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PING G410 Irons Review

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The G series of irons from Ping has been around since the turn of the century. In fact, the G410 is the tenth addition to the long-running G series. Compared to the very first G iron that hit the market almost twenty years ago, the Ping G410 irons are an almost entirely different animal. The tried and trusted manufacturer has gone to great lengths to take their G series of irons to the next level.

The Ping G410 irons make an instant impression with a sleek new profile, while the blade length is notably shorter when compared to other models form the G series. The Ping G410 irons also offer less offset than similar irons on the market and is considerably more forgiving than the previous addition to the Ping range. This set of irons is comprised of 4 iron all the way to 9 Iron along with four different wedges; Pitching Wedge, Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge and Lob Wedge.

PING G410 Irons Review | Closer Inspection

One of the key features of the G410 promoted by Ping is the shorter blade length, coming in at around 3 percent smaller than the previous model from the manufacturer. There is also around 10 percent less hosel offset than what you might have experienced with the Ping G400. The Ping G410 irons also feature an undercut top-rail. This serves to remove mass from the overall design, while also enhancing face flex. This rail combines with a super thin leading edge to help you achieve optimal launch conditions, ensuring you get balls higher in the air and at faster speeds.

One of the biggest advantages over the Ping G400 irons is the removal of some redundant features. Unlike its predecessor and every G model before it, the Ping G410 does not include the so-called custom tuning port that was usually found within the irons cavity. The tuning port was originally intended to allow golfers to enjoy custom options.

Some purists may find the removal of this element a drawback, but in fact the lack of it ensures that the G410 enjoys much better face flex. The weight port is not gone in its entirety, however. With the Ping G410, the weight port has been strategically repositioned in the toe and within the hosel itself. This repositioning raises the moment of inertia of the iron by approximately 8 percent.

Ping market the G410 as a good midway option that falls nicely between the hollow body i500 and the more substantial G700. However, unlike these irons, the Ping G410 irons do not boast a hollow body design itself. That being said, this is no bad thing. If the G410 had utilised a hollow body design, the club would have struggled to enjoy the same performance when it comes to moment of inertia.

Key Features of the Ping G410

One of the major selling points of the Ping G410 forgiving irons is its innovative structure. The expert engineers at Ping have produced a cavity structure and face that is optimised to ensure faster ball speeds as standard. The superior structure also eliminates excess weight from the overall design, allowing for the perimeter weighting to be expanded. It is the toe and hosel that are best served by the removal of surplus weight. The additional weight savings are what allows for the MOI increase that sets this iron apart from the competition. The weight savings also allow for more consistent shots and more forgiveness.

The expert face design will also help boost performance on the golf course. The face of the Ping G410 iron is more flexible in nature. This allows for increased ball speeds and greater distances. You can also look forward to higher ball height. All this is a must for golfers looking to enjoy better control over the ball.

By removing the weighting structure from the face itself, Ping have delivered an iron with a far larger flexing zone. The result of this redesign is that it is far simpler to launch balls at faster speeds and greater heights. These optimal launch conditions can also be achieved more consistently. If you are struggling with unpredictable launches on the course, the Ping G410 is definitely an iron you should consider investing in.

The Ping G410 iron’s performance is powered by the COR-Eye technology and the cascading sole-design. There is a variety of shaft flex options in Graphite and Steel to select from. The preference of steel shafts or graphite shafts is usually based on preferences for feel and/or weight. Steel shafts are preferred by golfers that seek a standard-weight club with a firmer feel, whilst Graphite shafts are opted by golfers seeking a softer feel and/or a lighter overall weight.

There is a variety of stock shaft options available to choose from; ALTA CB red, AWT 2.0, True Temper Dynamic Gold, FST KBS Tour, Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 105, Project X LZ and True Temper XP 95. Each of these shafts have a unique flex, weight and launch angle.

Superb Sound and Feel

One of the most notable things about the Ping G410 iron is its cleaner aesthetic and more refined shape. Compared to other irons from the manufacturer, the Ping G410 has a somewhat shorter blade and offers about 10 percent less offset. The difference is definitely notable when compared to the previous model from Ping, the G400. However, these differences are entirely welcome, resulting in a blade-style iron that looks great and performs well.

The high-grade finish of the club head also deserves a mention, scoring top marks for aesthetics while also allowing for smoother interaction with turf. You can also look forward to first-rate feel and sound thanks to high-quality aluminium and elastomer badge. Beginners and less confident golfers will definitely appreciate the improved feel of the Ping G410, while superior sound feedback will enhance playability.

Quality Construction

The G410 has been manufactured to an incredibly high standard. A multi-material construction is the order of the day here. The head itself is made from Hyper 17-4 stainless steel, while the toe and hosel weights are made from lightweight tungsten for the utmost precision. The co-molded cavity badge that wraps around the hosel is made from lightweight elastomer and aluminium, ensuring nominal disruption to the weighting of these full-cavity irons.

In Practice

The Ping G410 irons are definitely worth looking into if you are seeking game improvement irons that deliver on their promise. With a slate of game improvement features on offer, these irons will appeal to golfers of all levels. They also offer some very impressive distance potential. A typical 7-iron will usually yield distances of 170 yards or more when handled correctly. However, the Ping G410 irons really excel when it comes to launch. High launches are the standard here which, combined with the distance potential, means you can look forward to refined levels of control at all times.

PING G410 Irons Review | Verdict

Looking to excel on the golf course? The Ping G410 iron set is definitely something to consider. These premium irons are made to an incredibly high standard, with hard-wearing materials as standard and some truly standout game improvement features. These forgiving irons deliver big when it comes to enhanced ball heights and distances, ensuring consistent performance at all times. A marked improvement over previous models from the G series, these are well worth the investment. If you enjoyed this article, we have a separate buyers guide and review on Ping G410 Driver