8 Best Golf Cart Mirrors 2021 | Buyers Guide & Reviews

Best Golf Cart Mirrors

The best golf cart mirrors can massively improve the safety credentials of your vehicle. Golf courses can be busy places, with countless players and carts zigzagging around the green throughout the day. Although golf carts are relatively driven at speed, you want to avoid at a collision at all costs. A rear view mirror is therefore essential if you want to stay alert and aware of everything that is going on around you. Our buying guide breaks down the key things to remember when picking out the best golf cart mirrors for your budget.

Golf Cart Mirror Types

If you are looking to purchase a conventional rear view mirror for your golf cart, you have a couple of main options to consider.

Panel Mirror

A 5 panel rear view mirror is arguably the best option if you are looking for a wide panoramic viewing angle. These mirrors are made of multiple panels that allow you to enjoy a wide viewing angle, even if the total width of your mirror array is relatively narrow.

However, they are not the most attractive options. If you prefer a more seamless design, you can opt for a single panel mirror. To compensate for their shortcomings, these mirrors usually feature a convex curve that broadens the viewing angle provided.

Side View Mirrors

Side view mirrors are another worthwhile option. These work in much the same way as traditional side barriers found on roadworthy vehicles, although they are easier to adjust to provide you with flexible viewing angles. You should ensure any side mirrors you add to your golf buggy can be folded away when your cart is stationary, especially if they are on the large side. This will minimise the chance of other golf carts or golfers colliding with them as they pass by.

Indicator Lighting

If you are interested in purchasing side mirrors to add to your golf cart, spend a little more on your purchase and buy ones with indicator lighting. Integrated LEDs work alongside the headlights of your golf cart to alert other carts and golfers of which direction your cart is about to turn. They also increase the visibility of your cart in darker conditions.

Durable Housing & Mirror Lens Materials

When choosing golf cart mirrors, make sure you opt for ones made from durable materials. The mirror lens material itself should be of a high standard to ensure reflections are not distorted. Mirror housing also needs to be made of high-grade materials. Mirror frames should be sturdy and resistant to impacts, preventing your mirror panels from rattling around and shattering.

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Reviews of 8 Best Golf Cart Mirrors

Improve your visibility when driving on the course with a new golf cart mirror. Below, you will find our selection of some of the best golf cart mirrors currently on offer.

WPCUS Golf Cart Mirror, 180 Degree Rear View adjustable Side Mirrors Universal Fit for Club Car, Ezgo, Yamaha, Star


This WPCUS golf cart mirror will provide you with full viewing of what is going on behind you, while also providing you with a clear side vantage. This 180 degree panoramic mirror is a solid state alternative to multiple panel arrays, providing you with an unbroken view of your surroundings.

This mirror also offers a larger viewing area, with a height of 2.75 inches and a width of 16.5 inches. This is also a very durable option, with shatter-proof glass and high-impact housing. Even the hardware is first-rate, with anti-friction edges and corrosion-resistant coating to ensure your mirror lasts for a long time.

It is also easy to attach the mirror to your golf cart, with the universal mount allowing you to attach it to your crossbar or cart roof.


– Single mirrored surface for unbroken views
– 180-degree panoramic design
– Very durable design
– Multiple mounting options


– Does not extend along the full width of most golf carts

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10L0L Golf Cart Folding Side Mirrors and Rear View Mirror 16.5″ Extra Wide Panoramic Golf Cart Mirrors Fits for Club Car EZGO Yamaha Combo Pack


This golf cart mirror set from 10L0L includes both a rear view mirror and a pair of side mirrors. The large rear view mirror offers exceptional viewing, with a 150-degree field of view that will ensure you have no trouble keeping an eye on what is going on behind you.

The side view mirrors are particularly handy, enhancing your field of view when driving and folding down neatly when not in use. They are also adjustable, meaning you can pivot them slightly to customise viewing angles. All mounting hardware is included so you can fix these mirrors easily to your golf cart.

Installation is particularly straightforward, with the side mirrors attaching easily to your roof supports and the rear view mirror suitable for attachment to compatible crossbars.


– Complete set of rear view and side mirrors
– Good quality materials and durable design
– Side mirrors are height adjustable


– Takes a little bit more time to install than other mirrors
– You will need a suitable surface for mounting the rear view mirror

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5 Panel Mirror fits Golf Carts EZGO, CLUB CAR & PRECEDENT

21PDkWQXyOL. SL500

This 5-panel rear view mirror from GPD is a good idea if you are looking to enhance the safety features of your golf cart. This universal mirror is suitable for use with a wide variety of golf cart models from popular manufacturers, including Club Car and EZGO.

It will also fit most golf cart sizes, with the generous dimensions providing you with a mirror that will provide full rear viewing when driving across courses. This panelled mirror also comes with a mounting bracket and all fixtures needed for installation.

This mirror can also be fitted to newer golf cart models, although you will need to purchase a suitable mounting bracket separately.


– Good rear view coverage
– Impression dimensions with a substantial width
– Mounting bracket and installation hardware included
– Compatible with a wide variety of Club Car and EZGO cart models


– The 5-panel design is not for everyone
– You may need to purchase a separate mounting bracket if you have a newer cart model

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BETOOLL HW9008 Golf Cart Folding Side View Mirrors for Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha, Star, Zone Carts


These side view mirrors from BETOOLL will make a welcome addition to your golf cart if you are looking to upgrade safety features. These folding mirrors are generously proportioned, providing you with excellent visibility when driving.

