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If you are passionate about golf, you should definitely think about immersing yourself in the world of golfing podcasts. Nowadays, you will find podcasts that cover every facet of the popular sport, ranging from general discussion of the latest golfing developments to in-depth playing technique and playing tips. Below are 20 of the best golf podcasts you can currently download or stream and listen to on various platforms such as Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, TuneIn and more.

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20 Best Golf Podcasts

Podcast Name: Golf Talk Live | Presenter(s): Ted J. Odorico | Country: USA

This popular podcast has been going strong since 2013. Host Ted J. Odorico broadcasts from Panama City Beach weekly, inviting the expertise of a broad range of golfing talent from across the industry. Expect in-depth discussions about golfing technique, the latest design updates from club-making professionals and more.

If you are looking for a podcast that covers a wide range of topics, rather than simple tournament talk, this is one pod worth listening to.

Podcast Name: Golficity Podcasts | Presenter(s): Frank Fasano | Country: USA

Golficity is another long-running podcast that has become particularly popular in recent years. This weekly podcast is hosted by Frank Fasano and is definitely worth a listen if you want the best informed predictions about upcoming tournaments and fixtures, as well as the latest golfing news.

It also serves as a treasure trove for golf instruction, so is certainly worth adding to your playlists if your technique is in need of some work.

Podcast Name: The ModGolf Podcast | Presenter(s): Colin Weston | Country: Canada

The ‘The ModGolf Podcast’ is a place where creative minds from the world of golf can gather to share their ideas. Hosted by Colin Weston, this (almost) weekly podcast has attracted big names in golfing innovation and development. If you are keen to find out what the next big developments might be in golf, this podcast is essential listening. Be sure to check The ModGolf Podcast Youtube Videos as well.

Podcast Name: The Erik Anders Lang Show | Presenter(s): Erik Anders Lang | Country: USA

This is a follow-up series to Erik Anders’ Adventures in Golf series, which was first broadcast under the PGA Tour banner. This weekly podcast is a more easy listening affair, with host Anders providing listeners with a window into his mind and its inner workings.

Released weekly every Monday, this podcast always boasts an impressive guest list, with PGA Tour professionals, golf coaches and sports journalists regularly making the roster.

Podcast Name: GolfSmarter Podcast | Presenter(s): Fred Greene | Country: USA

If you are looking for a podcast that can help you improve your playing technique, the GolfSmarter podcast is something to investigate. First released in 2013, this is one of the most established golfing podcasts out there.

Host Fred Greene is on hand on a weekly basis to provide you with handy tips and tricks to help fine-tune your technique and lower your scores.

Podcast Name: GOLF.com Podcast | Presenter(s): Sean Zak, Alan Shipnuck | Country: USA

If you want in-depth chat with big golfing names, the GOLF.com podcast is an essential addition to your playlists. Hosts Alan Shipnuck and Sean Zak steer the ship here, with a rotating panel of incredible guests, including major players, commentators and other major personalities from the sport.

In addition to interviews and involved discussion, you will also find plenty of news to keep you fully informed about the latest developments in the game.

Podcast Name: Tee Time | Presenter(s): Daniel McHardy, Phil Tautarangi | Country: New Zealand

Launched in late 2017, this New Zealand golfing podcast has been releasing new content on a weekly basis. Hosts Daniel McHardy and Phil Tautarangi provide you with the latest developments in the world of golf, with a keen focus on the current events in the biggest tournaments worldwide.

With former PGA pro Tautarangi behind one of the mics, this cast is a great choice for those looking for real insight.

Podcast Name: Grandstand Golf | Presenter(s): The Grandstand Golf brothers | Country: Canada

The Grandstand Golf podcast is truly a family affair, with a trio of brothers serving as hosts of this fairly new addition to the podcast arena. First released in 2020, this podcast has proved fairly popular and continues to release episodes on a weekly basis.

Each week, the hosts cut through the latest golfing headlines and discuss the newest developments from ongoing tournaments.

Podcast Name: Scottish Golf Podcast | Presenter(s): Ru MacDonald | Country: Scotland, UK

The appeal of this podcast is fairly niche, but should appeal to those who are planning a trip to one of the most desirable locations for a golfing getaway. First released in the middle of 2020, this podcast releases an average of 10 episodes per year.

The main aim of this podcast is to help golf lovers plan their dream trip to one of Scotland’s many golfing resorts and clubs.

