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Flightscope Mevo Review

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FlightScope is an established authority in the launch monitor market. This reputable brand is responsible for two of the most popular choices of launch monitor currently on offer to consumers today. The Mevo is an obvious option for those looking for a more budget-friendly launch monitor solution, with features that go beyond the basic offering of many other devices. The Mevo+ is a more advanced alternative that provides you with far more detailed measurements covering a wider scope of data metrics.

Both the Mevo and Mevo+ launch monitors utilise Doppler radar technology to deliver reliable measurements with every golf swing. Thinking about forking out on a FlightScope launch monitor? Read on for both the Mevo Review and Mevo+ Review from Flightscope.

FlightScope Mevo Review

If you are looking for a somewhat more affordable choice of launch monitor, the FlightScope Mevo should satisfy your requirements. This monitor retails for around $500 and offers a good range of features that will help you improve your golfing ability.

The basic Mevo launch monitor uses a 3D Doppler system to deliver accurate and reliable readings, no matter if you are using the monitor inside or outdoors. This launch monitor is also relatively compact, making it ideal for anyone who puts a high value on portability. Measuring just 3.5 inches by 2.75 inches, this launch monitor can be tucked away safely in your golf bag as you head out to the course or range.

Doppler radar technology allows this compact launch monitor to provide you with reliable data on things like carry distance, ball speeds and club head speeds. It can also be used to measure things like spin rate, vertical launch angle, flight time, apex height and smash factor. Considering the affordable price tag, it is quite surprise to see such a wide range of data metrics covered by the FlightScope Mevo.

The FlightScope Mevo is also very convenient and connects to your smartphone/ mobile device or tablet via the Mevo app. This app can be downloaded to your preferred iOS or Android device, with plenty of useful features that allows you to track your data in real time.

The Flightscope Mevo launch monitor has some pretty great features. In addition to the reliable Doppler radar technology that captures your ball and club head movements with high levels of precision, this compact launch monitor supports action video clips, with detailed data overlays. This launch monitor also provides accurate insights for eight distinct data points.

This indoor launch monitor / outdoor launch monitor will also satisfy the needs of those looking for something lightweight and portable. A rechargeable battery is also included, with a full charge providing you with approximately four hours of use. This should prove more than enough for most golfing sessions.

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Key Spec | FlightScope Mevo Launch Monitor

The Mevo provides users with real-time performance data that can be used to effectively train and improve your performance with all clubs in your bag. It can also be used to master techniques for use at the driving range or on the golf course. The Flightscope Mevo provides you with a wide scope of measurements, including carry distance, club head speed, smash factor and max height of ball flight. You can also measure things like ball speed, flight time, spin rate and launch angle. Ball spin data can be captured by attaching metallic stickers to the golf ball.

One of the most impressive features of the Flightscope Mevo launch monitor is the automatic video clipping function. This feature allows you to record yourself as you play, with data and stats displayed as an overlay. When using the Mevo app, you can use this portable launch monitor to practice and play with no interruption. The app will automatically record and clip each video with overlays and save them to your smartphone or tablet device. The overlay function is particularly useful if you want better visualisation while practising.

The FlightScope Mevo Golf app is definitely worth taking the time to explore. If utilised effectively, it will dramatically enrich your practice sessions and contribute towards taking your golfing game to the next level. The app can be customised to provide you with a bespoke interface. If you would prefer to only review your sessions with video displayed, this is possible.

You can also choose to access just the data. Alternatively, you can view both the video and data at the same time for the best insights into how you are playing. If you do not have access to a golfing coach, the app and its viewing facility is incredibly handy and will allow you to track your performance thoroughly.


– Reliable Doppler radar technology
– Compact and portable design
– Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery included
– Reliable wireless connection to smartphone devices and tablets
– App connectivity and video with overlay recordings


– Does not provide exhaustive measurements of data metrics
– Relatively pricey launch monitor option

How much is a FlightScope Mevo?

The FlightScope price is around $500.

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How to set up the FlightScope Mevo Golf Launch Monitor

FlightScope Mevo Plus Review

If you want to opt for a more premium alternative to the basic Mevo model, you should think about investing in the FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitor. As with the basic model, the Mevo+ uses 3D Doppler tracking technology to assess your performance in both indoor and outdoor settings.

