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A quality pair of golf sunglasses can dramatically improve your performance. Premium sunglasses can protect your eyes against harmful UV rays as you tee off for hours at a time outdoors.

Cutting-edge lens technology will also ensure your vision is never impaired, granting you true colour visibility with correct levels of contrast so you never miss a thing. A comfortable fit is also essential considering you will be wearing your shades for hours at a time. Looking for a long-term investment?

Make sure you opt for a pair of golf sunglasses that will hold up well to repeated use and maintain their premium appeal for as long as possible. Need a little help finding the right pair for you? Read on for our go-to guide on what you need to bear in mind when shopping for the best golf sunglasses on the market.

What To Look For In Golf Sunglasses

Below we look at the following things to consider before selecting the ideal choice of golf sunglasses

  • Frame and Fit
  • Lens Spec
  • Materials
  • Contrast
  • Polarized Lenses

Finding the Right Frame and Fit

When it comes to selecting a quality pair of sunglasses, you will want to pay special attention to frame specifications. A good grip is an absolute must. Not only will a quality grip keep your sunglasses firmly in place, they will allow them to be properly aligned to ensure you get the results from the lens technology offered by your shades.

A quality pair of golf sunglasses should, at the least, include rubberised grips at the temples (to learn more about golf grips see our guide), as well as adjustable nose pads. Provided your sunglasses include these basic elements, you can count on a secure fit as you make your swing.

A lightweight frame is also crucial. Even if you are playing a half par game of golf, you will no doubt be spending several hours out on the fairways. Your sunglasses should be light enough that they remain comfortable when worn for long stretches. Look for frames made from lightweight, yet durable materials as a standard. High-grade Grilamid material is a particularly robust material choice.

Essential Lens Spec

There is a lot to consider when it comes to lens technology. It makes sense to consider coverage first. The best golf sunglasses on the market should include a full wraparound design that offers total coverage and protection against UV rays.

A good wraparound design will also give you much better peripheral vision, eliminating the need to readjust your shades in the middle of a golf game. The height of your lenses will also affect coverage.

Opting for sunglasses with taller shades is a good idea as it means you can look down at the golf ball with no obstruction to your line of sight. Thicker rims can often prove an issue for golfers as they can block your visibility when looking downwards. However, avoid opting for a slimmer frame outright as some discreet frame styles offer subpar shielding against the sun.

Robust Materials

Durable frames are all well and good, but they will not necessarily keep lenses intact should your sunglasses suffer the shock of impact. When picking out a pair of golf sunglasses, make sure the lens material is of high enough quality to withstand everyday damage. Polycarbonate is a common lens material.

It is relatively affordable and offers sufficient protection against impacts. Try to avoid glass lenses as a rule. Glass is generally more brittle and prone to damage. It is also a heavier choice of material so will impact wearing comfort.

The Importance of Contrast

Your playing ability will be significantly improved by picking a pair of golf sunglasses with contrast-enhancing lenses. Contrast lenses are designed to accommodate different types of light conditions, granting you better visibility to ensure maximum levels of clarity when you golf.

Good quality contrast lenses will also grant you enhanced levels of depth perception. The best lenses on the market have been specially manufactured to bring you a truer representation of the colours commonly found on the golf course. If you can afford the extra expense, go for these types of lenses.

Polarized Lenses

If you are looking to stamp out glare, polarized lenses are essential. However, it is worth bearing in mind that polarised lenses can sometimes prove problematic for golfers. Polarized lenses can often affect depth perception, which is obviously significant when it comes to playing properly on the golf course.

If you regularly play in sunny climates with a lot of bright sunlight and reflective surfaces, polarized lenses are definitely worth considering. However, if you are playing on less sunny days with fewer reflective surfaces, polarized lenses do not really prove their worth.

Our Top Picks of the Best Golf Sunglasses

  1. HULISLEM S1 Sport Polarised Sunglasses
  2. Oakley Men’s OO9154 Half Jacket 2.0 XL Rectangular Sunglasses
  3. KastKing Toccoa Polarised Sport Sunglasses for Men and Women
  4. Fishing Polarised Sunglasses for Men Driving Running Golf Sports Glasses
  5. Under Armour Igniter Sunglasses Oval
  6. Oakley Men’s OO9102 Holbrook Square Sunglasses
  7. SUNGAIT Ultra Lightweight Rectangular Polarised Sunglasses UV400 Protection
  8. Under Armour Men’s Core 2.0 Sunglasses Shield

Reviews of the 8 Best Golf Sunglasses

Looking to keep the sun at bay in style the next time you tee off? Read on for our top pick of some of the best golf sunglasses you can currently find available on the market. Obviously, you could forget about playing outside altogether and just focus on your putting with a superb indoor putting green?

