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Best Womens Golf Clothes

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You need more than quality clubs to ensure success on the golf course. The best womens golf clothes can definitely give you something of an edge as you tee off or try your luck at the driving range. There is a lot to consider when building up a first-rate golf wardrobe, however. You will need functional footwear that fits well, good gloves for a great grip, not to mention breathable base layers that keep your skin dry and comfortable. Need some inspiration? Our go-to golf clothing guide outlines everything you should be looking out for.

When it comes to golf apparel, there’s so much to think about. Do I need short sleeve, do I need long sleeve, are zips back in, is it a golf dress or a golf skirt, does everyone wear Nike or Puma? The amount of questions that we get asked along these lines are quite typical.

Women’s golf apparel is truly meant to be and feel comfortable, but let’s also be honest, look good. Women’s golf pants and women’s golf shirts can very much have changing styles and colors year on year – however, certain brands typically fall in and out of fashion. The perfect golf outfit, may need outwear, it may need a visor, it may need sun protection – whatever it is, our guide below is completely designed to help the female golfers.

Whether you need help with leggings, or have questions about the best performance fabric, whether you want to know more about women’s golf shoes or need advice on uv protection clothing and sleeveless golf tops – we’ve got you covered.


A practical polo shirt is often the go-to option for golf shirts. A short-sleeved polo shirt is often the standard when it comes to golf. When looking shirts, seek out garments made from high-quality materials that are both comfortable and quick-drying. Premium polyester is arguably the best fabric when it comes to polo shirts. Polyester is more durable than cotton, meaning it can be worn often and laundered regularly.

The best polyester blends should score well for breathability, ensuring air circulates and minimises sweating. If you are looking to play golf in sunnier climes and warmer weather, look for material with moisture-wicking properties. This will ensure sweat is not trapped between the garment layer and your skin.

Sleeveless polo shirts are a good idea for those who prefer maximum freedom of movement. If you struggle to achieve a decent swing, a sleeveless polo will ensure your arms are not restricted. Great brands for these shirts are made by Nike, Capri, Adidas and Under Armour.

Skirts, Shorts & Skorts

While exercise shorts and skirts are suitable for golf, so-called golf skorts combine the best of both garments. Skorts are double-layered garments that include a base layer akin to conventional exercise shorts that fit snugly against the legs. The second layer takes the form of a lightweight sports skirt that usually covers and conceals the inner layer completely.

Skorts combine the functionality of activewear staples with the stylish silhouette and clean finish of a skirt. When shopping for skorts, always opt for lightweight materials that are quick to dry and breathable. An elasticated waistband is also a must to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.


When it comes to picking out a pair or gloves for golf, never settle for second-rate designs. A good pair of gloves should allow you to wear them comfortably for hours at a time, while also leaving your fingers flexible enough that you can handle clubs effectively. Leather golf gloves are the best option available, maintaining their shape for years if maintained properly.

The leather should be supple so your fingers can be flexed fully, allowing you to properly handle the grip of your golf clubs. As they will be worn for long spells at a time, the leather should also be perforated to ensure good air circulation, keeping your hands and fingers comfortable and free from sweat.

Any gloves you buy also need to fit firmly on the wrist. Although some available options include elaborate fastenings and adjustable fastenings, all you really need is a high-quality elasticated cuff.


Good golf shoes can set you back a considerable amount of money, but spending a little more on footwear is definitely worth it. Decent golf shoes should be made from hard-wearing material that will withstand regular wear and consistent exposure to the elements.

Genuine leather is often the preferred choice for those looking for long-term value, but artificial materials can be just as good. Go for shoes with water-repellent uppers whenever possible. These will keep feet dry and enhance overall comfort, but also ensure your footwear remains in good condition for as long as possible. You should also never compromise when it comes to cushioning.

Golf footwear should provide the feet with a good level of cushioned protection to prevent strains and other minor injuries. Responsive cushioning is particularly effective in this regard, provided of course your budget will stretch to the premium end of the market. Traction is another key component of any good golf shoe.

Some golfers prefer the reassurance of large cleats and spikes, but more discreet tread patterns can still provide superb traction and ensure you remain stable on your feet throughout a game of golf.

