3 Tips On How To Fix A Hook In Golf

How to Fix a Hook In Golf

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How to Fix a Hook in Golf

Although hook shots can be inventively utilised by the experienced player, many golfers dread the occurrence of them. A hook shot basically refers to when a golf ball begins its trajectory to one side of the golfer, before curving to the opposite side during ball flight. If you are playing with your right hand, a hook shot will see the ball starting out to the right before veering to the left. True hook shots are almost always caused by club path issues and face alignment, but there are simple remedies to the issue.

We look at 3 primary areas on How To Fix A Golf Hook below;

  • Grip Issues
  • Alignment Fixes
  • Swing Solution | Body Stance & Rotation

Grip Issues

Before you start thinking about altering your swing, you should consider whether your grip is behind hook shots. If your grip is too strong, you might find yourself dealing with balls that are curving from the right to the opposite direction.

An intense grip will often courage the right hand to move in the opposite direction of the ball. Not only does the hand slide toward the right, it also shifts underneath the club. Because of this, you will usually find the club face is closed as you swing in the direction of the target.

An easy way to remedy this problem is to turn your hand toward the target, while maintaining a neutral position. You should also ensure that the space V-shapes between your index finger and thumb on either hand are as straight as possible.

These V-shapes can be a useful reference point in general. If the V-shape is facing in the direction of your rear shoulder, you are more likely hook the ball.

Alignment Fixes

If you are finding your balls are hooking to the left, you should think about your alignment. In all likelihood, you are probably aiming right of the target, resulting in an inside-out stroke path. To overcome this, consider your stance and ensure you are aligned properly.

You should be square to the target line. Take a few seconds to ensure all key parts of the body are as square as possible. When playing at pace, it can be easy to rush into things and overlook the fundamentals of proper alignment. Think about your feet, knees and hips. Make sure your forearms and shoulders are exactly where they be. Your head should also be properly aligned before you even think about moving your club.

Swing Solutions

If there is nothing wrong with your grip and your alignment is fine, the problem likely lies with your swing. One of the main reasons for a hook shot is that golfers fail to properly rotate their body through a shot. If you are not turning your body correctly through a shot, you will also fail to shift your weight properly.

Basically, your body comes to a stop before the club does. Even though your swing is carried on, the club face itself will close. Come the moment of impact, the ball will be hit from the left, resulting in a hook shot.

To overcome this issue, you need to look at your starting position prior to swinging. In the starting position, both your arms and the club itself should be placed in front of you. Never deviate from this basic principle. You should also be looking to keep them out in front of you throughout the duration of your swing.

During the swing, make sure you properly turn your body so that your chest is facing in a forward direction. You will also need to ensure you are properly shifting your weight. Shift your weight forward, releasing pressure from the rear foot as your body turns.

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How to Fix a Hook in Golf ?