing ability. Read on for our essential guide on what these first class simulator systems offer, including a thorough comparison of SkyTrak golf simulators to help you get a clear idea of which setup might be best for you.

Before we delve into the detail of the key SkyTrak golf simulator models currently on the market, it is worth looking at some key spec shared by all key options available. In particular we are talking about the core component of the simulator system, the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, as well as the SkyTrak Game Improvement Software Package.

Now when it comes to golf simulators, I won’t deny it – I love them. Golf simulation software, using today’s technology is simply wow!!! You get all these cool data points, like spin rate, side angle, launch angle, rate of back spin, shot shape, ball speed, ball flight, side spin, carry distance, total distance, club head speed and so much more. This real-time data genuinely helps you to make instant improvements in your game. This ball flight data is typical of a lot of personal launch monitors, with the sole aim of helping you improve the way you swing your golf club, and your overall golf game.

I was asked the other day, if I felt if golf simulators would replace the practice range, and the truth is, my initial response was yes. However, after giving it some thought, and have having watched many an interview after the World Golf Tour (WGT) – I realised that it was a good addition. It was yet another tool that would help you to improve your game. A good home golf simulator requires you to have the basics, like a good golf net, the perfect golf mat – all designed to help you to improve your course play.

That’s why for me, I can’t lie – I am biased and this SkyTrak golf launch monitor is beyond words. I found that it was a little bit better than things like the Flightscope Mevo, Foresight and Trackman – and the game improvement features were seriously incredible. And with every golf simulator comes a golf simulator software. I love SkyTrak’s simulator, combined with a net return, bag mapping and a shot tracer, I knew that I would play golf to a much higher standard as a result.

SkyTrak Launch Monitor

The SkyTrak Launch Monitor is the beating heart of this premium golfing simulator system. The monitor offers incredibly high levels of accuracy as standard. High-speed photometric technology, combined with advanced algorithms make the SkyTrak launch monitor a particularly impressive piece of hardware.

In fact, with such top-tier technology at its core, the system stands shoulder to shoulder with other comparable launch monitors on the market that retail at many times the price tag of even the most experience SkyTrak golf simulator model. No matter what simulator you go for, you can be confident a SkyTrak solution offers excellent value for money.

Game Improvement Plan

The SkyTrak Game Improvement Plan is on hand to enhance your practice sessions even further. With this innovative software, you can enjoy the full thrill of practising on a virtual driving range, while also gaining access to live data on your shots with impressive levels of accuracy. The plan also brings you a wide range of software add-ons to broaden your horizons, including simulations of international golf courses.

You will get a year-long subscription to the SkyTrak Game Improvement Plan with any simulator model. The plan is compatible with both desktop PCs and iPads, making it incredibly versatile and portable. You can also put yourself to the test with closest to the pin and longest drive competitions, or keep it simple with target practice instead. The more disciplined golfer can also make use of skills assessments modules.

SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Package

SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Package

If you are looking to create an authentic golf experience from the comfort of your own home, the SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Package is the way to go. Allowing to perfect your swing for hours at a time, without the worry of the weather putting a dampener on play, the SwingBay will quickly prove its worth.

A key thing to consider when splashing out on a golf simulator package is space requirements, so we will get the measurements out of the way first. When fully erected, the SwingBay Simulator stands 9 feet high and 12 feet wide. It also has a relatively substantial depth of 16 feet, so you will need to ensure you have adequate space for this.

You will also need to consider whether you have adequate space to swing your driver comfortably. Therefore you should take detailed measurements of your indoor space to ensure you have enough square footage for the simulator itself, before taking a practice backswing with your driver. Pay special attention to whether or not you have sufficient ceiling height to carry out a full swing with your club. Otherwise you could end up stuck with just a brilliant indoor golf green. 

Now we can get into the finer detail of what is included with the SkyTrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Studio. The key component of this package is the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, which we have already outlined in detail above. The launch monitor comes complete with a protective case to ensure your delicate electronics are kept in premium condition and full working order for as long as possible. Also included is the cutting-edge Game Improvement Software we have previously discussed in this article.

You will also find a SwingBay Simulator screen and enclosure, along with a choice of hitting mat and landing pad turf to best meet your preferred playing requirements. The SwingBay itself is robust and heavy-duty in design, providing you with a high-definition display solution that will last for a long time to come. The screen and enclosure are incredibly easy to assemble, with the framing system designed so it can be fully erected in no time at all. Also included is landing pad turf for your simulator.

The turf landing pad measures 5 feet by 12 feet to perfectly fit within your enclosure, serving to protect your screen and practice bay, as well as the flooring of the indoor space you have added it to. You have two sizes of hitting mat to choose from. A four feet by five feet mat comes included with the package at no extra cost. If you would prefer a larger hitting mat, you can opt for the 9 feet by 4 feet mat for a small premium.

More first-rate components include an Optoma 1080p HD short throw projector to help create a more immersive, high-definition practice environment. The HD projector boasts high lumens and is precisely calibrated for an accurate throw ratio for your simulator setup. The aspect ratio is also perfectly matched to correctly fit your screen.

All the little extras are also included, including a ceiling projector mount and 25-foot 1080p HDMI cable, meaning you the simulator can be hooked up and ready to go as soon as it arrives. The universal ceiling mount is particularly handy when it comes to minimising cable clutter, while also offering 30-degree up/down flexibility, as well as a left and right tilt. The folding mechanism also allows you to perfectly position your projector so you can enjoy the best images possible.