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Our Top Choices Best Womens Golf Clothes

  1. BALEAF Women’s Athletic Skorts Lightweight Active Skirts with Shorts Pockets
  2. Callaway Dawn Patrol Women’s Glove
  3. Women’s Dry-Fit Golf Polo Shirts 3-Button Golf Polo’s in 20 Colors XS-3XL Shirt
  4. Women’s Active Athletic Skirt Sports Golf Tennis Running Pockets Skort
  5. BALEAF Women’s Golf Sleeveless Polo Shirts Tennis Tank Tops Quick Dry UPF 50+
  6. jeansian Women’s 3 Packs Outdoor Sport Dry Fit Polo Tee Polo Shirt T-Shirt
  7. ECCO Women’s Street Retro Hydromax Golf Shoe

Reviews of 7 Best Womens Golf Clothes

Keen to overhaul your golfing wardrobe? We have shortlisted some of the best women’s golf clothes you can currently find available.

BALEAF Women’s Athletic Skorts Lightweight Active Skirts with Shorts Pockets Running Tennis Golf Workout Sports |Best Womens Golf Skorts


These skorts from BALEAF combine the comfort and functionality of skirts and shorts for an essential piece of golf attire. The two-layer design of this garment is particularly practical. The inner layer serves as a conventional pair of shorts, reinforced with a double-layered gusset that remains firm in place and resits riding up. This is a must for ensuring maximum flexibility and a full range of motion when playing golf.

The outer skirt layer completely conceals the inner shorts, providing you with complete coverage. These skorts provide you with a very firm fit, with an elasticated waistband and internal drawcord ensuring you can adjust these exactly to your lining.

The material composition of these skorts is ideal for golf. A blend of polyester and spandex keeps things lightweight, while also proving particularly effective at wicking away moisture from your skin. This will ensure you remain dry and cool during long sessions of play in hot weather.

This garment also includes a headphone cable hole, along with mesh pocket for things like smartphones, keys and other essential items. Reflective accents are also included as part of the overall design, ensuring you remain visible, even when playing in low-light conditions.

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Callaway Dawn Patrol Women’s Glove | Best Womens Golf Gloves


Golf gloves are an absolute must for anyone serious about the game. If you have yet to invest in a decent pair, these Dawn Patrol gloves from Callaway are certainly worth your time. These high-quality gloves are made from premium leather for a great fit and a fantastic feel.

Leather is a particularly good choice of material for golfing gloves, providing your hands with a decent level of basic protection, while also ensuring you enjoy a good degree of comfort. These gloves also include Opti Fit adjustable closure, granting you a very secure fit that does not feel too binding and cumbersome.

The stretch binding cuff also improves the moisture absorption properties of these gloves. The top of the gloves and each finger also includes perforations to improve airflow, making these gloves particularly breathable. This perforation will dramatically reduce the amount of moisture that builds up within the gloves, keeping skin dry and cool. By eliminating excess moisture, these gloves also ensure a firmer grip on your clubs.

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Women’s Dry-Fit Golf Polo Shirts 3-Button Golf Polo’s in 20 Colors XS-3XL Shirt | Best Womens Golf Shirts


It is easy to overlook the importance of clothing basics when picking out a wardrobe for golf, but you should never cut corners when it comes to selecting essential gear. This Dry-Fit polo shirt is worth a second look if you have yet to stock up on the basics.

This performance polo top is a stylish option, with classic polo detailing and a good selection of available colour variants to consider. The quality material of this polo shirt also makes it a suitable choice for the golf course. Made from dry-wicking polyester, this durable polo maintains excellent breathability at all times, preventing moisture from building on your skin.

This reliable material is also surprisingly comfortable, with a silky finish that feels great against the skin. The first-rate fabric is also very durable, resisting snags and other wear and tear. In addition to performance design, you can expect impressive aesthetics with this polo. This shirt features a 3-button placket, along with dyed-to-match buttons. Open cuff sleeves also make this polo shirt a comfortable choice of golfing gear.

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Women’s Active Athletic Skirt Sports Golf Tennis Running Pockets Skort

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This vibrant skort is a great way of injecting some personalty into your golfing wardrobe. With an inner short layer and outer skirt layer, this 2-in-1 golf garment is as practical as it is stylish. A lightweight blend of polyester and spandex provides essential stretch so you can enjoy full freedom of movement and ample comfort.

