Best Golf Simulator Under $5000

Best Golf Simulator Under $5000
A golf simulator package is definitely something to consider if you are serious about improving your technique. Simulators are a good option for those who do not have the luxury of a nearby golf course or driving range, granting users a comprehensive training experience with the added benefit of real-time feedback and in-depth data readings. However, golf simulators are a very expensive investment, so you need to know what to look out for before you part with your hard-earned cash. Below, you will find our essential guide on what to keep at the forefront of your mind when shopping around for the best golf simulator under $5000, along with a shortlist of some of the finest models currently available.

Launch Monitors Explained

The core component of any good golf simulator is the launch monitor. However, launch monitors take different forms, depending on the exact simulator system you opt for. Perhaps the most basic variety of launch monitor is a small device similar in appearance to a smartphone or tablet. These devices include reliable sensors that assess your swing speed to provide you with real-time feedback on your performance. Although these types of launch monitor are relatively simple in design, the information they provide can be very useful and allow you to make refined adjustments to your playing style.

More substantial golf simulator packages will utilise more advanced launch monitors. Those looking to invest in a first-rate simulator with a more immersive practice environment can look forward to launch monitors that take the form of a hitting pads. These pads also include integrated sensors that provide you with detailed assessment of your swing.

Training Enclosures

If can afford to spend more on a golf simulator package, it is definitely worth investing in a fully immersive training environment. The best simulator systems available include return nets, side netting and realistic hitting turf. These extras offer a more realistic aesthetic, but also have a very functional application. Return nets save you the hassle of having to manually retrieve golf balls, while side netting serves as an essential barrier to protect your interiors from wayward golf balls. Artificial turf also gives you a true-to-life training experience, providing you with realistic turf interaction that is essential for perfecting certain techniques.


If you can afford the expense, it is worth splashing out on a golf simulator that includes some sort of display. This saves you the hassle of having to visualise play scenarios in your head and will benefit your training overall. Cheaper simulators will allow you to connect your launch monitor to a HDTV via a USB or HDMI cable. However, the best systems will incorporate short throw projectors and projection screens so you can enjoy larger visualisations for a true-to-life training experience.

Product Reviews

Ready to invest in a premium golf simulator? Read on for our take on some of the best models currently available.

SkyTrak Golf Simulator and Launch Monitor


Skytrak Golf Simulator and Launch Monitor

The SkyTrak Golf Simulator and Launch Monitor is one of the cheapest available options in this list, coming in just shy of $2000. This launch monitor system offers a realistic practice environment with real-time feedback. This lightweight and portable system readily connects to your PC or iPad device over a wireless network, granting you instant launch data statistics, along with visual feedback on things like ball flight and speed.

SkyTrak shot tracer technology allows you instant access of ball flight statistics on your device of choice, with detailed specifics on shot shape, spin rate, angle, distance and other crucial data sets. All of this is essential in helping you fine-tune your performance and improve your game.

Included in this great value package is the SkyTrak Launch Monitor itself, along with free download of the SkyTrak App. Also thrown is the SkyTrak Basic Practice Range Software and little essentials like USB cables, meaning you can get to work on your practice sessions in no time at all.

If you are restricted by a tight budget, this basic golf simulator and launch monitor system is something that will probably appeal. However, if you are looking for a more immersive software suite and wider applications, you might better off saving your cash and investing in a more comprehensive simulator solution.

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SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package


SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package


If you can afford to spend a little more on a launch monitor package, this SkyTrak Golf Simulator Training Package promises a more immersive experience than the previous option in this list. Although it retails for around twice the recommended price of the basic launch monitor package, there are plenty of extras and enhanced features to enjoy here.

In addition to the basic golf simulator and launch monitor you will find included in the basic package, you have a wide range of extras that will ensure a more true-to-life practice session. Along with the SkyTrak Golf Personal Launch Monitor, this package also includes the SkyTrak Play & Improve Plan, along with a protective case to ensure your launch monitor is kept in premium condition.

You also have a choice of golf nets here, with the Net Return Home Series V2 and Pro Series V2 net and frame both on offer. In addition to this, you will find side barriers, Net Return Pro Turf and rubber tees thrown in for good measure. Micro-USB charging cables and storage bags for your nets are also included in the overall package. If you can justify the additional expense, this comprehensive golf simulator training package will pay off in the long run, giving you a more realistic environment to practice in.

