Best Golf Cart Seat Covers 2021 | Buyers Guide & Reviews

Best Golf Cart Seat Covers

The Best Golf Cart Seat Covers can provide your golf buggies with an instant image overhaul, as well as extend the life of your existing upholstery. If you use your golf cart frequently, you will no doubt find your seat upholstery becoming frayed by regular use.

Seat upholstery can also suffer from constant exposure to the elements, with UV rays and moisture taking a particular toll. Thankfully, replacement seat covers are relatively affordable and can be easily installed to give your cart an instant facelift.

Our buying guide explores the most important things to remember when choosing the Best Golf Cart Seat Covers for your needs.

Durability of Golf Cart Seat Covers

There is no point replacing damaged upholstery with seat covers that are likely to become worn and faded in a short period of time. When selecting replacement seat covers for your golf cart, make sure they are made from high-quality material that will cope with regular use and exposure to the elements.

Durable polyester is the best material for the job as it will cope with regular use and be able to handle some exposure to moisture and sunlight. If seat covers are made up of different panels and sections, make sure the seams are sealed or feature multiple rows of sticking to prevent fraying and premature damage.

Easy Installation & Removal

Adding replacement seat covers to your golf cart should be as simple as possible. If you are looking to permanently replace seat covers, you should be fine with covers that can be stapled into place. However, if you want the option of being able to remove covers and wash them, you will need to remove seat panels and add covers before reattaching the freshly upholstered seat.

All Weather Use

If you play golf throughout the year, picking the right seat covers can make your golfing experiences far more comfortable and pleasant. Seat fabric made from a heavy-duty mesh will provide you with breathability and cool comfort in the summer months, with no need to worry about moisture building up in humid conditions. However, the same material will also retain warmth effectively in colder weather.

If you plan on playing in the winter, you may also want to think about purchasing seat covers that include a removable or integrated blanket. These usually take the form of a conventional seat cover with a section of blanket attached via a zipper track. If you need to layer up against the cold, these blankets can be removed and placed over the body to keep warm in between games.

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Reviews of 10 Best Golf Cart Seat Covers

Keen to give your golf cart interior an image overhaul? These golf cart seat covers are a good way to upgrade your cab interior with little effort.

10L0L Golf Cart Seat Cover Set Fit for Club Car DS Precedent & Yamaha


This golf cart seat cover set from 10L0L provides you with an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade existing vinyl seats. This quality seat set is made from durable polyester, providing you with a long-lasting replacement option for extending the life of your cart seats.

The mesh fabric is also a very comfortable choice of material, while also being easy to care for and clean. These seat covers come in a range of two-tone colour options, allowing to coordinate with the rest of your cart aesthetics easily.

If you are looking to prolong the life of your golf cart upholstery with an affordable set of seat covers, this product is an obvious choice.


– Durable and breathable polyester fabric
– Flexible fit makes them compatible with a wide variety of cart seats
– Stylish choice of colour options
– Easy to care for and maintain


– Not the most premium choice of material
– Relatively simple aesthetics

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10L0L Golf Cart Front Back Seat Cover Set for Club Car DS & EZGO RXV TXT


This front and rear seat cover set from 10L0L is an affordable way to upgrade your existing cart seats and ensure your upholstery lasts for as long as possible. These polyester seat covers come in black and grey, making them an eye-catching addition to any cart.

The mesh fabric makes these seats particularly breathable, ensuring your upholstery remains consistently dry and will require little cleaning and maintenance. However, these washable removable covers are easy to clean when the need arises.

These seat covers have been designed for use with a wide range of popular cart models, including EZGO RXV TXT and Club Car DS models.


– Durable mesh polyester fabric
– Easy to clean and care for
– Classic black and grey colour scheme
– Easy way to extend the life of your upholstery


– Only suitable with select golf cart models
– Not ideal if you are looking for a more colourful addition to your golf cart

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10L0L Golf Cart Seat Cover Mesh Bench Seat Cover Fits Most of Yamaha Club Car Precedent DS 2-seat (Black)


If your looking for a more premium choice of seat cover, this stylish option from 10L0L might appeal to you. This cart seat cover has been designed to fit most Club Car DS and Yamaha cart models.

Made from high-quality polyester, this seat cover features a diamond mesh weave pattern that allows for excellent airflow, ensuring you enjoy the best in breathability and comfort at all times. The two-tone aesthetics of this seat cover will also appeal to those looking to give their golf cart a quick image upgrade.

When it comes to cleaning your covers, simply remove them from your seat bases and throw the in the washing machine. The stretch fabric will allow you to return them to their rightful place easily, with no need to worry about shrinking or fading.


– Good option for 2-passenger golf carts
– Stylish two-tone design
– Diamond mesh fabric is very breathable
– Machine washable


– Limited colour options
– Will need to purchase multiple covers to kit out a 4-seat cart model

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GCGC Club Car Precedent & Yamaha Drive Front & Rear Seat Covers | Light Blue & Black |


This set of front and rear seat covers from GCGC is definitely worth your time if you are looking to add some style to your golf cart. These seat covers have been designed to fit any Club Car Precedent cart released in 2004 or later, while they are also compatible with Yamaha Drive carts.

