The 10 Best Kids Golf Clubs in 2022 | Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Kids Golf Clubs

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Investing in the best kids golf clubs will ensure younger players get more out of their training, helping them perfect better technique and ultimately, maintain an interest in the game. You have a wide range of options when it comes to golf equipment for youngsters, ranging from simple putting kits to help toddlers get to grips with the basics to more extensive golf sets for older kids that include a broader range of clubs of varying skill level. Need a little help making a selection? Read on for our guide on what to keep in mind when shopping for the best set of golf clubs for kids on the market.

Picking the Right Range of Clubs

A younger golfer will not need to carry around upwards of a dozen clubs. In fact, you should forget about weighing down a set with longer clubs as these are difficult for younger golfers to handle. The most basic kids golf club set should include a putter and wedges such as a pitching wedge and a sand wedge. Not only are these clubs the easiest to handle, but they serve as a great introduction to the fundamentals of playing golf. Generally speaking, look for clubs which are more lofted as these make it easier to get balls in the air. Younger golfers will respond better to clubs that allow for an easier and high launch.

You should also bear in mind the limited swing speeds of younger golfers. Many clubs are more or less useless when handled with considerably low swing speeds, so there is no need to invest in clubs that require sufficiently high speeds in order to be effectively used on the course.

Junior players who are a little older and are beginning to show a proficiency with golf will benefit from a slightly more extensive club line-up. For this advanced junior, consider a full set that includes a golf driver with a higher loft, along with a user-friendly hybrid that can help them get the ball in the air. A decent mid-iron is also a good choice. You should also look to round off a set with a good wedge and putter. As youngsters improve their proficiency and begin to swing at faster speeds, you can begin to introduce a wider range of clubs.

Club Length

The longer a club, the harder it will be for a youngster to handle it. Youngsters who are significantly shorter will find it incredibly difficult to properly utilise a long club and will consistently struggle to the get the ball in the air. Avoid the temptation to invest in clubs for children with the plan being that they will grow into them. This is completely the wrong mindset and will encourage poor technique to compensate for the shortcomings of a longer club.

Suitable Club Weight

As with length, the heavier a club is, the harder it will be for a youngster to properly wield. When investing in clubs for kids, look for ones that have graphite shafts. Some adults who prefer the feel of stainless steel shafts will often let their own preference get in the way of selecting the right choice for children, but graphite should always be the go-to selection.

Other Key Things to Consider

As a general rule, you should look for clubs with weaker lofts than adult clubs when selecting a golf set for youngsters. If you are looking for clubs for a much younger golfer, you should pick clubs with higher overall loft. This is crucial for ensuring youngsters can get the ball in the air as consistently as possible. It will also ensure that younger players can hit the ball more solidly. By ensuring this, you will help maintain the interest of junior golfers. This will minimise frustration and ensure they keep on practising their technique.

Shaft flex is another thing you should bear in mind when looking for the right clubs for junior golfers. A more flexible shaft is a good way to go for young golfers. Unlike clubs with stiffer shafts, a flexible shaft delivers a better feel and lets the would-be golfer enjoy more solid impact.

Our Top Choices of Best Kids Golf Clubs

  1. Precise Golf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids
  2. Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set
  3. Precise M7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids
  4. Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set w/ Bag
  5. Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set for Children, Kids
  6. Remarkable Girls Right Handed Pink Junior Golf Club Set
  7. Precise XD-J Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids
  8. Devan Kids Golf Toys Set, Outdoor toys,Training Golf Ball
  9. Disney Minnie Mouse Kids Golf Caddy Playset with Balls Clubs and Holes Gift
  10. Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set + 3 balls + 2 clubs

Reviews Of 10 Best Kids Golf Clubs

Looking for the perfect golfing gear for junior players? Read on for our pick of some of the best kids golf clubs currently available on the market.

Precise Golf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids – 3 Age Groups Boys & Girls – Right Hand & Left Hand!


