The Top 7 Golf Simulator Forums in 2022

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If you are interested in constructing your own golf simulator, you will need a wealth of advice at your fingertips to ensure the best results possible. A good golf simulator forum will provide you with essential tips on what kind of equipment to purchase. This is essential to ensure you are spending your money on a reliable launch monitor that is a good fit for your needs. You will also want reliable guidance when purchasing hardware like short-throw projectors and display screens. To ensure you enjoy the best simulator experience possible, you will also want to use a forum to get advice on things like hitting nets and mats.

Forums not only provide you with a mine of information to ensure you select the right basic components, they also allow you to enjoy ongoing discussion with fellow simulator users and golf enthusiasts. Such online platforms are essential if you are plan on upgrading your simulator in the future, or if you run into difficulty with your existing simulator setup and need to refine it.

You will also find useful tips and guidance on how to make the most out of your existing simulator. Should you run into any issues with your simulator hardware or software, chances are you are not the first person to experience difficulties.

Top Picks of 7 Golf Simulator Forums

An online forum allows you to directly connect with others with the same experiences, saving you the time and effort of having to contact manufacturers and suppliers directly. They also provide you with a convenient resource for finding simple solutions and easy fixes to common problems, potentially saving you considerable expense. Read on for our list of some of the better golf simulator forums out there.

Below are the seven most popular & Best G0lf Simulator Forums available to get all that resourceful information you are after;

  • Golf Simulator Forum
  • Golf WRX
  • Ottawa Golf
  • MyGolfSpy
  • The Sand Trap
  • Golf New Net
  • GolfTec

Golf Simulator Forum

This is without doubt one of the best online forums that currently caters to golf simulator owners and users. As with any good forum, this online platform hosts a huge range of discussions, with thousands of individual users currently registered to the site. You will also find a good selection of video content hosted here, providing you with detailed insights into golf simulator hardware, software and other essential equipment.

This forum also allows golf simulator users to connect to take part in international contests and competitions. If your simulator supports multiplayer functionality or you are looking to compare your data to other users, this will most certainly appeal.

This forum also includes some very insightful reviews of currently available launch monitors and simulators. Not only will you find thorough write-ups of existing systems, you will be able to overview key features and pros and cons of each product. There is also plenty of guidance on how to maintain your simulator, along with insights on how to upgrade and fine-tune your system. Registration is straightforward, meaning you can connect with fellow simulator owners immediately.


This is another quality forum for anyone looking for plenty of useful insights and detailed guides on golf simulator. This is also one of the largest forum platforms currently available online, with information catering to a wide variety of users. This forum provides advice on the best simulator hardware available, including launch monitors as well as other essential equipment. You will also find detailed insights for selecting suitable software.

However, this forum is geared more toward the general golf enthusiast. There is not the same level of focus on simulators as other forums in this list, but the massive user base makes it easy to connect with like-minded individuals. In fact, there are millions of individual readers using this forum on a regular basis. Should you have a question that needs answering, you should have little trouble finding an expert to provide you with the insights you need.

Ottawa Golf

This forum will allow you to connect with simulator users who know what they are talking about. Although this forum is not as popular as the Golf Simulator Forum, it has a thriving user base that is passionate about golf simulators.

In addition to the main forum itself, this site hosts a huge library of existing articles that provide you with thorough guidance on home simulators and golf training equipment. There are thousands of individual post dedicated to golf simulator hardware and training software, providing all the resource you will ever need.

There is a great sense of community here. Once you have registered and started posting, you will probably find a home for live. Provided you abide to the forum rules and treat other users with respect, you will have no difficulty finding answers to your simulator-specific questions.

My Golf Spy

This is another platform that is more general in its resources. It is not focused squarely on simulators, but it provides professional reviews and insights into simulator equipment and associated products. This site offers some particularly impressive buying guides that will give you plenty to think about if you are interested in purchasing a specific launch monitor or piece of simulator equipment.

In addition to buying guides and more general posts, this platform provides access to a thriving forum. There are hundreds of active users using this forum on a regular basis, so you will have no issues finding in-depth answers to specific questions and queries.

