The 15 Best Taylormade Irons in 2022 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Best Taylormade Irons

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Having a good selection of TaylorMade irons in your golf bag (along with drivers) can seriously improve your performance. TaylorMade is a leading authority in the world of golfing gear for good reason. Offering some of the best irons around, their clubs boast some very useful technologies that will help improve ball speeds and boost flight distances.

Many of the technologies you will find with TaylorMade irons have been implemented to counteract off-centre hits and less confident swings, making them particularly suitable for the less experienced golfer or the mid to high-handicapper looking to fine-tune their performance. If you are serious about upping your golfing game, irons from TaylorMade are an obvious choice.

The range of irons from TaylorMade is extensive and continues to grow substantially each year. If you are scratching your head as you browse the back catalogue, read on for our go-to guide of some of the best TaylorMade models currently available on the market. We have put together a first-rate pick of some of the finest irons you will currently find available from this highly reputable manufacturer, with options to suit all playing levels and accommodate all budgets.

Our breakdown of the Best TaylorMade Irons covers all the key spec you need to know about, along with pros and cons for each and every model so you can weigh up your options as you take into account your individual requirements.

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Reviews of 15 Best Taylormade Irons

Eager to get ahead on the golf course? Read on our pick of 15 Best TaylorMade irons available now.

1. TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons, Steel Shaft,4-PW, AW, Right Hand

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The TaylorMade SIM MAX promises to bring golfers an impressive combination of superior feel and superb distance potential.

Key Features

– Speed Bridge Technology
– ECHO Damping System
– Patented Speed Pocket

The TaylorMade SIM MAX is worth considering if you are looking for an all-rounder to improve your golfing prowess. Designed to give mid-handicappers a real boost, this iron will deliver faster ball speeds, higher launch trajectories and better levels of forgiveness. There is some quality spec on offer here.

The Speed Bridge is a particularly impressive feature and is an enhanced version of the same technology you might encounter with previous irons from the brand. The Speed Bridge not only minimises excess vibrations, it also improves the overall feel of the iron and grants some added ball speed thanks to the inclusion of a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket.

Other standout features include the ECHO Damping System. This sits within the iron head and reduces the amount of vibration upon impact. This superior technology is particularly welcome here, giving the SIM MAX some forged-level credentials. You can also look forward to a greater sweet spot courtesy of Inverted Cone Technology. This is a must for any golfer who regularly suffers from mishits and needs some corrective assistance from their club.


– Relatively affordable
– Good sound and feel
– Surprisingly compact and easy to handle


– Gains on cheaper TaylorMade irons is slight
– the MAX OS is more forgiving with greater distance potential

The TaylorMade SIM MAX might impress with its superb sound and feel, but the gains on other MAX irons is slight.

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2. TaylorMade M3 Irons Set (Set of 8 total clubs: 4-PW, AW, Steel Shaft, Right Hand, Stiff Flex)


The TaylorMade M3 combines some significant design enhancements to deliver an iron that offers increased distances, higher levels of forgiveness and faster speeds.

Key Features

– RIBCOR Technology
– Improved Shaping
– Max-Cor Design

When it comes to the TaylorMade M3, there is plenty to get excited about.

RIBCOR technology is on hand to localise face flexibility in relation to the hitting area of the club. This transfers more energy to the ball when you make contact, increasing your overall distance. Despite this, you can still count on high levels of forgiveness as standard.

RIBCOR also serves to stiffen the head perimeter of the iron, giving it a much more rigid structure when weighed against comparable clubs on the market. Because of this, you can expect better sound feedback and a better feel. Tighter dispersion can also be expected thanks to mitigated toe flexibility.

The M3 also boasts improved shaping. The increased radius of the sole and leading edge allows for better turf interaction. It also makes for cleaner, clearer views upon address. The Max-Cor design of this iron also facilitates higher ball speeds and greater distances. Speed Pocket technology further improves your speeds, even with low-face shots.


– Very forgiving
– High ball speeds and long distances
– Provides clearer views at address


– Compromised sound and feel when you mishit the ball
– Relatively pricey

While the TaylorMade M3 has some issues when it comes to mishits, it is a very user-friendly choice of iron that ensures longer distances and straighter trajectories.

