Best Golf Cart Steering Wheel 2021 | Buyers Guide & Reviews

Best Golf Cart Steering Wheel

The Best Golf Cart Steering Wheel is not just a practical addition to a cart, it will also add a touch of style to your vehicle. If you use your cart on a regular basis, a premium steering wheel can make driving your vehicle a more comfortable experience. You should be thinking about material choices when selecting a suitable steering wheel for your golf cart, as well as durability if you use your cart on a regular basis. Our buying guide includes all the essential factors to remember when selecting the Best Golf Cart Steering Wheel.

Steering Wheel Size & Style

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The majority of golf cart steering wheels will have a diameter of approximately 13 inches, although you will find other options that are slightly smaller or larger than this. A diameter of 13 inches should prove the most practical option for most users, however if you prefer a slightly narrower span while driving, go for a smaller wheel.

You also have a range of style options when selecting a steering wheel for your golf cart. The traditionalist will want to go for a classic spoke design, but those after something more contemporary may want to go for a racing style or D-ring inspired steering wheel.

Materials & Steering Wheel Durability

As your golf cart will be somewhat exposed to the elements, you should consider the durability of materials when selecting a new steering wheel. At the budget end of the market, you have wheels made from vinyl material that will cope well with intensive use and exposure to the elements.

More expensive options will be made from carbon fibre and other advanced materials that provide you with a long-lasting solution that will maintain its finish for longer. If you want a wheel with exposed metallic elements, consider elements such as aluminium, stainless steel and chrome.

These will cope with some exposure to moisture without you having to worry about corrosion and rusting.

Cart Compatibility

Unlike other golf cart components and add-ons, you do not have to worry too much about compatibility when selecting a steering wheel. The majority of steering wheels have a universal fit and can be attached to almost any golf cart via a steering adapter.

However, a few steering wheels are designed specifically for use with a handful of cart models. If you are keeping to a budget, you might need to factor in the cost of a steering adapter into your purchase decision.


Although you will only be using your golf cart for short trips between holes, you should still consider the importance of ergonomics and steering comfort. A moulded steering wheel will be more comfortable to use, while a wheel rim with soft-touch coverings will enhance ergonomics. However, if you wear gloves when you play golf, ergonomics are not that important.


If you want to use a horn when travelling in your golf cart, you should think about purchasing a steering wheel that incorporates one as part of its design. While the most basic of wheels will probably not include one, you only need to pay a small premium to find steering wheels that do include them.

Many steering wheels may look like they have a horn, but this may just be an aesthetic detail that provides no actual function. Therefore, avoid relying on imagery when selecting a new steering wheel and always refer to the product details to determine the specifics of any item you are interested in buying.

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Reviews of 10 Best Golf Cart Steering Wheels

Planning on upgrading your golf cart? Consider investing some of these premium steering wheel replacements.

LEAPGO Golf Cart Universal Steering Wheel for EZGO Club Car | Cool Racing Style Steering Wheel


This LEAPGO golf cart steering wheel is a stylish option. This racing style wheel is made from brushed aluminium and comes in standard black, meaning it will coordinate well with any cart aesthetic. The ergonomic design makes this a comfortable choice.

The wheel feels great to the touch and handles well, even when steering for long periods of time. The universal design and dimensions also make it a good option for use with a wide range of carts. This 13-inch steering wheel will fit cart models from EZGO, Yamaha and Club Golf.

You will however need to invest in a steering column adapter in order to ensure it fits with your cart of choice. Provided you do invest in an adapter, installing this steering wheel is a breeze.


– Slick racing style aesthetics
– Large 13-inch diameter
– Ergonomic design and soft to the touch
– Easily fitted to a wide variety of golf cart models


– Requires a column adapter in order to install it to your cart
– Not the cheapest steering wheel option

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World 9.99 Mall Golf Cart Steering Wheel Fits for EZGO Club Car and Yamaha


This stunning steering wheel from World 9.99 Mall will instantly elevate the appearance of your golf cart. This steering wheel makes a superb first impression with its slick wood finish and chrome accents. The generous 13-inch diameter also provides you with easy steering, with the comfortable handles soft to the touch.