This lightweight material is also very effective and ensuring optimal air circulation, making this skirt a very breathable clothing option. An elasticated waistband ensures this garment fits securely on the hips, without the need for more restrictive fastenings.

This stylish skort is a good bet for those intending to play golf in warmer weather. The breathable fabric effectively wicks away moisture, consistently keeping your skin dry. The material also dries incredibly quickly, making it very easy to launder and have ready in no time at all. You have a wide range of colours and prints to consider here, ensuring you will have no trouble finding a perfect match to your existing golf clothing.

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BALEAF Women’s Golf Sleeveless Polo Shirts Tennis Tank Tops Quick Dry UPF 50+


If you find a regular polo shirt too constrictive, a sleeveless take on the golfing staple is something to bear in mind. This sleeveless polo shirt from BALEAF is one of the best options around. This practical top is made from 100 percent polyester, making it very durable and easy to launder.

This breathable fabric will wick away moisture and sweat from your body, keeping your skin dry, cool and comfortable for hours at a time. This lightweight fabric will also provide you with a basic level of protection against harmful UV rays. This is a particularly useful design feature for those who regularly play golf in sunny climes.

This stylish shirt features a four-button placket, along with a classic polo collar. An embroidered monogram accent at the left chest adds a final flourish. The sleeveless silhouette of this shirt makes it a particularly good option for anyone looking for a fuller range of motion. A healthy selection of colour options also means you will have no issues finding something that coordinates well with your existing garments.

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jeansian Women’s 3 Packs Outdoor Sport Dry Fit Polo Tee Polo Shirt T-Shirt Golf Tennis T-Shirt SWT251


Bolster your golfing wardrobe with this great value pack of three polo shirts. These fitted polos are a good idea for those who prefer their golf clothing to hut a little more closely to the skin. These short-sleeved polos are made from durable polyester, granting the garment plenty of elasticity for a flexible fit.

The fabric is also very breathable, with moisture-wicking properties as standard to ensure sweat does not build up on your skin. The Moisture Transport System on offer here quickly wicks away sweat and moisture and dries quickly, maintaining maximum levels of comfort.

These polo shirts will make a stylish addition to your existing wardrobe. You will a pink, black and white shirt provided here, each featuring a contemporary graphic print across the front to add some essential flair to your golfing ensembles. The two-button placket, classic polo collar and branded logo at the left shoulder add to the aesthetics.

This durable shirts are suited to regular wear and are easily washed in the machine or by hand. If your golf clothing is in desperate need of replenishment, but only have a small budget to play with, this three-pack of polos is something to seriously consider.

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ECCO Women’s Street Retro Hydromax Golf Shoe


Quality footwear is the cornerstone of any good golf wardrobe. These Street Retro Hydromax golf shoes from ECCO are certainly something you should think about investing in, combining stylish aesthetics with practical design. The Hydromax leather used in the construction of these golf hybrid shoes boasts some impressive water-repellent properties, keeping your feet dry, even on rain days.

These shoes also boast ECCO FLUIDFORM design that shapes to your individual anatomy to provide the best support possible for your feet. Excellent traction is also assured here, with 100 TPU traction bars bringing you superb grip for maximum stability.

This footwear also includes removable Ortholite inlay soles. These inlays provide your feet with long-lasting cushioning and are also very breathable. These inlays can also be removed and washed whenever required, ensuring your footwear remains as hygienic as possible at all times. The casual aesthetics of these shoes also make them a very versatile choice of footwear.

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CRZ YOGA Womens 4-Way Stretch Ankle Golf Pants - 7/8 Dress Work Pants Pockets Athletic Travel Casual Lounge Workout Black Small
Designed for daily wear or business casual; 4-way stretch, slick soft, wrinkle-free and decent thick
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Ekouaer Golf Tennis Tkirts for Women Floral Active Skort Wide Waistband Running Tennis Skorts Bodycon Pencil Mini Tennis Tkirts XL Floral
Ekouaer Golf Tennis Tkirts for Women Floral Active Skort Wide Waistband Running Tennis Skorts Bodycon Pencil Mini Tennis Tkirts XL Floral
Breathable fabric, rinkle resistant, moisture wicking, quick drying; Versatile design, elastic closure, two layer——bottom liner and skirt outer
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