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3. TaylorMade Golf M5 Iron Set 4-PW, AW, Right Hand, Stiff Flex Shaft: Mitsubishi Tensei Orange


The TaylorMade M5 Iron offers impressive ball speeds and first-rate forgiveness in one neat package.

Key Features

– Speed Bridge Technology
– Wide Sole
– Solid Sound and Feel

The TaylorMade M5 offers some seriously impressive spec that will help the less experienced golfer improve their game.

Speed Bridge technology comes as standard here and spans the entire width of the iron to minimise vibration come the moment of contact. This delivers faster ball speeds than comparable irons on the market. This high speed performance is particularly impressive considering the thinner design of the M5, making it a must for anyone looking for fast ball speeds from a more conventional looking iron head.

You can also look forward to superior sound and feel with the M5. The TaylorMade M5 is an incredibly forgiving iron. No matter whether you make direct contact with the face or fail with a mishit, you can expect reliable ball flights and trajectories. Sound feedback is also superb here.

No matter the type of contact with the ball, the sound is muted and solid. This makes it an ideal choice for the golfer looking to boost playing confidence. As with other irons from TaylorMade, such as the M6, this particular iron delivers high levels of spin (check our buyers guide on Best Golf Wedges for Spin) as standard.

The wide sole of the M5 is also good at improving your performance, even if your strikes are in need of some perfecting.


– Good choice for less experienced golfers
– Plenty in the way of forgiveness
– Professional player aesthetics


– Less experienced players may struggle to control
– Relatively expensive

The TaylorMade M5 is a go-to choice for those golfers looking for a forgiving iron that delivers greater distances and more spin than other clubs on the market.

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4. TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron Set, 5-PW, AW, Right Hand, Stiff Flex Shaft: KBS Max 85

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The TaylorMade M6 boasts some impressive golfing technology to bring you a forgiving iron that is both easy to handle and capable of some seriously impressive distances and spin.

Key Features

– Speed Bridge
– Advanced HYBRAR Damper
– Grooved Hosel Design

There is a lot to appreciate about these TaylorMade M6 irons. The innovative speed bridge structure makes for the fastest continuous speed pocket yet featured in an iron from this category.

The structure of the club also boasts additional stiffness, meaning there is less energy loss. This makes for higher ball speeds as standard. An ultra-thin face, enhanced with patented inverted cone technology also delivers faster ball speeds across the total striking surface of the club head itself.

The Speed Bridge found here means the topline is strengthened, reducing low-frequency vibrations. This produces a much more satisfying sound upon impact. Advanced HYBRAR damper filters further remove unwanted vibrations, producing solid, more satisfying sound as standard.

The grooved hosel and 360-degree undercut serves to lower the centre of gravity. This increases the departure angle of the club and the ball speed, giving you more powerful and penetrating flight. You can also look forward to straighter strikes thanks to offset inverted technology.


– Very forgiving
– Easy to control and make contact with the ball
– Generous sweet spot


– Relatively high price tag
– Lack of hosel adjustments
– Not much improved over the M4 design

If you are seeking an iron that is both forgiving and easy to handle, then the TaylorMade M6 is definitely worth a second look.

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5. TaylorMade SIM MAX Combo Set, Graphite Shaft, Fujikura Ventus Blue, 5-PW, 3-19 Hybrid, 4-22 Hybrid, Left Hand, Regular Flex


Enjoy improved sound and feel as standard with the TaylorMade SIM MAX Combo Set, with plenty of first-rate technology on hand to enhance your game.

Key Features

– Speed Bridge Technology
– ECHO Damping System
– Ultra Thin Face

The TaylorMade SIM MAX set of irons boasts plenty of enhanced features to take your golfing to the next level. Revolutionary Speed Bridge technology offers strategic support in all the right places, allowing you to achieve greater distances and better levels of forgiveness.

It also improves overall feel and sound. The ECHO damping system is another welcome addition. Energy channelling geometry will ensure that harsh vibrations are quickly eliminating at impact, enhancing the feel of the club without any compromise when it comes to flexibility.

Patented Speed Pocket technology further maximises face flexibility, ensuring increased ball speeds and good levels of forgiveness on low face strikes.