This is also a durable choice of steering wheel, with carbon fibre used in the construction to ensure it lasts for a long time. This steering wheel can also accommodate a wide variety of golf car models from leading manufacturers, including Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha.

You will need to purchase an adapter to install it, but these are relatively inexpensive.


– Large diameter
– Comfortable to handle
– Durable build quality
– Stylish wood and chrome accents
– Fits a wide variety of golf car models


– You will need to purchase an adapter separately
– More expensive than other steering wheel models

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MOSNAI Golf Cart Steering Wheel or Adapter Fit Golf Cart Club Car, Club Car DS , EZGO and Precedent (Black D Shape Design)


This steering wheel from MOSNAI combines a quality construction with premium aesthetics and will make a fine addition to your golf cart. This steering wheel comes in a slick racing style, with a black matte rim and aluminium spoke accents.

The ergonomic design will also appeal, with the steering wheel feeling great in the hands and allowing you full control over your cart. Although slightly smaller than other options, with a diameter of 12.5 inches, this steering wheel can be added to a broad range of golf cart models from leading manufacturers like Yamaha, Club Car and EZGO.

A steering adapter will need to be purchased separately to allow for installation, however.


– Quality build and materials
– Stylish black matte and aluminium finish
– Eye-catching D-ring design
– Ergonomic design and comfortable to handle


– A little bit more smaller than other options
– You need to purchase a steering adapter separately

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10L0L Universal 12.5 inch Golf Cart Steering Wheel for EZGO TXT RXV, Club Car DS Precedent, Yamaha G29 Drive and others – Ruby Red


If you are looking for a steering wheel that can be fitted to the broadest range of golf cart models, this universal steering wheel from 10L0L is a perfect option. This 12.5-inch steering wheel can be attached to almost any golf cart, including models from the likes of Yamaha, EZGO, Club Car and more.

The ergonomic design will also impress golf cart owners, with the exterior feeling soft and supple to the touch. In addition to being easy to install, this 10L0L steering wheel comes in variety of colours. Including silver grey and ruby red.

A range of adapters are also available, allowing for easy installation to your preferred choice of golf cart.


– Lightweight and ergonomic design
– Range of vibrant colours to choose from
– Can be used with a wide selection of golf cart models


– Slightly smaller diameter than other steering wheel models
– Additional adapter needs to be purchased separately

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PF12054PKG 13″ Inch EZGO Steering Wheel | Black & Blue (RXV with Black Adapter)

This Pro-Fit steering wheel will instantly lift the appearance of your golf cart. This 13-inch steering wheel comes in classic black, with vibrant blue accents and chrome spoke details. The larger diameter makes this particularly easy to handle, with the comfortable spoke housing making it an ergonomic choice.

One thing to bear in mind is that this steering wheel can only be used with EZGO golf cart models. However, if you own a compatible cart and are looking for a first-rate steering wheel that will overhaul your cart appearance and improve steering comfort, this will not disappoint.


– Generous diameter
– Ergonomic design enhances steering comfort
– Durable construction and premium materials
– Stylish black and blue design


– Quite expensive
– Will only it certain EZGO golf cart models
– Adapter needs to be purchased separately

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Gussi Italia Model 13 Chrome/Black Premium Italian-Made Steering Wheel for Golf Carts – No Hub Adapter Needed (E-Z-GO TXT/RXV and Tomberlin Emerge)


This Gussi Italia steering wheel will add some Italian aesthetics to your golf cart. This steering wheel has a large 14-inch diameter and is made from high-grade materials to improve handling and performance.

The polypropylene build and moulded aluminium components make this a particularly robust choice of steering wheel and one that will cope with regular use and aggressive drivers. The chrome accents also give this a real aesthetic edge.

With a universal fit, this steering wheel can be attached to a wide variety of golf carts, including models from EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha.


– Large outside diameter of 14 inches
– Superior build quality for durability
– Stylish black design with chrome accents
– Fits a wide range of cart models


– Not for those who prefer a more subtle design
– Might be too large for smaller golf cart interiors
– Needs a steering adapter for installation

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RHOX Aviator 5 Golf Cart Steering Wheel (Black Grip/Black Spokes)


This RHOX Aviator 5 steering wheel offers you an easy way to customise your golf cart. This steering wheel has 13-inch diameter, making it large enough for those looking for ergonomic design and comfortable handling of their cart.

