The 4 Best Software for SkyTrak in 2022

Best Golf Simulator Software for SkyTrak

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Decided to invest in a SkyTrak launch monitor? You are in good company. SkyTrak is the preferred option for golfers looking for a versatile launch monitor that can help improve their game. One of the main reasons for this popularity is that SkyTrak launch monitors are compatible with a wide range of software packages. Many launch monitors, including those with a significant price tag, are often limited when it comes to software.

Golf Simulation software for a home golf simulator is crucial to get right. The perfect software will measure all the important things like ball flight, clubhead speed, back spin, launch angle, ball speed, side spin, carry distance and so much more.

Even the PGA are notorious for using golf simulator packages as great ways of using indoor golf to mimic people’s own courses (like pebble beach / pinehurst etc) with ease. Some software will let you play the entire world golf tour if that’s what you wanted – but what’s important to know is that not all software works with all golf simulators. Compatibility is crucial, so that you can get your real-time data when doing target practice.

Golf Simulator Software for SkyTrak

Some of the most expensive launch monitors currently available are often restricted to official software, with no third-party support. Despite being very affordable, SkyTrak monitors can be used with an eclectic range of software solutions. Below, we investigate some of the best software for Skytrak for use with SkyTrak golf simulators.

We review the following Skytrak Software options in this article

WGT Golf

If you are looking for a first-rate software package to use with your SkyTrak launch monitor, WGT Golf should be top of your list of considerations. While this software is only compatible with iOS devices, the range of features provided here and overall user experience is first-rate. This software stands out with its stroke play functionality, with high-quality virtual recreations of some of the most iconic courses from across the planet. You can also access driving range levels, along with an enjoyable line-up of recreational challenges and competitions.

The course selection provided by this software is very good. In total, you can enjoy access to 18 individual courses. Each of these courses are authentic recreations of actual venues. Standout courses include Olympic ClubErin Hills and St. Andrews. You will also find some less famous courses included in the line-up, giving you exclusive variety unrivalled by other software packages.

Key Features

WGT Golf software provides you with three main play modes. These include a practice range mode, stroke play mode and a closet to the pin playing mode. It is easy to adjust settings and customise this software to your requirements. You can make quick changes to data metrics including speed, wind strength and pin location. You can also adjust a variety of golf ball data metrics, including speed, spin rate, distance, launch conditions and more.

Basically, any data metrics captured by your SkyTrak launch monitor can be customised with this software. This scope of customisation will allow you to tailor your simulator settings to provide you with the most real-life virtual experience possible.

The graphics on offer with the WGT Golf software are probably one of the best around. The virtual environments provided by this software is incredibly realistic, meaning you will have no trouble getting into the groove of things when you fire up your launch monitor and simulator hardware. There are some limits to the software graphics, however.

For one, there are very few camera angles on offer here, meaning you will largely have to rely on feedback from your launch monitor. When paired with an iPad as a computing device, the software can also be held back by the limitations of iOS. You can expect the occasional lag if you are pushing your simulator to its limits.

To use WGT Golf software, you will need to ensure you have purchased a SkyTrak launch monitor along with a Play & Improve Plan. This costs significantly more than the Game Improvement Plan and requires an ongoing annual subscription. However, you will not need to fork out for additional software components from WGT Golf once you have purchased the main software suite.

You will also need to make sure you have a recent iPad model that provides support for high-quality 3D graphics. The most basic iPad model that can be used with this software is the iPad Mini 2. Any later device should work fine with this software. You will also need to make sure you have downloaded the WGT Golf Mobile app to your iOS device before you can put this software to use.

E6 Connect | Best Golf Simulator Software

This premium piece of software is without doubt one of the finest options available. This software grants you access to a conventional practice area, along with driving range functionality. It also provides you with a wealth of multiplayer forms to work your way through. You are also provided a good course selection with this software. If you are using an iOS device with this software, you can enjoy access to 15 initial courses.

Those using a Windows device can enjoy more course selection, with 27 individual courses provided. This course library includes virtual recreations of some of the most iconic golfing destinations around, including Torrey PinesBay Hill and Bethpage Black.

Key Features

The E6 Connect software allows you to select from a wide range of virtual driving ranges. You can also select virtual practice levels designed for perfecting chip and putting technique. In total, this software provides you with 40 distinct practice modes, offering you all the training simulation you need to improve your technique.

This E6 golf software also allows you to customise settings exactly. You can make quick and simple adjustments to criteria like course conditions, golf ball size and speeds. This makes the software a good option for users who want to increase difficulty levels.

E6 Connect will also impress in terms of graphics. You can expect a high degree of realism here. However, it does not hold up to other golf simulator software compatible with SkyTrak simulators. However, the shortcomings in graphics are excused by the wealth of features provided here.

In order to use E6 Connect software, you will need to take into account some fairly strict requirements. Firstly, you will need to have a SkyTrak launch monitor at the core of your golf simulator. You will also need to have invested in the SkyTrak Game Improvement Plan. This plan requires an annual subscription, so the cost does stack up in the long run. E6 Connect is fairly compatible and can be used with both iOS and Windows devices.

