The 8 Best Golf Umbrellas in 2022 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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The humble golf umbrella is often overlooked by golfers. However, if you are looking to enjoy a game of golf in all weathers, a quality golf umbrella is an absolute essential. A large enough umbrella will keep you and your clubs as dry as possible, saving you the hassle of having to manually dry your grips prior to aligning your shots.

A strong enough umbrella will also minimise the impact of wind, which is crucial in ensuring the elements do not interfere with your careful planning and performance. Looking to add an umbrella to your golfing gear line-up? Read on for our essential guide on what to consider when searching for the best golf umbrella for you.

Double Canopy Design

Any good golf umbrella should include a double canopy as standard. A double-layered canopy boasts many benefits. The most important of these is how they can minimise the impact of wind on your game. A double canopy creates a vent between the two material layers of your umbrella. Wind is then vented through this space, putting less strain the rib and shaft components of your umbrella. Not only will this ensure your umbrella stays firmly in place and holds its shape, it also means your umbrella will hold up well for a long time to come.

Carrying Convenience

If you regularly play golf, the portability of your umbrella is very important. Chances are you will want to invest in an oversized umbrella to provide sufficient coverage against the elements. However, a large umbrella should still be easy to carry and move from A to B. Look for golf umbrellas that have a telescopic handle that can be retracted to a short enough length that the umbrella can be easily carted around with the rest of your golfing gear.

An ergonomic handle is also crucial when it comes to convenience. Opt for umbrellas with EVA molded handles that can be taken securely in hand, even in wet conditions. If aesthetics are important to you, look for umbrellas that include a handle that has been designed to mimic the appearance of conventional golf grips.

A lightweight umbrella will also make life on the course as hassle-free as possible. Look for umbrellas that include fibreglass components at the heart of their design. Fibreglass is one of the most lightweight materials around and is also incredibly robust and resilient.

Easy Opening & Closure

Never overlook the importance of easy opening and closure when shopping for golf umbrellas. Unless you are playing on a particularly small golf course, you will need to close and reopen your umbrella in between holes. Therefore go for models that include one-touch opening mechanisms. Most umbrellas will include this feature as a basic standard. Some models will also incorporate one-touch mechanisms for closing your canopy as well.

Canopy Size

Most golfers will probably want to invest in an umbrella with an oversized canopy. An umbrella with a canopy measuring 50 inches and above should provide sufficient protection against the elements for one or two players, as well as their clubs. However you will find much larger options on the market that will comfortably cover up to four individuals.

There are alternatives on the market to consider. You will find plenty of choice when it comes to umbrellas designed to only keep your clubs and gear dry. These umbrellas have smaller canopy sizes, although the diameters are sufficient enough to cover your club gags. These umbrella canopies are also deeper than conventional umbrellas, ensuring as little rain as possible makes its way onto your club grips and into your golf bag.

Canopy Materials

While the shaft and ribs of your umbrella need to be made from durable materials, the canopy material itself should also be manufactured from long-lasting fabric. Always opt for material that has been tried and tested against regular use. The last thing you want is for your umbrella to rip and tear after only a few uses.

You should also consider how effective the material is at staving off UV rays. Go for umbrellas with canopy material that offers a good level of SPF protection to ensure you can play in sunny weather, as well as wet and windy conditions. And of course if it’s sunny, what you need is some good sun screen and a top pair of golf sunglasses.

Our Top Choices of the Best Golf Umbrella

  1. BAGAIL Golf Umbrella 68/62/58 Inch
  2. Procella Large Golf Umbrella – Award Winning Umbrella Defies High Wind, Sun & Rain
  3. ACEIken Golf Umbrella Windproof Large 62 Inch
  4. DrizzleStik Flex- Golf Club Umbrella
  5. ZOMAKE Golf Umbrella 58/62/68 Inch
  6. Athletico 62/68 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella
  7. Team Golf NFL 62″ Golf Umbrella with Protective Sheath
  8. EEZ-Y 58 Inch Folding Golf Umbrella

Reviews of 8 Best Golf Umbrella

Read on for our pick of some of the best golf umbrellas currently available on the market.

