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OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator

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A golf simulator package is a must for anyone serious about the game of golf. A good golf simulator not only allows you to practice your golf swing from the comfort of your own home, it also allows you to fine-tune your swing indoors. Home golf simulators are also a good choice for the recreational player looking to take on challenging courses from across the globe.

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator

The OptiShot 2 golf simulator is one of the best golf simulator options currently around. This goes above and beyond the usual simulator, providing you with first-rate technology and design innovations that have only come about after meticulous research and development testing. This award-winning simulator provides you with precise accuracy when it comes to your golf swing and shots, granting you high levels of realism and an immersive golfing experience, every time.

The OptiShot 2 will appeal to a broad range of golf enthusiasts. You can choose to play alone, or pit your skills against friends or family. You can also connect with golfers from around the world and set yourself a real challenge. Breathtaking 3D graphics will provide you with a true-to-life golfing experience that is almost as good as the real thing. This simulator can be used as an effective training aid, but also caters to those looking for recreational gameplay and general enjoyment.

Available Golf Courses

One of the main things people look for when shopping for a golf simulator is the amount and quality of virtual courses included. The OptiShot 2 golf simulator will not disappoint in this regard, offering access to 15 virtual recreations of iconic courses from around the world. These include Torrey White, Torrey Black, Long Island Black and Palm Desert Mountains.

You can also enjoy an immersive simulation of real courses including Fylde Links, Warwick Hills Golf & Country ClubThe Canadian ClubOsterakers Golf Club, Twisted Twig, The Golf Club Scottsdale,  Palm Desert Canyons, and Black Mountain. These golf courses have not only been picked for their popularity, together they also offer a respectable range of course conditions. This will ensure you never get bored of the indoor golf simulator, while also ensuring you have a challenging variety of conditions to practice your skills in.

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator | Key Features

The OptiShot 2 golf simulator is designed for golfers of all levels. Both the beginner and professional will find plenty to enjoy here, with a healthy selection of courses ensuring you have a suitable challenge to pit your proficiency against. The courses are also recreated in stunning virtual reality, allowing to fully immerse yourself in the experience. This simulator also allows for multiplayer functionality. Up to four players can use this simulator at once, making it an ideal choice for those who want to pit their skills against fellow golfers.

You can also expect good levels of accuracy from the OptiShot2 golf simulator. Not only does it provide accurate measurements your individual swing, it will also give you insightful feedback on every single shot thanks to the sixteen calibrated, high-speed 48MHz infrared sensors. Those looking for more from this simulator have plenty to look forward to.

If you decide the existing course levels and features are too limiting, you can choose to invest in an OptiShot Season Pass to expand your horizons. This will allow you to compete against golfers from across the world. It also allows you to win actual prizes.

The OptiShot2 golf simulator is an obvious choice for anyone looking for an affordable simulator package with versatile features and functionality. This simulator is also user-friendly and portable, while you can use both real golf balls and foam alternatives. Despite being relatively inexpensive, the option to invest in an OptiShot2 Season Pass will allow you to get more out of your purchase down the line.

OptiShot 2 Data Points

Ball DataCarry/Total DistanceY
Club DataClubhead SpeedY
Face AngleY

Downsides of the OptiShot 2

Although there is plenty to applaud here, the OptiShot2 golf simulator does have some drawbacks. Compared to more expensive options out there, the OptiShot2 golf simulator suffers slightly when it comes to accuracy. Most recreational users will barely notice this, but the more proficient golfer who is familiar with their swing may find this distracting at times, especially if they are competing against a fellow player.

Putting can also be difficult to master with this simulator, meaning you will have to alter your technique to accommodate for the shortcomings of the simulator. This takes the sheen off the realism experienced elsewhere. If you have experience with more advanced simulator packages, you may also find the graphics a little less detailed than what you are used to.

OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator Packages

PackageOptiShot 2 Golf In A Box SimulatorOptiShot 2 Practice Golf SimulatorOptiShot 2 Simulator SeriesOptiShot2 Platinum
Optical Swing PadYesYesYesYes
Projector Mount KitNoNoYesYes
Side BarriersNoYesYesYes
Turf/Hitting MatHitting MatTurf MatTurf MatTurf Mat
Approx Price$799$1,499$3,899$3642

OptiShot 2 Review

When purchasing the Optishot2 golf simulator, you will need to buy it as part of a larger simulator package. There are multiple Optishot2 golf simulator package options currently available on the market, each with their own advantages and drawbacks. Read on for an overview of some of the best OptiShot2 packages available today.