You will want to ensure that any specific hardware is a compatible match with E6 Connect software, so consult the supplier website for thorough guidance. You will also need to have a live subscription to E6 Connect itself. You have a choice of payment plans to suit your budgetary requirements. You can opt to pay a one-off fee, or spread the cost with an instalment plan.

Creative Golf 3D

If you are looking for simulator software that provides you with more recreational applications, Creative Golf 3D is worth mulling over. This user-friendly simulator software provides you with standard functionality and features, but also comes with a range of enjoyable challenges and contests that will appeal to the widest range of users. Although more experienced golfers looking for software they can train with might be best looking into other options, Creative Golf 3D is a worthwhile choice for those looking for more everyday enjoyment.

This software has fewer courses included than other options, with only five golfing venues included in the line-up. These are all based on actual courses from across Europe, with options including The Oxfordshire Golf and the Black Stork Golf Resort.

The courses included here are less iconic than levels found with other software, but provide a decent amount of variety for most users. While the starting selection of courses is very limited, Creative Golf 3D can be expanded with more than a hundred additional courses, including many iconic courses from the USA. However, you will have to pay a premium for each and every course you download.

Key Features

Creative Golf 3D provides you with a good range of playing modes that should cover all bases. Firstly, you have the training mode for when you want to practice your skills. You can choose between driving range levels, as well as chip and putt practice on your preferred course.

You can of course choose to enjoy course play whenever you wish. Once you have selected a suitable course, you can also choose your preferred golf game type. This software also allows for multiplayer functionality when playing in course mode.

If you are looking for more casual enjoyment, you can take advantage of a selection of challenge modes. These include competitions where you play against family or friends, with options including longest drive and closest to the pin contests. You can also join tournaments, with the software connected to a server that connects you with fellow Creative Golf 3D based around the globe.

The quality of the graphics are reasonable enough for software in this price bracket. However, graphics will not hold up against WGT Golf and E6 Connect. This is not really a problem when enjoying the more fantastical game modes on offer here, but it may prove limiting to players looking to enjoy more photorealistic simulation.

In order to use this software package, you will obviously need access to a SkyTrak launch monitor. You will also need to have access to the Game Improvement Plan, although more premium packages are also compatible. This software is available at a range of price points.

You can choose to fork out for a one-time purchase fee, or pay annually. You should also consider the additional cost of extra course packs if you wish to expand the virtual course library of the software. Currently, this software is only compatible with a Windows PC.

The Golf Club

Although The Golf Club (tgc) software is only compatible with PC hardware, it offers some fairly innovative features that at least make it worth investigating. In addition to basic practice range modes, you will also find multiplayer functionality here. Online tournament events are also provided. One of the biggest perks of this software is the ability to develop your own virtual golf course.

Another huge draw of this software is the massive selection of courses it provides. Currently, this software provides you with access to more than 150,000 virtual courses. However, the vast majority of these courses have been designed by fellow software users, with only minor differences between courses.

When you take this into account, the actual amount of distinct courses is substantially lower. It can also be very time-consuming to sort through available courses on the server to find one that appeals to you.

Key Features

The Golf Club simulator software is something to seriously consider if you are looking to connect online and play against fellow users. It is easy to synch up with other owners of the same software, while there are regular live tournaments occurring at any given time.

The multiplayer functionality of this software is also very reliable. While the range of available golf courses seems substantial, you will actually find little deviation in what is on offer. However, there is a good selection of levels provided to give you a variety of virtual environments for range, putting and chipping practice.

There is also a respectable variety of play formats to choose from with this software, including stroke and match play modes. A particularly good feature of this software is that it allows all participants of a multiplayer game to take their shots simultaneously. This will go down well with anyone looking to get through online contests more quickly.

If you decide you would like to create your own virtual course, this software makes things easy for you thanks to a simplified editor. This editor lets you make all manner of customisations, from overall layout to precise terrain conditions.

The graphics quality of this software is particularly good. While they do not quite match up to WGT Golf, they are at least as impressive as what you can expect from E6 Connect. This software is also compatible with 4K Ultra HD screens, making it a suitable option for those looking to put together a high-resolution simulator that offers exceptional levels of clarity.

In addition to a SkyTrak launch monitor, you will need the Game Improvement Plan as a minimum requirement. The actual software package itself is considerably expensive, although you have the option for paying a one-off purchase fee or annual subscription. This software is only compatible with Windows PC hardware, so iOS users will have to look elsewhere.

What is the Best Golf Simulator Software for SkyTrak?

While all the software packages outlined above have their own strengths, E6 Connect is without doubt the best option for most users. While the quality of graphics is a little poorer than The Golf Club and WGT Golf software, it is still quite impressive.

E6 Connect also provides you with a full range of features that will facilitate intensive training and more recreational use. However, the most important thing about E6 Connect is that it is widely compatible with all major devices and operating systems. Both Windows and iOS users can make use of this rewarding software package. There are other software packages which are compatible with Skytrak such as Protee Play however we felt the software packages mentioned in this article have more value to add.