The ultra thin face of these irons boasts Progressive Inverted Cone Technology to ensure the fastest ball speeds across the face. It also makes for a more generous sweet spot that will promote straighter trajectories for more consistent play. The unique positioning of this technology will also minimise the amount of side spin on mishits.


– Performs like a forged iron
– Good sound and feel
– Relatively affordable


– The MAX OS might prove a better investment for those with the budget to spare
– Arguable gains on comparable options

The SIM MAX series of TaylorMade irons offers a quality combination of golfing technologies for enhanced ball speeds and distances, first-rate forgiveness and all round consistency.

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6. TaylorMade SIM MAX OS Irons, Steel Shaft, KBS Max 85, 4-PW, Right Hand, Stiff Flex


These TaylorMade SIM MAX OS irons are the way to go for golfers with a high handicap that are looking for forgiveness, easy launches and consistent performance.

Key Features

– Speed Bridge Technology
– ECHO Damping System
– Speed Pocket

These SIM MAX OS TaylorMade irons have been tailored toward the less experienced golfer looking for a forgiving choice of club that will help improve their performance. You can expect a wide range of first-rate features to improve your golfing ability here.

Speed Bridge technology is on hand to support the topline of the iron, allowing for incredible distances and good levels of forgiveness. Improved sound and feel also comes as standard here. The ECHO damping system is also effective at minimising excess vibrations at the moment, granting you a better overall feel without you having to dispense with essential face flexibility.

The patented TaylorMade Speed Pocket technology will further enhance face flexibility, giving you access to increased distances, even with low face strikes. The shaping of this club has also been carefully considered to deliver the best in distance, playability and forgiveness.

The larger face area of the iron is particularly effective at improving overall levels of stability. The wider sole design also allows for better turf interaction. As the centre of gravity has been shifted to a deeper, lower position, you can also expect higher, more penetrating ball flights every time you swing.


– Impressive distances
– Very forgiving
– Relatively affordable


– Shaping is difficult
– Subpar sound feel to SIM MAX

If you are a high-handicapper, these SIM MAX OS TaylorMade irons are a good bet thanks to high, easy launches and extreme levels of forgiveness.

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7. TaylorMade IRG-M2 17 4-P R Golf Iron Set, Left Hand

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TaylorMade’s 2017 M2 irons are among the longest you will find available on the market, offering plenty of forgiveness, higher trajectories and consistent speeds.

Key Features

– Ultra-Thin Speed Pocket
– Updated Face Slot
– Upgraded Fluted Hosel

There are plenty of premium features on offer with the 2017 M2 irons from TaylorMade. These irons feel fantastic and offer superb sound thanks to the redesigned ribs found along the back of the cavity. These have been strategically located to stiffen the face, providing you with optimal sound and feel.

Unlike the 2016 edition of the M2 TaylorMade Irons, you will also find face slot technology included as standard. The new and improved Speed Pocket is also a welcome addition to the overall package. This enhanced pocket is thinner and taller in design than the previous one, giving you better ball speed performance and allowing you to achieve greater distances.

You can also look forward to a relatively lightweight fluted hosel. A lower centre of gravity ensures higher trajectories which, combined with the face slot and speed pocket spec, ensures you get a more consistent output when it comes to distances.


– Some of the longest irons around
– Very forgiving
– Consistent ball speeds and trajectories


– Expensive option
– You will need to weigh up the gains against the 2016 set

With a raft of premium features that combine to deliver impressive ball flights and distances, not to mention first-rate forgiveness, TaylorMade’s 2017 M2 irons are a must for golfers serious about improving their game.

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8. TaylorMade Women’s M2 7PC Combo Set | Graphite-Right Hand-4,5 Hybrids | 6-PW-Graphite-Ladies


The TaylorMade Women’s M2 is an ideal choice for female golfers of average proficiency looking for a draw-biased iron that delivers.

Key Features

– Geocoustic Technology
– Externalised Sound Ribs
– Draw-biased Design

The TaylorMade Women’s M2 has been specially designed with average golfers in mind. The M2 TaylorMade Irons will make an ideal replacement to longer irons in your set, delivering higher trajectories and longer distances as standard. The draw-biased design will also appeal to the certain golfers looking to build confidence on the course and improve their game.

