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Golf Simulator Cost

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Even the most experienced golfer needs to think long and hard before investing in a golf simulator setup. Launch monitors and more complete golf simulator packages can command a sizeable sum, even when bought directly from the manufacturer. The most basic launch monitors and simulators can retail for a few hundred dollars, although these rarely include anything beyond the launch monitor itself and the most rudimentary of simulation software.

Although basic software should provide you with enough functionality to meet your golfing needs, many systems require you to fork out for annual subscriptions that can be quite costly. Software also tends to be tiered, ranging from basic plans with stripped-back features, to more premium golf simulation software suites that include cutting-edge functionality geared towards the professional user.

Interested in purchasing a golf simulator? We have put together an in-depth list on Golf Simulator Cost of some of the best golf simulator packages and launch monitor systems currently available. You will find golf simulator systems from some of the most established brands and manufacturers around, ranging from humble launch monitors that retail for a few hundred dollars, to more high end and complete packages that can cost tens of thousands. For reference, we have included the recommended retail price of the manufacturers themselves, with current pricing in US dollars.

Golf Simulator Cost

Below we have covered golf simulator cost of numerous indoor golf simulators / outdoor golf simulators from the most popular brands in the market. These popular brands include;

  • SkyTrak
  • Foresight Sports
  • Uneekor
  • TrackMan
  • Flightscope
  • TruGolf
  • Optishot
  • Full Swing Golf

SkyTrak Golf Simulator Cost

Want a good balance of functionality and affordability? SkyTrak golf simulators are definitely something to think about. The basic SkyTrak Launch Monitor is one of the most budget-friendly options out there, with enough integrated technology that it can be used on its own before investing in further equipment. The SkyTrak Launch Monitor itself currently retails for around $2,000, with the manufacturer and most major retailers providing free shipping.

The SkyTrak Game Improvement Package is intended for users who want to start seriously refining their golf game technique. This package includes the launch monitor itself, along with an additional protective case that usually retails for around $150. This package also includes access to the Game Improvement Plan, with features designed to help you advance your performance. In total, this package retails for around $2,250.

The SkyTrak Tee Off Package is similar to the Game Improvement Package. In addition to the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, this package includes a metal protective case for the monitor and access to the Play & Improve Plan. This software is slightly more extensive than the Game Improvement Plan software, but you will have to pay a little more for it. All in all, the SkyTrak Tee Off Package retails for around $2,350.

Th SkyTrak Sim Cage Game Improvement Package is far more expensive than the basic options outlined previously. This package includes the SkyTrak Simulation Cage and SkyTrak Launch Monitor, allowing with annual subscription to the Game Improvement Plan. Also included is a protective case for the launch monitor, as well as a Range Servant DURA golf mat. In total, this golf simulator package will set you back around $6,500.

The SkyTrak Home Series Package is slightly more affordable than the Sim Cage Package, but provides you with an enclosed environment in which to practice in. This package includes the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, use of the WGT Play & Improve Plan, a Net Returns Home Series golf net and home turf mat, as well as a metal protective case for the launch monitor. In total, this package will cost you around $3,300.

Finally, there is the SkyTrak HomeCourse Net Package. This premium collection includes the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, the HomeCourse Pro Series net, access to the Game Improvement Plan and a SkyTrak protective case. This package retails for around $4,250.

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Foresight Sports Golf Simulator Cost

The more experienced golfer should definitely look into the range of simulators available from Foresight Sports for their digital golf experience. Although these golf simulator packages are more expensive, they utilise incredible technologies and boast advanced features that set them apart from other available golf simulator systems. Below you will find prices for the main Sim in a Box packages on offer from Foresight Sports.

The most affordable package on offer from Foresight Sports is the Performance Simulator: GC2. Retailing for approximately $14,999, this package includes the GC2 Launch Monitor, as well as a simulator frame and impact screen. Also included is hitting turf, a hitting mat and tee holders, HD projector and performance laptop. A short throw projector/laptop stand and FSX 2020 software is also included.

Retailing for around $19,999 is the Performance Simulator: GCQuad Ball Data package. This package includes the GCQuad Launch Monitor and Ball Data Analysis such as ball speed, side spin, carry distance and launch angle. Also included is a self-assembly simulator frame and screen, hitting turf and tee holders, a HD projector and performance laptop. A projector/laptop stand is also included, as is access to the FSX 2020 software.