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OptiShot 2 Golf in a Box Package | Best Golf Simulator For Under $1000

This is the most affordable package option available, but is also the most basic in what it offers. This is a good simulator option if you are looking to practice your skills, especially if you are looking to add some distance to your shots.

This package includes the OptiShot2 infrared optical swing pad, along with access to OptiShot2 software that you will have to download from the web. Also included is a 10-foot USB cable, rubber tees, foam practice balls and an OptiShot hitting mat. A portable hitting net and SwingPad software is also included. With this package, you can enjoy access to 15 iconic golf courses, as well as a driving range practice.

This is a good option if you are looking to play with your own clubs. This simulator is suitable for use with all main club types, including wedges, drivers and putters. You can also choose to play with real golf balls if you find the foam balls provided too limiting.

This Optishot2 golf simulator is very effective at tracking your swing speed , path & face angle and will provide you with detailed analysis that you can use to improve your golf game. It can also be readily connected to a projector or HD television to provide you with a more immersive golfing simulation.

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OptiShot 2 Practice Golf Simulator Package

This is a good bet for anyone looking for an all-in-one package at a reasonable price. Everything you might need to create a first-rate simulator package at home is included here, meaning you do need to worry about shelling for all manner of extras at a later date.

This package includes the OptiShot infrared swing pad, along with OptiShot2 software and access to 15 individual courses. This package also includes a 7-foot Home Series golf net with automatic ball return function, as well side barriers and Pro Turf golf mat. Also included is a 10-foot USB cable, foam balls and adjustable rubber tees.

This Optishot2 package does not disappoint in terms of premium features. You can enjoy impressive ball and swing accuracy here, ensuring you get a more immersive virtual experience. This package also includes 16 individual high-speed 48mhz infrared sensors that can be calibrated to your preferred clubs, giving you incredibly accurate readings and instant feedback for every shot.

In addition to access to 15 virtual golf courses, this package also provides you with access to a wide range of mini games that will appeal to the recreational golfer. It is also compatible with both Mac and Windows systems, meaning you should have no trouble connecting it to your hardware. Although a bit more expensive than the basic package, the difference in price is small. If you can afford to shell out a couple of hundred more for this package, do it.

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OptiShot 2 Simulator Series Package

This package is a solid option for anyone looking to improve their game, allowing you fine-tune your swing and improve your shot accuracy. As with the previous package, this offers a very immersive simulation experience, allowing you to play with real golf balls and all of your favourite clubs.

This package includes the OptiShot2 infrared optical swing pad and access to the OptiShot2 software to get you started. Also included is the Net Return Simulator Series golf net, Net Return Pro Turf, rear and side nylon valances and side barriers.

Adjustable rubber tees and foam practice balls are also included, along with two carry bags for convenient storage. A premium projector mount kit is also thrown in, allowing you to connect this system to a short throw project to create a first-rate home simulator.

The additional elements included in this package make it a more substantial investment than other packages, but for those keen to enjoy an unbeatable home simulator, the premium is worth it.

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OptiShot2 Platinum Package

As the name might suggest, the OptiShot2 Platinum package comes with a higher price tag than other systems, but the extra cost is represented in what is included. This package includes the OptiShot infrared swing pad, along with OptiShot2 software and access to 15 individual courses.

This package also includes the Net Return Simulator Series screen, along with nets and side barriers. A projector mount kit is also included, allowing for convenient installation of compatible projector hardware. A Net Return Pro Turf golf mat can also be found with this package, along with other basics such as USB cables, foam balls and rubber tees.

This package will provide advanced user with the high levels of swing and ball accuracy, creating a more realistic virtual playing environment. As with the previous simulator package, the Platinum package includes 16 high-speed 48mhz infrared sensors to track your clubs and swing speed, granting you instant feedback with incredible levels of precision.

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Ready to enjoy immersive virtual indoor golf at home? You should definitely start thinking about investing in the OptiShot2 golf simulator. This premium simulator offers some reliable technology that provides you with accurate and reliable club tracking, giving you instant feedback of your shots. This makes it a good tool for golfing practice, but also ensures the best results when it comes to simulation.

The access to a wide variety of worldwide courses and driving range settings means you will rarely get bored here, while the multiplayer functionality makes it handy for casual games of golf with friends and family. In its most basic form, the OptiShot2 golf simulator is a very affordable investment.

However, if you have more funds readily available, you should definitely look at purchasing one of the more premium packages currently on offer.

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Optishot 2 Golf Simulator Review