Geocoustic Technology utilises an advanced sole shape with reinforced toe to improve levels of forgiveness, making this a particularly user-friendly choice of iron. Externalised sound ribs on the sole also minimise excess vibrations, providing you with better sound feedback and enhancing the overall feel of the club.

The two-tiered sole design of this women’s M2 maintains the same distance capabilities of the original M2 model. However, it builds upon the success of the original, granting the player maximum playability from all lies.

The Speed Pocket technology on offer here also increases face flexion, reducing the amount of backspin on your shots and further improving distance potential.


– Specially designed with female players in mind
– Enhanced levels of forgiveness and superior feel
– Impressive distances and backspin reduction


– Best suited to less experienced players
– Limited performance when compared to other M series models

For female golfers looking to improve their prowess on the course, this M2 upgrade will certainly impress with its levels of forgiveness, superb sound and feel, not to mention distance potential.

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9. TaylorMade P760 Iron Set (4-PW, Right Hand, Stiff Flex)


The TaylorMade P760 is a go-to choice for those looking for an iron that feels great and significantly enhances your shot-making ability.

Key Features

– Precision Engineering
– Forged Construction
– Speedfoam Technology

For the more experienced golfer with a healthy budget to spare, the TaylorMade P760 is an obvious choice. This precision-engineered scoring club boasts a forged construction that provides incredible feel, while significantly improving your ability to make precise shots.

If you are comfortable handling shorter clubs, this is the perfect iron to reach for in a tight situation. The forged 1025 carbon steel body provides a soft and user-friendly feel, while the lightweight face is specially designed to boost speeds, improve accuracy and generally enhance playability.

Other impressive spec includes Speedfoam Technology. Speedfoam injection can be found with 3-7 irons in the set. The TaylorMade P760 stands out from the crowd with its significant distance potential, while the soft feel of the club makes it incredibly easy to work with if you have had enough experience on the course.

When handled correctly, this iron will deliver consistent performance, even when you are faced with demanding play conditions.


– Forged construction makes this a hard-wearing choice
– Very impressive distance potential
– Soft feel and very forgiving


– Very expensive
– Less experienced golfers might struggle with the shorter shaft

The TaylorMade P760 will definitely appeal to the more experienced golfer with its forged construction and incredible distance potential. However, the sky-high price tag will no doubt deter those looking to stick to a budget.

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10. TaylorMade Irons P770 Steel Iron Set (Set of 8 total clubs: 4-PW, AW Right Hand Extra Stiff Flex)


These TaylorMade 2017 P770 irons have been carefully engineered to deliver superb levels of playability, with more forgiveness than tour-level alternatives on the market.

Key Features

– Carbon Steel Construction
– Tungsten Back Bar
– Progressive Offset

The TaylorMade 2017 P770 range of irons will definitely appeal with its first class features.

These P770 irons have been forged from hard-wearing carbon steel, while the hosel and precision-milled faces have been enhanced with tungsten weighting. This construction makes for an iron that feels great and delivers superior levels of control.

These irons are also a good bet if you are looking for high MOI for faster ball speeds and more consistency with your shots. A lower centre of gravity also allows for higher launch angles when compared to earlier iron models from the manufacturer.

The P770 TaylorMade irons have been inspired by tour expertise. Each and every contour has been meticulously considered. You will find progressive offset, a thin topline and a tighter leading edge as standard here. All of this combines to produce better aesthetics at address, allowing for crisper contact with the ball. The flatter sole design further enhances this, while also giving you better turf interaction after you have made contact with the ball.


– Good speeds and distances achievable
– More forgiving than tour-level iron options
– Compact heads are very user-friendly


– Relatively pricey
– Feel of shorter irons in the set is not great

These 2017 P770 TaylorMade Irons combine tour-level features and design with a great deal of forgiveness and playability.

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11. TaylorMade Golf P790 Iron Set, 4-P/Rh S | Best Taylormade Irons


The TaylorMade P790 is an enduring popular choice of distance iron from the tried and trusted golfing brand, with much to applaud when it comes to sound, feel and overall forgiveness.

Key Features

– Speed Foam Technology
– True-Slot Speed Pocket
– Forged Hollow Body

The updated version of P790 TaylorMade irons offer plenty of premium tech to improve your golfing performance. Lower profile tungsten weighting comes as standard here, serving to lower the centre of gravity in the club head and give you higher launch trajectories.