The black grip and spokes will also appeal to those looking for classic aesthetics, although alternative colour options are available. This steering wheel also features a horn button at the centre, although this is an aesthetic detail and is not functional.

This wheel can also be used with a variety of golf cart models from manufacturers including Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha.


– Superior build quality
– Generous 13-inch diameter
– Easily installed to a variety of golf car models
– Good variety of colour and accent options


– Horn button is not functional
– Relatively expensive
– Need to be purchase an adapter for installation

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MONSAI Golf Cart Steering Wheel fit for EZGO, Yamaha, Club Car DS and Precedent (Black Steering Wheel)


This MOSNAI steering wheel offers an easy way to overhaul the appearance of your golf cart. The classic racing style aesthetics and variety of colour options means you have the perfect choice of steering wheel for any cart.

The premium PVC material used in its construction will also provide you with superior grip and ergonomics. Although the diameter of this wheel is only 12.5 inches, it should prove large enough for most users.

The universal fit also makes this a suitable addition to a wide variety of cart models, with compatibility with carts from the likes of Yamaha, Club Car and EZGO.


– Superb grip and ergonomics
– Universal fit and compatibility with a wide variety of cart models
– Good selection of colour options


– Smaller diameter than other wheel diameters
– Not the most durable option
– Needs a steering adapter for installation

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New World Motoring 12.5″ Steering Wheel w/Horn Red 6 Hole, EZGO Club Car Boat UTV Golf Cart


This steering wheel from New World Motoring makes a stylish addition to any golf cart. Although the 12.5-inch diameter makes this smaller than other options, this steering wheel is still very user-friendly. The steering wheel base is made from lightweight aluminium, making it easy to steer and manoeuvre your cart across the course.

Heavy-duty fabric has been added to the exterior, making this steering wheel comfortable to handle. However, this material will wear over time if not properly maintained, which is something to consider before you invest in this. This steering wheel does include a horn, making it very functional.

This is also an eye-catching steering wheel option, with the black design perfectly accented by red trims and details. The horn also features an eye-catching lion head logo.


– Universal fit makes for easy installation
– Stylish black and red design
– Includes a functional horn


– Slightly smaller than other steering wheel models
– Not the most durable model
– Requires an adapter for installation

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3G Gussi Model 13 Black/Chrome Steering Wheel for EZGO & Star Golf Carts


This 3G Gussi steering wheel take your golf cart aesthetics to the next level. This 13-inch steering wheel comes in black, with polished chrome accents making it a very stylish option. Made from heavy-duty polypropylene with moulded aluminium elements, this steering wheel will last for a long time.

The soft-touch rim also makes this an ergonomic option, allowing you steer comfortably across long distances. This premium choice of steering wheel is compatible with a wide variety of golf carts from the likes of EZGO and STAR.


– Stylish black and chrome design
– Generous 13-inch diameter
– Universal fit for easy installation with EZGO and STAR golf carts


– You will need to purchase an adapter separately
– Horn is not functional

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What are the Best Golf Cart Steering Wheels ?

Planning an upgrade of your golf cart? Switching out your steering wheel is a practical way to improve the performance and visual appeal of your golf cart. As you can see from the products we have reviewed above, there is no shortage of affordable steering wheels on the market. However, if you are looking to get more from your money, one or two definitely stand out.

Best Classic Golf Cart Steering Wheel

The World 9.99 Mall steering wheel with wood accents is definitely the best option those looking for classic detailing. The high-quality carbon fibre makes this a very robust steering wheel, while the chrome and wood accents will instantly improve the appearance of your cart. It can also be fitted to a wide variety of golf cart models, although it is an expensive option.

Best Modern Golf Cart Steering Wheel

If you want something a little more modern in appearance, the D-shaped steering wheel from MOSNAI is a good option. The matte black and aluminium finish delivers contemporary aesthetics, while the ergonomic design allows for comfortable steering. It is also compatible with a wide variety of golf cart models. This steering wheel is also very competitively priced.