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SkyTrak Bronze Golf Simulator Package


Skytrak Bronze Golf Simulator Package

Prepared to part with more cash? The SkyTrak Bronze Golf Simulator Package does cost substantially more than the previous two options in this list, but you will receive a far more substantial simulator offering. With this Bronze package, you can expect real-time visual feedback and performance data as before, only this time outputted to a simulator screen for a truly immersive experience.

Included in this package is the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, along with SkyTrak Play & Improve Software. You also have a choice of golf nets and side barriers, along with a golf simulator screen. You will also find a Pro Turf Mat and net return included.

Specific to this package is an Optoma EH412ST HD 1080P projector. This projector provides you with highly realistic visuals as you practice, letting you imagine yourself in a wide range of conditions and playing environments. This not only provides you with a more enjoyable training experience, it also allows you to properly visualise your practice swings.

When it comes to putting your training into practice on an actual course, you should have a much easier time of implementing your refined skills based on feedback from the simulator. All the essential extras are included here, such as HDMI cables and lighting cable to HDMI adapters.

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OptiShot 2 Golf In A Box Simulator Package


OptiShot2 Golf In A Box

The OptiShot 2 Golf-In-A-Box simulator is proof you do not need to spend a huge amount of money on a quality simulator package. This affordable simulator solution is a little streamlined in what it offers, but it delivers everything you will need to practice your swing from the comfort of your own home. The OptiShot simulator system is suitable for all golfers.

The simulator includes 15 iconic golf courses from around the world, with the software allowing up to four players to join in the fun, with immersive 3D environments on hand to provide you with a realistic experience. You can also customise weather conditions to set yourself a real challenge, or keep things simple with more straightforward game styles and practice sessions.

This great value package includes the core OptiShot 2 simulator itself, along with a premium hitting net and hitting mat. Both the net and the mat are designed to fit perfectly alongside the OptiShot 2 simulator itself, providing you with a seamless training experience. This simulator is suitable for play with real clubs, including drivers, wedges and putters.

You can also choose to play with foam balls or real balls, or do away with golf balls entirely and simply swing your clubs instead. This simulator offers you an effective way to track and analyse your swing, with driving range and course levels available. Although this package is light on extras, the simulator itself can be easily connected to a HDTV or projector to provide you with a more complete simulator setup.

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OptiShot 2 Golf In A Box Pro Simulator Package


OptiShot2 Golf In A Box Pro Simulator Package

If you are searching for a complete training setup, the OptiShot 2 Golf-In-A-Box Pro simulator package has everything you might need and more. Included alongside a launch monitor is a HomeCourse retractable screen enclosure. This wireless enclosure allows you to setup practice play quickly and easily, meaning you do not have to have the entire simulator constantly erected.

Despite its retractable design, this simulator enclosure is particularly durable, making it suitable for even the heaviest of hitters. Included alongside the OptiShot 2 simulator is a custom hitting mat that has been designed to perfectly fit the core monitor. In addition to this, you will find a HD short throw projector to provide you with an immersive practice environment. You can choose to practice with realistic digital recreations of 15 iconic golf courses from across the globe, or keep things simple with driving range practice.

This is one of the more expensive simulator packages on the market, but this comprehensive set includes everything you could possibly need to enjoy a first-rate experience from the comfort of your own home. With all the necessary extras and accessories included in the package, you will not have to fork out for anything else.

One thing to bear in mind about this package is that, when fully retracted, it will take up a substantial amount of space. That being said, the retractable design means you do not have to have to worry about permanently freeing up too much square footage in your home.

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OptiShot 2 Simulator Series Package


OptiShot2 Simulator Series Package

The OptiShot 2 Simulator Series package is a more affordable alternative to the Golf-In-A-Box Pro model. This quality system includes the OptiShot 2 simulator itself, along with a Net Return Simulator Series Net to provide you with a superior golf training setup. This standout simulator system is a good choice for golfers of all levels, offering user-friendly practice for the less experienced golfer and more challenging training exercises for those looking really test themselves.

This package includes the OptiShot 2 Infrared Optical Swing Pad, along with free download of OptiShot 2 software. Adjustable rubber tees, foam practice balls and USB cables are also included. The Net Return Simulator Series Golf Net and Net Return Pro Turf are the big draws of this package, accounting for a sizeable slice of its overall asking price.

Although it lacks the retractable functionality of the previous package in this list, this Simulator Series system is a worthwhile choice for those looking for a top-flight training solution. Provided you can afford the asking price and have sufficient space in your home, this simulator package will prove a solid investment that will help you make significant improvements to your playing ability.

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