If you are a golfer who has trouble getting your balls in the air, this iron will become a firm favourite. Speed Foam construction also brings some pretty significant benefits to these upgraded irons. The foam injected interior of the head will boost your ball speeds, while also improving the overall feel of the club.

The flexible speed pocket design of the TaylorMade P790 allows for maximum ball speeds, while again maintaining good levels of forgiveness. This is true even if you hit the ball low on the face. Inverted Cone Technology has been strategically placed in each iron from the P790 TaylorMade Irons line-up, granting the player more accuracy, even with off-centre hits. If you are after more consistency from your shots, the P790 is here to help.

Finally, the forged hollow body and 4140 face combine to improve overall forgiveness and give your distance potential a further push in the right direction.


– Good choice of distance iron
– Improved sound and feel
– Enhanced ball speeds


– No huge gains over the original model
– A pricey upgrade

The P790 TaylorMade Irons will definitely appeal to any golfer looking for improved sound, feel and forgiveness. However, marginal improvements over the original model make this an expensive upgrade.

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12. TaylorMade Golf P790 Men’s Steel Regular Flex 4-PW AW Iron Set, Right Hand


There is a ton of top-tier spec on offer with the TaylorMade 2018 P790, enhancing ball speeds, distance potential and accuracy.

Key Features

– Forged Hollow Body Construction
– Speed Foam Technology
– Low Profile Tungsten Weighting

The 2018 P790 TaylorMade Irons offer forged design and premium features to bring significant improvement to your game. For one, you have a forged hollow body construction to look forward. The thin 4140 face and soft carbon steel body bring you incredible distance potential, while also making for a very forgiving club.

Speed Foam technology also comes standard. Lightweight urethane foam has been strategically injected into the head of the iron to increase face speeds and improve overall club feel. The low profile tungsten weighting also serves to lower the centre of gravity of the club, giving you higher launches, every time.

Also worth mentioning is the Thru-Slot speed pocket. This flexible speed pocket has been meticulously designed to enhance your ball speed, as well as bring better levels of forgiveness when it comes to low face shots.

Finally, you can look forward to patented Progressive Inverted Cone Technology with each iron in the P790 set. This technology is essential in controlling ball speeds with off-centre hits, improving your overall accuracy.


– Multiple technologies provide great levels of forgiveness
– Good ball speeds and distance potential
– Good choice for those looking to improve accuracy


– Significant investment for budget-conscious buyers
– Cheaper alternatives from the series offer similar performance

If you have the budget to spare, the 2018 P790 TaylorMade Irons set will definitely prove a worthwhile investment for golfers looking to perfect performance with more accurate shots.

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13. TaylorMade Golf MCGB Men’s Iron Set (Set of 8 total clubs: Graphite Regular Flex 5-PW AW SW Iron Set, Right Hand)


TaylorMade’s M CGB series of irons are a solid bet for those looking for fast ball speeds, user-friendliness and plenty in the way of forgiveness.

Key Features

– Oversized Head
– Fluted Hosel
– Multiple Tungsten Weights

The 2018 M CGB series of irons from TaylorMade offers plenty of first-rate features to improve your golfing performance. The oversized profile is ideal for those golfers looking for greater levels of forgiveness and faster ball speeds with minimal fuss. The fluted hosel is also a great feature.

Weight has been shifted out of the fluted hosel of M CBG irons and repositioned in a lower section of the club, giving you better impact performance. Four individual tungsten weights can also be found here. These milled micro-sized weights are placed in the toe and heel of each iron, giving you better levels of resistance with off-centre hits. This is essential in improving your overall accuracy and ensuring your ball speeds are sufficiently high.

Geocoustic engineering has also been utilised in the design of these irons, with the 360-degree undercut providing you with a club that feels fantastic and delivers superior sound feedback.

A dual accordion sole slot with speed pocket is another welcome addition to these irons. These combine to produce greater levels of forgiveness and increased ball speeds with mis-hits.


– Very forgiving and easy to handle
– Quality acoustics and sound feedback
– Superior tungsten weighting


– The more advanced player may find the features redundant
– Not worth the expense if you premium M irons in your collection already

If you are looking to fine-tune your performance and enjoy m ore consistent results from your shots, the M CGB series of irons is definitely worth investigating.