Podcast Name: Golf-ish Podcast | Presenter(s): Amy Goodman |Country: USA

Amy Goodman takes charge of this quirky alternative to mainstream golfing podcasts. Rather than tackle the latest golfing headlines or engage with professional players themselves, this podcast instead explores those on the sidelines.

Expect interviews with caddies and coaches, as well as family and friends of golfing pros. This podcast releases at least one new episode per month, with more episodes released during peak playing seasons.

Podcast Name: iSeekGolf Podcast | Presenter(s): Adrian Logue | Country: Australia

Adrian Logue is a respected name in golf journalism, so the iSeekGolf podcast is definitely something you can trust for in-depth insights and analysis. Recorded in Australia and released weekly, this popular podcast provides you with exhaustive coverage of the game itself, as well as valuable opinion on the latest developments.

You can also expect lively debate courtesy of a roster of high-profile guests and interviewees.

Podcast Name: GolfWRX Radio | Presenter(s): Ryan Barath| Country: USA

The GolfWRX Radio podcast is without doubt one of the best around. It is also one of the most prolific, with four new episodes released on a weekly basis. Each episode provides you with breaking news and in-depth industry analysis, as well as reviews of the newest golfing products.

You can also find essential insight on golfing technique, while high-profile guests and industry professionals are regular fixtures.

Podcast Name: Golf Science Lab Podcast | Presenter(s): Cordie Walker | Country: USA

The Golf Science Lab Podcast is definitely something to seek out if you want in-depth discussion and analysis of biomechanics.

Although this podcast may go over the heads of the amateur, the more experienced player will definitely find plenty to enjoy here.

Podcast Name: Golf Central Podcast | Presenter(s): Rex Hoggard | Country: USA

The official podcast of GolfChannel.com, the Golf Central Podcast is a weekly series packed with healthy debate and the latest news. You can find discussion on the latest developments from the PGA Tour and LPGA, as well as the European Tour and amateur games.

Podcast Name: The KNGDOM Podcast | Presenter(s): Various | Country: Canada

The KNGDOM Podcast is the passion project of three lifelong friends. Each week, the lively Canadian trio come together to discuss the latest goings on, both locally and further afield.

This podcast definitely takes a more casual approach than other series, but it is pretty comprehensive, with the added benefit of general sports news and music content thrown in.

Podcast Name: Hole in One Golf Podcast | Presenter(s): Jack Bull | Country: New Zealand

For golfer based below the equator, the Hole in One Podcast is worth listening to. This New Zealand podcast is hosted by Jack Bull, with around eight new episodes released a year. In terms of content, this podcast is fairly general, but if you want something fairly specific to New Zealand play, it is well worth a listen.

Podcast Name: Golf Origin Stories | Presenter(s): Kris McEwen | Country: USA

If you have had your fill of golfing news updates and playing tips, Golf Origin Stories is an ideal antidote. This engaging podcast sees host Kris McEwen invite a variety of golfers from across the globe to discuss how they first fell in love with the sport and their experiences since. Released weekly, you also do not need to wait long for a new episode to add to your playlist.

Podcast Name: Fairway Rollin’ | Presenter(s): Joe House | Country: USA

Fairway Rollin’ is essential listening for anyone with a big appetite for all things golf. Host Joe House discusses the latest developments in the game with a rotating panel of experts and industry professionals, while also offering listeners some handy golf gambling tips.

Podcast Name: The Putting Couch | Presenter(s): Cody Hale, Ted Gallina, Jim Grundberg | Country: USA

This is another fairly niche podcast, but if putting is your passion, it is definitely worth a listen. Each month, the presenting panel provide listeners with fresh discussion about all things putting. Make this one a firm fixture of your playlists to get the latest tips to fine-tune your putting technique to help lower your scores.

Podcast Name: Women of Golf | Presenter(s): Ted J. Odorico, Cindy Miller | Country: USA

Ted J. Odorico and LPGA legend Cindy Miller are the hosts of this weekly golfing podcast. This is one of the very best podcasts around at the moment, with a keen focus on female golfers. However, there is much more to discuss beyond the performance of women players. Topics range from essential equipment for female players to specific coaching tips.

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Any of the golf podcasts above are well worth a listen, but this is by no means an exhaustive list. Once you have given these podcasts a try, there are dozens more out there to keep you occupied.

Be sure to browse our articles on some of the vast topics covered in these podcasts such as Simulators, Drivers, Wedges, Putters, Golf Training Aids and much more. We have also covered numerous articles on Women’s golf equipment such as Irons, Clothes, Shoes, Putters to mention a few.