BAGAIL Golf Umbrella 68/62/58 Inch

This large double canopy golf umbrella from BAGAIL scores top marks for design and performance. This 62-inch golf umbrella is a popular choice for professionals due to its durable design and effectiveness at protecting you from wind as you play. The large size also makes it ideal for those requiring more protection against the wind or if you are playing with a friend.

The double canopy design makes this umbrella particularly robust. The double canopy not only enhances the overall strength of this umbrella, it also enhances its flexibility, making it a very practical choice. The umbrella shaft is constructed from lightweight fibreglass and features a rubber handle, making it easy to carry around in comfort.

The fibreglass ribs and shaft are particularly good at resisting strong winds. In fact, this umbrella can withstand winds of up to 55 miles per hour with ease. The double canopy design ensures optimal levels of airflow, minimising the chance of inversion. This is also a user-friendly choice, with a simple automatic opening mechanism as standard. This umbrella also comes with a nylon sleeve for easy storage.

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Procella Large Golf Umbrella – Award Winning Umbrella Defies High Wind, Sun & Rain – Perfect Cart Holder Fit – Matching Carrying Case Sleeve



If you are looking for a large and robust golf umbrella, this particular model from Procella is worth considering. This heavy-duty umbrella boasts an impressive 62-inch diameter, making it ideal for those who need broader coverage against the elements or require an umbrella to keep two people sheltered from the rain. This hardy umbrella is also built to withstand adverse weather conditions.

The robust design will comfortably handle winds of up to 46 miles per hour. The vented, double canopy design is particularly good at maintaining its shape when open. Durable fibreglass ribs and shafts further enhance this sturdiness, while also ensuring this umbrella is not too bulky to comfortably carry from a to B.

This umbrella has been designed with user-friendly operation in mind. The opening mechanism activates at the touch of a button, while the closure is simple thanks to a pinch-less mechanism. This Procella umbrella also features a mesh interior to further strengthen both canopy layers. A rubberised grip with anti-slip handle also make this umbrella a suitable choice for use in heavy downpours. If you are looking for a great value umbrella that will hold up well in adverse conditions, this is a superb choice.

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ACEIken Golf Umbrella Windproof Large 62 Inch


This ACEIken golf umbrella is a user-friendly choice for those looking to stay dry on the golf course or driving range. This umbrella is particularly large, with an impressive 62-inch diameter that will keep you and your gear as dry as a bone.

The large canopy size also makes it suitable for keeping more than one person protected from the elements. Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, this umbrella boasts an ergonomic EVA grip. Automatic opening also comes as standard, ensuring there is no delay should you find yourself in the midst of a sudden downpour.

The double canopy design features a hardened steel frame that makes this umbrella incredibly resilient against strong winds. The double-layered build of this umbrella creates a vent that allows wind to pass through without compromising the integrity of the canopy itself. This also makes it much easier to handle in harsher wind. High-quality materials also ensure you have an umbrella that is built to last.

The tips and ribs of this umbrella are made from premium fibreglass, providing enough strength and flexibility to ensure this umbrella is easy to handle and comfortable to carry. The quick-drying canopy material also means you will not be bogged down by rain, while SP5 50+ protection keeps UV light at bay.

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DrizzleStik Flex- Golf Club Umbrella


The DrizzleStick Flex is an affordable option for those looking to keep their clubs protected from the elements. Unlike most options on this list, the DrizzleStick is designed to keep clubs and gear dry, rather than the golfer themselves. You can expect a smaller overall diameter here, but the canopy Is deeper so it effectively wraps around your clubs to prevent rain from building up.

The durable nylon canopy also features an inner liner that makes it particularly good at keeping rain out. This is also a very practical choice that is easy to carry from A to B. The telescopic umbrella shaft extends from 36 inches to 54 inches. When closed and not in use, it is very similar in size to an average length club. This makes it easy to carry by hand and means it can be stored within your golf bag pockets.

The spring top allows the umbrella canopy to pivot in any given direction. This is useful for when it comes to storing it in your golf bag and moving it around as you rifle for your club of choice. The rubberised grip has also been designed to resemble a traditional club grip. It also makes the umbrella very easy to handle in all weathers. If you are more concerned about your clubs staying dry than you are, the DrizzleStick is a very affordable, low profile choice.