The Sand Trap

Although more general than other forums in this list, The Sand Trap is an impressive resource for anyone looking for useful information on golf simulators and high-end equipment. This is an ideal destination for anyone who wants in-depth guides and articles relating to launch monitors and premium golf training aids. The forum is particularly active, with a wide range of discussions currently hosted.

Experienced users are on hand to provide you with the tips and advice you need on what to look for when purchasing simulator equipment. You will also find plenty of advice on how to configure and calibrate your existing hardware. If you are looking to make long-standing online relationships with people who know what they are talking about, you should think about bookmarking The Sand Trap today.

Golf News Net

Once again, you are looking at a more general forum with Golf News Net. However, the size and popularity of this online platform makes it a good destination for those seeking out answers to specific simulator queries. This bustling golfing forum hosts reams of content relating to the sport itself, along with useful resources for simulator hardware, equipment and other golf-related products. You will find plenty of existing discussions on equipment and simulator software, with so much content currently hosted that the answers to your questions are probably already online and ready to be discovered.

However, it is incredibly easy to register at this site and start connecting with other users. Basic access to this forum is free, although you may wish to upgrade to a premium account for complete access to the content that is on offer here. If you opt to pay for an annual subscription you will have full access to locked membership forums that are not open to general users. This forum attracts a lot of very experienced users, so if you have purchased a particularly premium golf simulator and launch monitor, you are likely to find owners of the same equipment here.


Although GolfTec does not currently include a forum, it is still worth seeking out if you are looking for reliable guidance on golf simulator topics. This platform is geared towards users with a more in-depth knowledge of launch monitors and hardware. Unless you have a firm grasp on the technical side of things, you may struggle to wrap your head around the topic that is covered here.

There are countless articles to be found here, all relating to training equipment and simulator hardware. However, they are written under the assumption that the reader will understand the ins and outs of the technical side of the equipment. If you are an advanced simulator user, you will have no trouble getting stuck into what is on offer here. However, the less familiar simulator user will probably want to have another window open so they can research specific terminology and cross-reference articles against other resources.

Golf Simulator Forum | Facebook Groups

Facebook is another great resource for anyone looking to engage with the golfing community. There are many active groups that provide you with general golf discussion, along with a good variety of groups dedicated to golf simulator talk. As with any Facebook group, you will need to request to join before you can start discussing topics with other users, but acceptance is usually quick, if not instantaneous.

You will find groups focused on golf simulators as a general topic, along with communities that are interested in specific brands and manufacturers, such as SkyTrak launch monitors. Facebook is a good option for those who prefer a more personal touch to online discussion, rather than the stripped-back interface of a standard forum.

Some popular facebook groups that cover the topic of golf simulators & launch monitors are;


Although many people are a little bit weary of Reddit, you will be surprised at the amount of information on offer here. While navigating Reddit can be a little daunting for anyone unfamiliar with the platform, it provides a wealth of information and allows you to readily connect with users from across the globe. This particular Reddit community has a substantial user base, with hundreds of thousand of active users engaged in conversation.

Discussions range from general golf conversations to more focused talk on specific launch monitors and simulator components. If you have a specific question lined up, simply add your criteria to the search bar to see if relevant discussions are currently going. You can of course choose to kick off a discussion yourself. You are likely to get more rapid responses to your queries when using Reddit.

Below Reddit links provide numerous resources around simulators / launch monitors

Other Useful Online Resources

YouTube is another online platform worth spending the time to explore if you need answers to golf simulator questions. The obvious appeal of YouTube is that video content is key. You will find channels dedicated to golf simulator reviews, simulator use, upgrades and more.

Longer duration videos are becoming increasingly common as well, while the comment section found beneath each video provides you with a user-friendly chat functionality. You can also communicate directly with engaged users via private message, giving you similar functionality as a conventional forum.

Skytrak have their own blog platform that details a lot of information around their products. A very resourceful place to begin with if you own a SkyTrak product. Check our comparison on various SkyTrak packages