More expensive at around $23,999 is Performance Simulator: GCQuad Ball + Club Data Package. This package includes all of the same features and elements of the other simulators from Foresight Sports, but also includes an innovative club analysis add-on.

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Uneekor Golf Simulator Cost

The cost of a Uneekor launch monitor might seem significant, but it will provide you with incredible data points analysis and feedback. If you want to keep things as affordable as possible, you might want to invest in a launch monitor first and then build a simulator around it. The Uneekor QED retails for around $6,000. A complete SwingBay simulator package is also available for around $11,300. This includes the launch monitor itself, as well as a premium enclosure and Swing Optix cameras.

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More expensive is the Uneekor EYE XO, retailing for around $10,000. If you want a complete simulator, consider the SwingBay golf simulator package. This includes an enclosure and Swing Optix cameras for around $15,300.

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TrackMan Golf Simulator Cost

Professionals and golf coaches tend to opt for TrackMan when looking for a first-rate golf simulator. If you are prepared to spend enough money, you too can enjoy the advanced features provided by this innovative manufacturer. A TrackMan 4 Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator package will set you back around $22,300. Check our review on Skytrak vs Trackman

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Flightscope Mevo Golf Simulator Cost

The Flightscope Mevo+ launch monitor is relatively affordable when compared to the rest of the market. This innovative photometric launch monitor can be used indoors and out for practice and play applications. The Mevo+ currently retails for $1,999 and includes the launch monitor itself, along with a golf simulator software package.

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TruGolf Simulator Cost

TruGolf offers a good range of indoor golf simulators/home golf simulators, with options ranging from portable models to more substantial free-standing simulator packages. There are also built-in simulators on offer. In terms of portable simulators, the Vista 8 Pro will set you back around $13,500, while the Vista 10 Pro will cost approximately $18,500. The Vista 12 Pro, the most advanced portable golf simulator from TruGolf, retails at around $23,000. These packages provide you with a launch monitor to track your swings and shots, as well as enclosures to create an immersive golf practice environment. They also include quality projectors and projector screens to display visual recreations of golf course and driving range environments.

The price for built-in and free-standing golf simulator packages varies, depending on your exact requirement. You will need to contact the manufacturer directly with your requirements to determine a price for such simulator packages. Depending on your exact specifications, the cost of a TruGolf simulator can add thousand to the recommend retail price of the Visa Pro packages.

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OptiShot2 Golf Simulator Cost

The OptiShot2 is one of the most affordable golf simulator packages currently available. The basic package, including the optical swing pad and 3DD golf software will cost you as little as $399.99. If you are looking for a budget-friendly simulator that you can build upon at a later date, the OptiShot2 makes perfect sense. The basic swing and shot tracking provided here holds up well against much more expensive models.

More extensive OptiShot simulator packages are available. The OptiShot BallFlight Launch Monitor system retails for around $6,000. The OptiShot Golf in a Box 2 simulator package retails for around $1,200. You will also find the OptiShot Golf in a Box 3 simulator package retailing for around $2,800.

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Full Swing Golf Golf Simulator Cost

Full Swing Golf is the preferred simulator brand for many professional golfers. With cutting-edge technologies and superior launch monitor design, it is not hard to see why. Although more expensive than many other golf simulator manufacturers, what you get from Full Swing simulators more than justifies the additional cost. You also have several different series to choose from.

The Full Swing Pro Series is the flagship golf simulator from this tried and trusted manufacturer. The Full Swing Pro Series golf simulator includes an ION3 camera and infrared tracking and 360-degree tracks. This golf simulator is also available in both standard and widescreen models, with custom design included in the price to ensure a perfect fit with your designated space. This simulator is very expensive, however, with prices starting at around $54,900.

A more affordable option from Full Swing is the Sport Series of simulators. These golf simulators use an ION3 camera and high-speed cameras to capture your movements. A solid wood enclosure is also included. As with the Pro Series, you can choose between wide and standard screen sizes. This is not only a more affordable option, it is also more versatile and designed for use in a variety of different spaces. Prices for the Sport Series begin at $39,900.

The most expensive option from Full Swing is the Virtual Green simulator series. The Virtual Green golf simulator is designed to replicate putting scenarios as accurately as possible, providing instant topography changes. You will of course have to pay more for the premium features here. Prices for the Virtual Green simulator begin at $60,900.

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