HULISLEM S1 Sport Polarised Sunglasses

These HLISLEM S1 polarised sunglasses offer the perfect combination of slick aesthetics and functionality to improve your performance on the golf course. These sunglasses are designed with comfort in mind, with the lightweight polycarbonate frame ensuring you will barely notice you are wearing them. If you are looking to play a full game of golf and need to keep the sun at bay for hours at a time, this is very important.

These unisex sunglasses also boast UV 400 mirror flash coating. The lenses limit the amount of sunlight your eyes are exposed to, while also ensuring certain light wavelengths that can cause long-lasting damage to the eye are locked out entirely. In fact, these sunglasses offer complete UV protection, providing you with total peace of mind.

These shades have been build with durability in mind. The stress resistant frames are designed for active, outdoor lifestyles, making them a perfect choice for the avid golfer. Superior manufacturing also means you have a premium pair of sunglasses that will hold up well for a long time to come.

Each individual lens is cut from a single toric lens and also incorporate dual lens polaric ellipsoid geometry. This brings you incredible levels of depth perception, overall clarity and colour contrast. All of this is essential for the golfer looking for a clear oversight of the game. To ensure natural colours are maintained, these sunglasses also utilise the S1 lens colouring system. If you are looking for an easy to wear pair of sunglasses that significantly enhance your vision as you golf, these are worth investing in.

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Oakley Men’s OO9154 Half Jacket 2.0 XL Rectangular Sunglasses


These Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 sunglasses score top marks when it comes to stylish aesthetics and premium protection. These shades feature Oakley Plutonite lenses that offer first-rate protection against all types of UV light. These includes UVA, UVC, UVB and potentially harmful blue light. Despite the significant levels of protection, the ultra-thin lens design ensures superior levels of comfort and crystal clarity.

These sunglasses also feature PRIZM lens technology for enhanced vision at all times. The Prizm golf lenses are specially designed to provide enhanced colour and contrast to your vision, giving you sufficient levels of detail to keep a clear oversight of the most minute aspects of play. These sunglasses are also a good performer in low and medium light conditions. You can also expect optical clarity at all angles with these superior shades.

These are also a very durable choice. The O Matter frame is resistant to everyday stresses, despite being lightweight enough for maximum comfort, even when worn all day long. The thermoplastic material boasts enhanced levels of strength and flexibility that ensure the frame withstands warping and bending over time.

There are also robust earsocks and nose pads to improve overall comfort levels, while also ensuring the shades stay firmly in place as you tee off. If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses for all your outdoor activities, these are an ideal choice thanks to the interchangeable lens system.

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KastKing Toccoa Polarised Sport Sunglasses for Men and Women,Ideal for Driving Fishing Cycling and Running,UV Protection


These KastKing Toccoa polarised sport sunglasses are an ideal choice for those looking for stripped-back style and first class protection against the sun. The polarised lenses reduce unwanted levels of glare. They are also incredibly robust and designed to resist damage from impacts. Looking to keep the sun at bay? These shades are a good bet as they offer maximum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The high-quality lenses are some of the best you will find in this price bracket, having passed a double decentering test to ensure no unwanted optical distortion. This is important as it means you will not suffer fatigue and strain after wearing them for long spells.

The frame design of these sunglasses also deserves a mention. Made from medical and military grade Grilamid material, the frames are very lightweight and durable. Not only are they a comfortable choice for those looking to wear sunglasses for hours at a time, the robust construction will also hold its integrity for longer, ensuring the frame resists distortion.

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Fishing Polarised Sunglasses for Men Driving Running Golf Sports Glasses Square UV Protection Designer Style Unisex


If you are looking for a more affordable choice of eyewear to golf in, these Fishing HD Polarised sunglasses might prove suitable. These quality sunglasses boast a high level of UV protection, staving off 100 percent of UV400 rays. The highly polarised lenses are also worth a mention, delivering more than a 99.5 percent polarising effect.

Raw materials have been cherry-picked to produce a particularly robust pair of sunglasses that will hold up well to repeated use. The frame and lens materials are particularly effective at withstanding the effects of adverse weather conditions, performing well at high and low temperatures, as well as in humid environments.

The unique reinforcement of the materials used also makes for a pair of sunglasses that will withstand constant strains. These Fishing sunglasses are incredibly resistant to scratches, ensuring the lenses remain in premium condition for as long as possible. You can also look forward to high definition visibility with these sunglasses. High-tech TAC film has been used to ensure you can enjoy crystal clear visibility of even the smallest of details. Perfect for those who want to maintain high levels of performance when playing golf.