These mirrors are also fully adjustable, allowing you to alter your viewing angles with little effort. The quality glass mirror lens will also ensure you enjoy accurate views of what is going on behind you, ensuring no distortion or blind spots. The durable plastic frame and housing also makes these a long-lasting choice.

All mounting hardware is included so you can quickly attach these to your golf cart of choice.


– Generous dimensions provides you with large viewing area
– Convex lens allows for accurate and wider vision
– Folding design allows for easy adjustments
– All mounting hardware is included for straightforward installation


– Does not include a traditional rear view mirror

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Golf33 5 Panel Golf Cart Mirror – EZGO, Yamaha, Club Car


This 5 panel golf cart mirror is ideal for those looking for reliable peripheral viewing of what is going on behind you as you drive between holes. Unlike a traditional single panel mirror, this 5-panel design provides you with a wider viewing angle.

The mirror is also easily adjusted to accommodate cart drivers of various heights. The universal design of this mirror means it can be used with a large selection of different cart models. It also comes with all the fixtures required to carry out a straightforward installation.


– 5-panel design provides you with excellent peripheral vision
– All fixtures and fittings included for simple installation
– Durable design
– Height-adjustable option


– You may want to purchase separate side mirrors for enhanced viewing angles
– Mirror height is relatively short

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ERKOON Golf Cart Rear View Mirror 16.5 Inch Extra Wide Panoramic Golf Cart Rear View Mirror Fit for EZGO, Yamaha, Club Car


This panoramic rear view mirror from ERKOON will make a stylish and functional addition to your golf cart. This single panel golf cart mirror has a relatively narrow width of 16.5 inches, but the curved shape will provide you with 150-degree viewing.

This will ensure you maintain visibility of everything going on behind you, even if you do not have side mirrors attached to your cart. This curved rear view mirror is suitable for a wide variety of cart models from the likes of EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha.

Self-tapping screws and mounting brackets are included, allowing for hassle-free installation, without you needing to invest in any other hardware.


– The single panel design makes it a stylish addition to your golf cart
– Curved design provides you with a 150-degree viewing angle
– Easily installed to your golf cart
– Compatible with a wide variety of golf cart models


– Relatively narrow when compared to other mirrors
– Your cart will need to have a metal crossbar in order to install this mirror

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LEAPGO Golf Cart Side Mirrors with LED Turn Signal Light Golf Cart Rear View Mirrors for Club Car, EZGO, Yamaha


These golf cart side mirrors not only provide you with excellent rear view capabilities, but also come with integrated LED lights and indicators for enhanced driving safety when on the course. The LEDs also ensure your cart remains visible to other golfers and cart drivers if you are out on the course at night.

The universal fit of these side mirrors makes them suitable for a wide range of cart models from Yamaha, EZGO and Club Car. The folding design also means you can fold them away manually when your cart is not in use, while also ensuring you have a flexible 180-degree viewing angle.

Installation is also a breeze, with all mounting hardware included. However, you will need to carry out some basic drilling prior to installation.


– Flexible 180-degree viewing angle
– Integrated LED lighting for enhanced safety
– Universal fit makes these compatible with a variety of cart models


– Prior drilling is required in order to install these side mirrors
– You may prefer a conventional rear view mirror

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Kemimoto Golf Cart Mirror, Universal Golf Cart Side Mirrors with LED Turn Signal Light Rearview Mirrors Compatible with Club Car Ezgo Yamaha


These side mirrors from Kemimoto provide you with an easy way to instantly enhance the safety credentials of your golf cart. This pair of golf cart mirrors are easily installed to your cart of choice, with their design compatible with a huge range of cart models from Yamaha, EZGO and Club Car.

These mirrors also provide you with a wide view angle, providing you with clear viewing of what is going on behind you. These mirrors also include an integrated indicator lighting, with the LEDs powered by your existing headlights, meaning you do not have to worry about complex wiring or securing a secondary power source.


– Integrated LED indicator lighting
– 150-degree rear view provided
– Adjustable viewing angle
– Durable materials and sturdy design


– Fairly expensive
– You may need to carry out some drilling prior to installation

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Key Things to Remember When Buying Golf Cart Mirrors

If you are ready to overhaul your golf cart with some essential safety features, investing in some new rear mirrors is a great place to start. You have several options to consider when selecting mirrors, but a traditional 5 panel mirror is probably the best choice.

These mirrors are not the most attractive addition to a golf cart, but they provide you with exceptional rear viewing angles to keep you informed of as much of your surroundings as possible.

Additional side view mirrors are also something to consider. These can be used independently of a regular rear view mirror, or along with one for maximum viewing angle coverage. If you are interested in side mirrors, it is worth spending a little more on ones that include integrated indicator lights. This will ensure your cart is more visible when driving it in the dark.

Finally, you need to think about ease of installation. Although the majority of rear view mirrors are compatible with a wide range of cart models, you may need to invest in a few fixtures in order to ensure a secure fit. Most rear view mirrors will include all the mounting hardware required to install them, but some basic prep may not be carried out.