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The SkyTrak SwingBay is the ideal choice for golfers looking for the perfect combination of affordability and immersive features to help perfect their swing indoors. Provided you have the space to install it with adequate room for swinging your driver, it will prove a worthwhile investment for years to come.

SkyTrak Compact Golf Simulator Package

SkyTrak Compact Golf Simulator Package

If you are eager to enjoy a golf simulator at home, but are concerned you do not have the space for it, the SkyTrak Platinum Compact Golf Simulator Package might offer a convenient compromise. Despite being relatively more affordable than other SkyTrak models, this compact alternative does not skimp on features and functionality.

This simulator stands 9 feet tall and 10 feet wide. It has a total depth of 12 feet, making it significantly more compact than the SkyTrak SwingBay. As with that model however, you will want to thoroughly measure the interior where you intend to install it, while also taking the time to check to see if you have sufficient ceiling height to carry out a full backswing with a driver.

Again, the core of the system is the SkyTrak Launch Monitor. In addition to that you have the Simulator Series screen and enclosure. These have been specially designed with smaller spaces in mind. Despite the stripped-back dimensions, the enclosure and screen are particularly robust. A floating design means the screen will handle significant impacts from your shots with ease.

The floating screen also minimises bounce back, protecting your interiors from damage form wayward balls. The entirety of the bay enclosure is covered with dense netting, while the tubular framing is incredibly secure and sturdy once fully erected. The screen itself is constructed from a heavyweight polyester and comes in a super bright finish, providing you with superb levels of clarity to make the most of your SkyTrak golf simulator experience.

Also included as standard here is a landing pad, designed to perfectly fit within the enclosure. The landing pad is particularly effective at protecting your flooring from golf ball impacts, providing you with maximum peace of mind as you practice your drives. The high-quality artificial turf also lends a sense of authenticity to your simulator setup.

Another standard element to this simulator package is the Optoma EH200st HD projector. Bringing together high lumens with a precise throw ratio, this Optoma projector has been cherry-picked to bring out the best in your simulator setup. You can look forward to incredibly clear and vibrant images in high definition, every time.

All the necessary extras can also be found with this package. The universal ceiling mount provides you with an easy way crane your projector, all the while keeping cable clutter and potential obstacles to an absolute minimum. Just like the mount included with the SwingBay package, you can enjoy left and right tilt movements, as well as 30 degrees of up and down adjustment.

Once again you have a choice of SwingTurf hitting mats. The smaller option, measuring 4 feet by 5 feet, is included at no extra cost. If you are considering this more compact solution to a golf simulator, this smaller hitting mat should be more than sufficient. However, if you do wish to go for a larger alternative, a 9 feet by 4 feet mat can be added to the package for a small premium.

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The Compact SkyTrak Golf Simulator is more than just a pared-back alternative to the SwingBay system. While it is indeed smaller in stature than its bigger brother, the overall construction and materials used in its design have been carefully considered to ensure maximum performance and perfect practice sessions.

SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Package

SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Package

If you do not have the space to house a permanent simulator setup, the SkyTrak Retractable Golf Simulator Package is probably your best bet. This retractable golf simulator offer many of the same great features of other SkyTrak solutions, but boasts the benefit of being able to return your rooms to their original stage with minimal fuss.

When fully extended, this simulator stands 8.6 feet high with a width of 10.6 feet. It also has a total depth of 10 feet. Even through it is retractable, you will need to ensure your room offers sufficient space to house it when it is in use. You will also want to ensure you have sufficient ceiling height to carry out a full swing with your driver.

As with the other systems we have talked about, this simulator setup comes with a SkyTrak Launch Monitor and Game Improvement Software as standard. What makes this system so flexible is its innovative simulator screen and enclosure. This is a user-friendly and portable option, with the screen quickly retracting and freeing up your floor space at the touch of a button. This retracting mechanism is battery-operated, meaning you will not have to worry about finding an additional power outlet for it.

Also included as standard is a landing turf pad. This turf prevents excess bounceback, protecting both your simulator bay and the flooring of the room you house it in. The premium materials used in its construction and realistic finish also add to the feeling of authenticity of this simulator.

Just like the other two systems we have discussed, this retractable simulator includes an Optoma 1080p short throw projector. Once again, the projector combines high lumens and the correct throw ratio for your simulator, granting you high-definition images, every time. You can also expect the standard universal ceiling mount with this package. 30 degrees of up/down rotation can be achieved, along with a left and right tilting mechanism. You will have no trouble perfectly positioning the projector to provide you with the best possible image results.

You also have the usual choice of hitting mats here. You can opt for the basic SwingTurf mat measuring 4 feet by 5 feet at no extra cost if the size is sufficient enough for you. Should you require more generous dimensions, the larger 9 feet by 5 feet option is available for a small extra charge.

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If you have less space to work with, this retractable SkyTrak Golf Simulator is the way to go. The collapsible design make sit an ideal choice for multi-purpose spaces like garages and game rooms.

In Conclusion

Each of these SkyTrak golf simulators have plenty of benefits to help you improve your golfing prowess and any one will prove a worthwhile investment. Most people will probably need to factor in available space before they commit to a purchase, so the compact setup or retractable option will likely appeal to the vast majority. The retractable SkyTrak Golf simulator is a particularly attractive option for those who can only free up indoor space temporarily.

However, if money is no object and you have a large enough interior to accommodate it, the SwingBay SkyTrak Golf Simulator is without doubt the best option on the table. The larger dimensions will provide you with a more accurate playing environment, ensuring you get the most from your setup.

There are a multitude of SkyTrak Golf Simulator packages to cater your requirements.