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ZOMAKE Golf Umbrella 58/62/68 Inch


This golf umbrella from ZOMAKE is a real contender for those seeking a larger option. The 62-inch model will provide adequate protection against the elements for two people, while the 64-inch alternative offers sufficient protection for up to four individuals.

Perfect for those looking to keep entire groups dry as you tee off in wet weather. This umbrella is also a great choice for those seeking durability. A hardened steel frame holds up well to even the windiest conditions. The robust design means you will not have to worry about bending or breaking, with the umbrella also resisting turning over in particularly strong winds.

The double canopy design is particularly effective at combating strong winds. The double-layered design creates a vent that will allow wind to pass through. By cutting through wind like this, the umbrella is much easier to handle. A premium EVA grip also allows for better overall control of your umbrella, while the fibreglass frame makes it a lightweight option. This hard-wearing umbrella is also ideal for those looking to keep harmful UV rays at bay, with SPF 50+ protection offered as standard.

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Athletico 62/68 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella


This Athletico golf umbrella will keep the elements at bay when you play. This is a professional grade option, with plenty of premium features to get excited about. Extreme wind resistance can be expected as standard. A double canopy and lightweight fibreglass ribs make this umbrella particularly durable, resistant to harsh winds and unlikely to topple over.

The extra large canopy also makes this an ideal choice for those looking to protect more than person against the elements. This is a must for anyone who regularly plays alongside friends and fellow golfers. The opening mechanism is also very user-friendly, with one-touch operation to make life as hassle-free as possible.

Fibreglass components not only make this umbrella particularly strong and flexible, it also ensures the umbrella is easy to carry across long distances. The ergonomic rubber handle also allows for a more comfortable grip and compatible with most golf cart umbrella mounts. The 210T weave fabric of the canopy is also a hard-wearing choice.

This rugged material has been specially manufactured to resist rips and tearing, while also ensuring you get sufficient protection against the sun. A handy carrying sleeve is also included for when you want to store your umbrella when it is not in use.

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Team Golf NFL 62″ Golf Umbrella with Protective Sheath


If you prefer your golfing gear with a little branding, this Team Golf NFL umbrella might be something to consider. Emblazoned with NFL Pittsburg Steelers branding in the team colours of black and yellow, this is an eye-catching choice. This umbrella has more going on than slick aesthetics, however.

The double canopy design is particularly good at withstanding the elements. The double-layer creates an essential vent for air to pass through, reducing the strain on the canopy ribs. Thank to this you will not have to worry about your umbrella or bending in strong winds. You can also place this in the ground without the worry of it toppling over.

The 62-inch canopy provides ample coverage for individual golfers and all of their gear, while it is also big enough to protect two people from rain, wind and sun. The durable nylon fabric will withstand tears and rips, while also staving off harsh UV lights. Perfect if you are looking to play in sunny weather as well as on rainy days. This user-friendly umbrella can also be opened at the touch of a single button, while an ergonomic handle allows it to be carried around in comfort.

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EEZ-Y 58 Inch Folding Golf Umbrella

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For total peace of mind, look no further than the EEZ-7 folding golf umbrella. This 52-inch umbrella is a particularly robust and durable choice. The 50-inch oversized canopy provides adequate coverage for you and your gear, while the lightweight design makes it incredibly easy to carry across the course.

The double canopy construction of this umbrella is the standout feature here, creating a vent that maximises airflow and prevents harsh winds from breaking and bending the ribs of your umbrella. This means your umbrella will preserve its shape in adverse conditions, while also ensuring it stays firmly in place as your teeing off.

The secondary canopy will also ensure maximum protection against rain, essential if you are looking to play in wet conditions. Combined, the double-layered canopy also serves to stave off harsh UV light. When not in use, this umbrella retracts to a manageable size that allows it to be carried by hand or loaded onto your golf cart with ease. The EEZ-7 is definitely worth considering if you are after a hard-wearing and long-lasting choice of golf umbrella.

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