This Precise X7 Junior golf set offers a superb line-up of clubs at a great price. These clubs are ideal for younger players looking to perfect their game, with the first-rate selection specially selected for junior golfers looking to improve their accuracy and distance on the course.

This affordable kids golf clubs set includes a 15-inch driver, a hybrid wood, a putter, as well as three irons. The quality club assortment offers excellent variety and versatility. The hybrid wood and oversized driver are particularly user-friendly and easy to handle, making this set an incredibly playable option. This set also comes with a robust stand bag, allowing for easy access and retrieval of clubs on the driving range of golf course. You will also find two club head covers included.

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Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set


This Wilson Profile JGI complete golf set offers excellent value for money, a good range of clubs and some first-rate design features to help younger golfers improve their game. There is a good selection of clubs on offer here, with drivers, hybrids, putters and irons all accounted for.

What is particularly appealing about this set is that the clubs are engineered with Super Game Improvement technologies to help junior golfers enhance their game and boost their performance. Weightings have been strategically positioned very low in the driver to help younger golfers achieve ideal launch conditions, ensuring better ball flight as standard.

The hybrid is definitely the star of the show in this collection, with a large sweet spot to help players to improve their accuracy, no matter whether they are playing from the rough or the fairway. To cap things off, you will also find a high-quality standing bag included.

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Precise M7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids – 3 Age Groups – Right Hand


This Precise M7 complete golf set is the way to go for younger golfers looking for clubs that are easier to handle. The lightweight club heads boast extra loft, making it far easier for junior golfers to get their balls in the air. The construction of these clubs also deserves a mention.

The stainless steel heads ensure you have a long-lasting selection of clubs to enjoy here. Even after regular use, the robust heads will hold up well and not succumb to rusting and other weathering. In addition to the clubs themselves, you will also find a quality standing bag included.

The bag is a perfect choice for younger golfers, with a backpack style design that incorporates a shoulder strap for easy carrying. This is a great selection of kids golf clubs clubs that have been engineered to boost performance and deliver long-lasting use.

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Tour Edge HL-J Junior Complete Golf Set w/ Bag (Multiple Sizes)


This Tour Edge HL-J golf set for junior players will definitely appeal with its varied range of clubs and very affordable price. Out of all the clubs found here, the premium 350cc driver certainly stands out. The quality driver delivers a high moment of inertia to ensure optimal launch and long ball flights.

The irons are also worth a mention. The irons are oversized to accommodate the requirements, with a larger sweet spot that delivers superb levels of forgiveness. Younger players will also love the putter included in this set. The mallet putter is very easy to align correctly, ensuring more precise putts, every time.

You will also find a convenient lightweight stand bag included along with the clubs themselves. The lightweight bag is very portable thanks to its dual-strap design. You will also find a selection of protective head covers included to ensure the clubs remain in premium condition for as long as possible.

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Aspire Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set for Children, Kids – 5 Age Groups Boys and Girls – Right Hand, Real Girls Junior Golf Bag, Kids Golf Clubs Set


This complete set for junior players from Aspire includes everything they will need to get started. All the key club varieties are included here, including drivers, irons and putters. All clubs in this set are manufactured to a very high standard, with graphite shafts specially tailored to individual age groups. This means younger golfers can enjoy clubs that are perfectly suited to their swing speeds and strengths.

These premium shafts also utilise a Progressive Flex System to more precisely match the age groups using them. Aircraft-grade aluminium has been used to manufacture other components of the clubs in this set, ensuring the clubs themselves are more lightweight and easy to handle for younger golfers. The lightweight material allows for the club heads to be larger in size, providing less experienced junior golfers with a larger overall sweet spot that allows for easier hits and launches.

This kids golf clubs set also comes with a lightweight golf bag so young golfers can cart their kit from A to B with ease. Unlike other options in this list, this is not a standing bag, but the backpack style design makes it very portable. Protective head covers are also included to keep clubs in tiptop condition for longer.