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Under Armour Igniter Sunglasses Oval


These Under Armour Igniter sunglasses are a good way to go if you are looking for a sleeker style and firmer fit. The wraparound frame is made from hard-wearing Grilamid, a particularly durable material that is often used in medical and military applications. The sunglasses are further enhanced by titanium and polycarbonate elements, bolstering the strength and resilience of the frame, without making them too heavy or cumbersome.

These are a lightweight choice you can wear for hours at a time without worrying about discomfort or fatigue. The co-molded rubber nose pad and temple arms further enhance comfort levels, ensuring the sunglasses remain firmly in place, even when you are undertaking particularly rigorous activity.

The lenses are also first-rate. The Armour Sight lenses found here have been specially engineered to bring you superior levels of optical clarity. You do not have to worry about distorted representations of the space around you, with incredible levels of detail, even at the smallest scale. The hard-wearing lenses have also been built with longevity in mind, offering high levels of impact resistance. These sunglasses can be worn with total confidence that your eyes are protected against the elements. In fact, they offer complete protection against harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays.

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Oakley Men’s OO9102 Holbrook Square Sunglasses


These Oakley OO9102 Holbrook sunglasses bring some stylish flair to the golf course. With a square lens and classic wayfarer aesthetic, they combine good looks with first class protection against UV rays. The Oakley Plutonite lenses found here provide reliable filtering of all UVA, UVB and UVC rays, as well as potentially harmful blue light. Despite their impressive levels of protection, the lenses are surprisingly lightweight, meaning these shades will not feel too heavy when worn.

The lenses also provide you with incredible levels of clarity. They have been specially designed to ensure the wearer can maintain complete visibility over even the tiniest of details. This is crucial in ensuring you maintain clear oversight of the ball from significant distances, ensuring you can maintain high levels of precision when playing. If you are looking for a pair of golf sunglasses designed to perform well in bright conditions, these stylish square shades should fit the bill nicely. An exhaustive range of colourways also ensures you will have no trouble finding the perfect pair to coordinate with the rest of your golfing gear.

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SUNGAIT Ultra Lightweight Rectangular Polarised Sunglasses UV400 Protection


Despite the low price tag, these SUNGAIT polarised sunglasses offer plenty in the way of UV protection and boast some pretty impressive design specs. The frame is made from a quality Al-Mg Alloy that is both lightweight and surprisingly robust. This durable metal will also maintain its lustre for a long time to come, ensuring your shades always look their best. TAC polarised lenses also come as standard here.

The lenses boast a UV400 protective coating that completely blocks UVA and UVB rays. They also offer true colour visibility, while stamping out reflected and scattered light. As with the frame, the lenses are built to last, being both impact and scratch resistant.

You can look forward to a perfect round with these golf sunglasses. The soft nose pads are adjustable to ensure a firm fit on your face, while spring hinges and flexible arms ensure optimal comfort, all day long. These sunglasses also score top marks when it comes to aesthetics.

The smooth frame and stripped-back details make them a classic choice, while the rectangular shape makes them incredibly versatile in the style department. A comfortable, affordable and stylish choice.

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Under Armour Men’s Core 2.0 Sunglasses Shield


If you have a little more of a budget to play with, these Under Armour Core 2.0 golf sunglasses warrant a closer inspection. The Armour Sight lens technology on offer will definitely impress, with the lenses giving you up to 20 percent more peripheral vision than comparable shades on the market.

The hard-wearing lenses are also ten times as strong as everyday polycarbonate lenses you might encounter. Multiflection coating is also on hand to stave off scratches and smudges, keeping your sunglasses in premium condition for longer.

The ultra-light ArmourFusion frames are particularly strong. Made from a first class combination of titanium and Grilamid, you can expect superior levels of strength and flexibility when you invest in a pair of Core 2.0 sunglasses. These shades are a good option for the golfing enthusiast looking for something that scores top marks for comfort.

Innovative AirFlow technology ensures you remain cool and comfortable throughout the day, while adjustable nose pads and temples means you can tailor the frame to fit your head perfectly. If you are prepared to part with a little more cash, you will reap the benefits with this premium pair of sports sunglasses.

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Nike Golf Cross Trainer Sunglasses, Black/Volt Frame, Grey with Silver Flash Lens
Nike Golf Cross Trainer Sunglasses, Black/Volt Frame, Grey with Silver Flash Lens
Black/bolt, grey with Silver flash lens; NIKE max Optics lens Technology for precise visual information at all angles of view
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INFI Fishing Polarized Sunglasses for Men Driving Running Golf Sports Glasses Square UV Protection Designer Style Unisex
INFI Fishing Polarized Sunglasses for Men Driving Running Golf Sports Glasses Square UV Protection Designer Style Unisex
►High Polarized ------ HD fishing sunglasses for men more than 99.5% polarizing effect; ►Fishing Sunglasses UV grade----100% of UV400 protection