The Mevo plus is a relatively new entry to the market, having first been unveiled at the start of 2020. It retails for around $2,000. Although fans of the original Mevo launch monitor will find plenty of familiar features here, the Mevo+ builds upon the strengths of its predecessor in almost every way.

The new launch monitor Mevo+ boasts 15 distinct data parameters to provide you with incredibly detailed performance tracking. It also includes first-rate golf simulation functionality, making it a go-to launch monitor for anyone looking to build their own simulator for virtual golf practice. An integrated camera is also included for more convenient and reliable sensor alignment.

As with its predecessor, the Mevo+ is a relatively compact model. Standing just 4.6 inches tall, the Mevo+ is incredibly portable and will serve you well if you want a monitor that can be used indoors and out on the driving range or at your nearest golf course. Despite its small size, this launch monitor offers you a complete set of ball flight and club head metrics.

As with the standard Mevo launch monitor, the Mevo+ connects to your smartphone or tablet device of choice via the Mevo app. This app can be downloaded to any iOS or Android device and allows you to track your data in real time. If you are looking for a launch monitor that delivers instant feedback and reliable data, this is a good option.

In addition to the effective Doppler radar technology at the heart of this launch monitor, you can also enjoy a wide variety of additional features. The Mevo+ allows you to practice on five simulated golf courses, along with 17 individual practice ranges. You can also record action video clips with data overlays to your connected smartphone or tablet.

These clips can be watched back later to help you optimize your performance, shared with fellow golfers or uploaded for later reference. The Mevo+ also includes a rechargeable battery, making it a truly portable option. However, a full charge will only provide you with around two hours of operational time. This is around half of what you can expect from the standard Flightscope Mevo launch monitor and might be too limiting if you want a launch monitor device you can use for hours at a time.

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Key Spec | FlightScope Mevo+ Launch Monitor

The FlightScope Mevo+ provides you with a huge range of measurements. This launch monitor will allow you to measure carry distance, smash factor, club head speed, max height of ball flight, ball time, ball speed and spin rate. It will also measure vertical launch angle, horizontal launch angle, angle of attach, total distance, roll distance and much more.

The standard Flightscope Mevo launch monitor already offers a respectable range of measurements, but the Mevo+ goes much further. This is a launch monitor designed for the more experienced golfer who wants to get into the fine details of their performance.

As with the predecessor model, the Mevo+ provides you with automatic video clipping functionality. You can record your swings and save them to your phone or tablet device with a full data overlay stored along with the video clip itself.

Another area where the FlightScope Mevo+ trounces the predecessor model is golf simulation capability. This launch monitor is packaged with E6 simulation software that provides you with an immersive virtual golf experience. You can enjoy access to five virtual courses, each providing their own distinct challenges to help you tailor your techniques and improve your golfing ability.

There is also a huge line-up of driving range scenarios for practice, along with a darts mini game to enjoy.


– Provides accurate measurements consistently
– Measures a wider range of metrics than the standard model
– Automatically records practice videos with data overlays
– Wide connectivity with Android and iOS devices
– User-friendly app interface
– Compact and portable


– Very expensive when compared to other models
– Fairly limited battery time, even after a full charge

How much is a FlightScope Mevo+?

The FlightScope Mevo+ price is around $2,000.

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FlightScope Mevo Data Parameters Comparison

Data Parameter Mevo Mevo +
Carry Distance Y Y
Spin Rate Y Y
Ball Speed Y Y
Apex Height Y Y
Flight Time Y Y
Smash Factor Y Y
Club Head Speed Y Y
Vertical Launch Angle Y Y
Horizontal Launch Angle Y
Shot Shape Y
Roll Distance Y
Lateral Landing Y
Angle of Attack Y
Total Distance Y
Spin Loft Y
Spin Axis Y

FlightScope Mevo Review | Conclusion Mevo vs Mevo+

Both the Mevo and Mevo+ aren’t going to cost you a significant amount of money. The standard Flightscope Mevo launch monitor is the cheaper of the two and offers very impressive range of features and some superior golf tracking technology. This model should more than deliver the goods for recreational golfers and more experienced players looking for a solid launch monitor.

However, if you want a launch monitor with more scope for simulation, the Mevo+ is something to think long and hard about. Not only does the Mevo+ come packaged with immersive simulator software, it also provides you with a more comprehensive set of measurements for keeping track of all golf club head and ball characteristics. If you are looking for the best portable launch monitor on a shoestring budget then the launch monitors from FlightScope tick the box.

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