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14. TaylorMade Golf MCGB Women’s Graphite Ladies Flex 4-PW Iron Set, Right Hand


These M CGB TaylorMade Irons have been specially designed with female players in mind, offering the same great levels of forgiveness and premium features as the original line-up.

Key Features

– HYBRAR Damper
– Composite Construction
– Geocoustic Technology

Female players on the hunt for a superior selection of irons could do a lot worse than the 2018 M CGB range of irons from TaylorMade. These quality irons have been carefully engineered to deliver on the course, with a slate of innovative technologies tailored toward forgiveness and consistency.

An ultra-thin face means you can expect higher ball speeds and greater distances as standard. The centre of gravity has also been pushed significantly lower than other clubs, making these irons a good option for those looking for higher trajectories and optimal spin rates. This is definitely the way to go if fast irons are high on your shopping list.

A multi-material head construction is enhanced with milled tungsten micro-weights to create a higher moment of inertia. The thin and flexible sole with speed pocket further enhances level of forgiveness, while face slots provide you with much faster ball speeds than the standard.

You also have geocoustic technology benefits here. The precision-shaped head has been finely-tuned for better acoustics at the moment of impact. Premium HYBRAR damper technology is also on hand to minimise excess vibrations and soften the overall feel of these irons.


– Superb levels of forgiveness
– Delivers fast ball speeds and great ball flight performance
– First-rate geocoustic technology


– Not the cheapest irons on the market
– More experienced players will find little to get excited about

The 2018 M CGB series of TaylorMade Irons might prove redundant for more accomplished golfers, but female players looking to improve their control of their shots should find plenty to enjoy here.

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15. TaylorMade Men’s Rocketbladez Max Iron Set, Left Hand, Graphite, Regular, 5-SW


The TaylorMade Men’s Rocketbladez Max has been designed with golfers looking to seriously improve their game in mind, with a slate of features that will help bring those handicaps down significantly.

Key Features

– Draw-Biased Design
– Tungsten Sole Weighting
– Premium Composite Construction

Great care has gone into the design of the TaylorMade Men’s Rocketbladez Max to bring you a set of irons that delivers some top-tier spec to improve your game.

A draw-biased head is on hand for those golfers looking for a right to left ball flight. Tungsten sole weighting is also present to lower and centre the centre of gravity position. This makes for longer distances and higher overall trajectories.

The composite construction is also worth a mention, promoting faster overall ball speeds and longer ball flight. COR is also maximised thanks to the combination of a hollow frame and steel face.

Ball speeds and higher shots are also assured thanks to the presence of a polymer-injected slot in the sole. This flees and rebounds upon impact with the ball, promoting better performance all round.

Vibration is also significantly dampened here, making for a much more forgiving iron. Sound-tuning technology has also been implemented to further improve the overall feel and acoustics offered by this premium choice of iron.


– Longer distances and higher trajectories as standard
– Easy to handle and very forgiving
– Good choice for high-handicappers looking to improve their game


– Very high price tag
– Those with low handicaps may find little of use here

The Men’s Rocketbladez Max TaylorMade  Irons is an absolute must for any golfer looking to make the most of some cutting-edge game improvement technologies. However, this comes with a significant price tag.

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In Conclusion

It is little wonder that TaylorMade has managed to cement itself as a leading name in the world of golf. If you are eager to enhance your performance with increased ball flight, speeds and distances, a quality TaylorMade iron is the way to go.

Take your pick of anything from the ever-popular M series for an iron that combines first-rate feel and forgiveness with superb speed and distance performance. The extensive range of TaylorMade irons offers something for everyone, with a good range of prices to ensure even the budget-conscious buyer is not locked out of the market.

Looking to spend a little more? The more advanced golfer with a healthy bank balance has plenty of premium options to consider from the TaylorMade range.

There are some first-rate choices of distance irons on the market courtesy of TaylorMade, with the likes of the Taylormade P760 and Taylormade P790 as outlined above being popular options. These TaylorMade Irons will set you back a significant amount, but even the most confident golfer with a low handicap will reap the benefits when they invest in TaylorMade irons.