This complete set includes everything you need to kit out a 4 passenger golf cart. These are particularly durable when compared to other seat covers on the market, with the military-grade material proving very resilient to everyday wear and tear.

The two-tone aesthetics will bring an instant colour to your cart, while the diamond stitch panels enhance the style factor and improves user comfort.


– Superior materials and durability
– Slick two-tone design
– Diamond stitch panels for added comfort
– Easily installed


– Might be too vibrant for some cart users
– Not suitable for regular removal and machine cleaning

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10L0L Universal Golf Cart Rear Seat Cover Set Fit for EZGO Club Car Yamaha – X-Small

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If you are only looking to reupholster a rear cart seat, this universal rear seat cover from 10L0L might be something to think about. Designed to cover the rear seats of cart models from the likes of Yamaha, Club Car and EZGO, these affordable covers will extend the life of your upholstery and bolster comfort.

The breathable polyester material is ideal for use outdoors and also makes these covers easy to clean and dry. When playing in cold weather, the seat material will also retain warmth, making your cart more comfortable to use. You also have a range of vibrant two-tone colour schemes available.


– Rear seat covers suitable for wide variety of cart models
– Durable polyester mesh material
– Easy to install and clean
– Choice of classic colours


– Only includes rear seat over
– Fairly basic design

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10L0L Golf Cart Seat Covers for Club Car DS Precedent & Yamaha G29 Drive


These premium seat covers are an easy way protect your golf cart upholstery, while also adding a significant aesthetic upgrade. These 10L0L seat covers are designed for use with cart models including the Club Car DS Precedent, as well as the Yamaha G29 Drive.

The blue and white colour scheme will add instant personality to your carts, while the breathable mesh fabric makes them suitable for use throughout the year. In the summer months, the quick-drying fabric will ensure your seats remain dry and hygienic at all times.

In the winter months, the material retains warmth and ensures your seats are comfortable to use in low temperatures. These seat covers are also easily removed, meaning you can launder them in the washing machine as often as you want.


– Premium materials and quality
– Stylish white and blue colour scheme
– Breathable mesh material


– Only includes one seat cover set
– Suitable for use with a limited range of cart models

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Golf Cart Yamaha G14-G22 Front Seat Covers – OEM Match – Black – Complete Set

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If you are looking for a permanent replacement for existing cart seat upholstery, this set of front seat covers is ideal. Designed for use with the Yamaha G14-G22 models, these quality covers are an exact replacement for your original upholstery.

These covers are made from premium vinyl material, providing you with excellent resistant to UV rays and fading. These front seat covers are also easy to install and staple into place with little effort.

These will not appeal to those looking to overhaul their existing upholstery with new colours and designs, but should prove more than sufficient for those looking to restore their cart to its original glory.


– Exact match for original upholstery
– Quality vinyl material provides excellent resistance against UV rays
– Easy installation


– Basic design
– Only suitable with some Yamaha cart models

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9.99 WORLD MALL 10L0L Universal Golf Cart Rear Seat Cover for Club Car, EZGO -Red

These stylish seat covers from 9.99WORLD MALL will give your golf cart an instant shot of colour. This rear seat washable cover set is made from premium polyester material, with a breathable mesh weave that makes them incredibly comfortable.

They will perform well in winter and summer alike, keeping you dry during hotter days and warm in cooler temperatures. The two-tone aesthetics will also appeal to those looking for a stylish upgrade to their existing upholstery.

These seat covers are designed for use with a wide range of carts, including models from Yamaha, Club Car and EZGO.


– High-grade polyester fabric
– Breathable mesh material
– Vibrant two-tone design


– Only includes rear seat bench covers
– Unsightly brand accents

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RED DOT Blade Rear Seat Covers for GTW Mach1 / Mach2 / Mach3 Golf Cart Rear Seat Kits


These RED DOT seat covers provide you with an eye-catching alternative to boring golf cart upholstery. These rear seat covers have been designed for use with the GTW Mach 1, Mach 2 and Mach cart models, with easy installation so you can overhaul your existing upholstery in no time.

These covers are made from premium vinyl, with carbon textured centre panels. This makes them a very good option for those looking for covers that will last. You also have a vibrant selection of designs here, with a range of vivid colours and interesting patterns to consider.


– Vibrant patterns and colourway options
– Premium materials and superior construction
– Easily installed


– Only compatible with certain GTW cart models

Available On Amazon

Which Golf Cart Seat Covers Should You Buy?

If your golf cart upholstery is long overdue an upgrade, you should definitely invest in some new seat covers. If you have a larger golf cart with four or more seats, you can save money by keeping things simple. Go for rugged seat covers made from heavy-duty polyester that will cope with regular use by multiple passengers.

If you need to add covers to multiple seats, you should also look for covers that can be installed quickly and easily. You also want the option of being able to quickly remove them so they can be cleaned in a washing machine.

If you have a smaller golf cart, you can be a little bit more flexible when it comes to selecting seat covers. Your money will go a little further when selecting seat covers for just one golf cart bench, so for for the best materials possible.

You may also want to think about seat covers with additional features, such as removable blankets or integrated storage.