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Remarkable Girls Right Handed Pink Junior Golf Club Set for Age 3 to 5 (Height 3′ to 3’8″) Set Includes: Driver (15″), Hybrid Wood (25, 7 Iron, Putter, Bonus Stand Bag & 2 Headcovers

If you are looking for an affordable junior golf set that includes all the basics, this quality collection from Remarkable is well worth considering. This set includes a 15-inch driver, a hybrid wood club, a 7-iron and a putter. Although this range of kids golf clubs is not as extensive as other options in this list, the line-up is more than sufficient for young beginners.

The oversized driver and hybrid are particularly suited to the younger player, proving very playable with larger sweet spots to ensure youngsters can easily hit balls and get them in the air. A standing golf bag is also included for good measure, with an ergonomic lift handle making it incredibly portable. A pair of head covers also come included with the set, ensuring favourite clubs can be kept in premium condition when not in use.

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Precise XD-J Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids – 3 Age Groups Boys & Girls – Right Hand & Left Hand!


If your youngsters are finding it hard to get to grips with golfing basics, this Precise XD-J complete golf set will help them on their way. This kids golf clubs set has a first-rate selection of clubs specially designed with younger golfers in mind. Lightweight club heads with extra loft ensure the ball can be lifted into the air more easily.

The lightweight nature of these clubs also means club head across the board are increased in size, increasing sweet spot size and making them all more user-friendly. Ultra-lightweight flex graphite shafts also come as standard, making each and every club in the set very playable and engineered with performance in mind.

This Precise XD-J kids golf clubs set comes complete with a practical standing bag to allow for easy access to clubs on the driving range or golf course. The bag also features dual straps and a grab handle so it can be picked up and carried around with ease.

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Devan Kids Golf Toys Set, Outdoor toys,Training Golf Ball, Exercise Gifts for 3 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old,Toddlers Boys Girls (Random Color)


This golf training system from Devan is designed with much younger children in mind. An ideal choice for toddlers and young children, this golf training set is very affordable and offers some pretty nifty features. This set operates in much the same way as a putting green trainer. Included in the set is a ball dispenser system that little ones can activate by stepping down on the push pedal release.

This dispenser can also be opened to store a selection of practice balls so they do not need to be carried separately. This set also includes a 2-in-1 practice club, with one sturdy shaft and two interchangeable heads. Bear in mind this practice shaft is nowhere the same spec as conventional ones, but it will offer much younger players a good introduction to golfing practice.

The swappable heads provide a good introduction to putting and chipping, but there is no scope for full-swing practice here. A par hole with upslope is also included for target practice. This kids golf clubs set comes complete with a drawstring carry bag or convenient storage.

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Disney Minnie Mouse Kids Golf Caddy Playset with Balls Clubs and Holes Gift

This Disney Minnie Mouse golf play set is another good option for toddlers and much younger children. This colourful set includes a plastic caddy, as well as a selection of moulded plastic clubs with a variety of head styles. You will find drivers, irons and putters all included here, giving youngsters a good introduction to golfing basics. In addition to the clubs themselves, there is an assortment golf colourful golf balls and two target holes with upslopes, as well as par flags. Admittedly, this is a very basic golf set that is better suited to playtime rather than proper practice. That being said, enthusiastic toddlers looking to imitate older siblings or parents will love this vibrant Disney set.

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Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set + 3 balls + 2 clubs

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This easy hit golf set from Little Tikes offers a perfect introduction to golf or toddlers and younger children. This colourful putting set includes an all-surface putting holes, two chunky plastic golf clubs and a selection of kids golf clubs. A sturdy plastic caddy with grab handle and wheels is also included for convenient storage and portability. This fun set is budget-friendly way to introduce little ones to the world of golf before they are old enough for a conventional set of their own.

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Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Girl's Pink Kids Golf Set (Right Hand Ages 5-8) (Pink)
Orlimar Golf ATS Junior Girl's Pink Kids Golf Set (Right Hand Ages 5-8) (Pink)
Designed for kids ages 5-8 years old or between heights of 3'8"-4'4"; Lengths - Driver (34"), 7-iron (30. 5"), wedge (28. 5") and putter (28")