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Golf Cart Fans

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The best golf cart fans will help you keep cool on hot days. If you tend to venture to the golf course during the summer months, a reliable fan with good cooling performance is a must. There are many varieties of fans on the market, ranging from versatile mini fans that can be used in a variety of settings to products designed specifically for use with golf carts. Unsure of what features to consider when selecting a suitable fan? Consult our buying guide on what to look for when choosing the best golf cart fans.

Fan Speed Settings

Most golf cart fans will be relatively compact in nature and less powerful than conventional fans. Therefore, you want a fan that offers multiple speed settings so you can make quick adjustments to combat varying temperatures.

Most fans that can be used with golf carts provide you with three or four speed settings, which provides enough variety to overcome all external temperatures.

You will also find fans with stepless speed controls, providing you with more choice when it comes to selecting airflow options.


A good golf cart fan needs to provide you with some scope of adjustment. Look for fans that offer 360-degree rotation, with a pivoting base that can be angled vertically or horizontally. This will allow you to direct air in just about any direction to provide cooling output to all parts of your golf cart interior.

Mounting Options

This is another important thing to think about when selecting a fan to add to your golf cart. There are three main mounting options you are likely to encounter when selecting a golf cart fan.

Hanging Hook Mount

One of the most common is a hanging hook mount. These can be suspended from the crossbar or roof of your cart. Although they are easy to place, they are awkward to adjust.

Clip On Mount

Another option is a clip on mount. These attach to vertical or horizontal bars and are a little easier to adjust.

Octopus Mount

Finally, you have octopus mounts. These are without doubt the best mounting option as they provide you with full flexibility when it comes to attaching your fan to a range of surfaces.

Battery Life & Charging Times

Unless you are prepared to invest in countless disposable batteries, you almost certainly want a fan that includes an integrated battery that can be recharged on a regular basis. Look for high-capacity batteries that provide you with the best runtime, even when you operate your fan at high rotational speeds. You should also think about charging times. Most devices can be fully recharged via USB to provide a full battery charge.

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Our Top Choices of Golf Cart Fans

  1. OPOLAR Battery Operated Clip On Fan with Hanging Hook
  2. Gazeled Clip Fan Battery Operated
  3. QIFUN 12V Adjustable 360° Rotatable Cooling Dual Head Clip Air Fan
  4. SkyGenius Battery Operated Stroller Fan
  5. ROVTA 5000mAh Rechargeable Battery Powered Clip Fan
  6. COMLIFE Versatile Battery Powered Clip-on Fan
  7. BESKAR 10000mAh Rechargeable Battery Operated Mini Clip Fan
  8. NANW Clip on Oscillation Fan
  9. KOONIE 5000mAh Clip Fan with Flexible Tripod
  10. OPOLAR 10000mAh Clip On Fan

Reviews on 10 Golf Cart Fans

Keep cool on the course by adding a powerful fan to your golf cart. Below are some great golf cart fan models from quality manufacturers.

OPOLAR 10,000mAh Battery Operated Clip On Fan with Hanging Hook


This OPOLAR fan is a good option for those looking for powerful cooling performance. With an integrated 10,000mAh battery, this fan will easily cool your cart interiors, even on warmer ways. You also have four different speed settings to choose from, providing you with the right degree of airflow for every occasion.

The clip and hook fastenings on the base allow you to easily attach this fan to the frame of your cart, while the 360-degree rotation means all occupants of your golf cart can benefit from the cooling output.

This fan can quickly recharged to ensure you are never left without battery, while the operational noise is relatively quiet to ensure no distractions when driving your cart.


– Generous battery capacity
– Rechargeable 10,000mAh battery
– 360-degree rotation
– Variable speed settings


– Can not be powered by disposable batteries as a backup solution

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Gazeled Clip Fan Battery Operated, 8 Inch 10000mAh Rechargeable Portable Cooling Fan for Golf Cart Car

This compact fan is a versatile option that can be effectively used to cool your golf cart. With its 8-inch frame and clip attachment, this fan can be easily mounted to your golf cart and takes up minimal space to ensure you maintain excellent visibility when driving.

The 10,000mAh battery also makes this a very powerful option, with up to 24 hours of operational life after a full charge. Four speed settings are also available so you can select the right amount of cooling output to take the edge off of hot days.

This fan also provides you with 360-degree airflow output, ensuring all of your passengers benefit from cool air. A pivot adjustable head also makes it easy to target specific areas of your golf cart interior.


– Good battery capacity
– Fast charging and impressive working times
– Multiple speed settings to choose from
– 360-degree airflow
– Pivot adjustable head


– Quite pricey
– Some may prefer a fan with a more substantial frame

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QIFUN 12V Adjustable 360° Rotatable Cooling Dual Head Clip Air Fan


This two-piece fan set from QIFUN is ideal for those looking for more substantial airflow and cooling capabilities. Each fan boasts rotatable design, allowing to select directional airflow to ensure you and your golf cart passengers are always kept cool on hot days.

The large grip clamps also make it easy to add these to your particular golf cart model, with the sturdy grip ensuring they remain in place for the duration of your journeys. One thing to consider about these cooling fans is that they require a 12V power input in order to operate.

Cables are included so you can attach them to cigarette lighter plugs and comparable power inputs.


– Dual cooling functionality
– Secure grip fastenings and easy adjustment
– Relatively quiet operation


– Requires a 12V power connector in order to operate

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SkyGenius Battery Operated Stroller Fan, Rechargeable USB Powered Mini Clip Fan


This SkyGenius fan is a good way to keep your golf carts cool on warm days. This rechargeable fan includes an integrated Li-ion battery that provides you with exceptional runtime after a full charge, meaning you can use this fan for multiple sessions on the golf course before needing to recharge your devices.

You also have three adjustable settings to choose from, allowing you to select the right degree of airflow at all times. The flexible design of this fan also means you can quickly pivot the rotation vertically and horizontally to send cool air in precise directions.

This fan can also be used while charging.


– Superior battery quality with exceptional runtime
– Fast charging
– Full 360-degree vertical and horizontal rotation
– Low operating noise
– Multiple speed settings


– Relatively small frame size
– You may require two fans to provide sufficient cooling

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ROVTA 5000mAh Rechargeable Battery Powered Clip Fan with Flexible Tripod, Super Quiet, 3 Speed, 360° Rotatable


This portable fan will make a welcome addition to your golf cart. This flexible tripod fan provides you with complete 360-degree rotation, allowing you to target airflow in a specific direction. This is a particularly powerful choice, with speeds of up to 2,470 rotations per minute possible.

Despite its powerful cooling output, this fan is relatively quiet when you compare it to other fan models. The large capacity battery also makes this a good option for those who do not want to have to worry about regularly recharging their fan. After a full charge, this fan can operate for up to 20 hours when used at low settings.

The innovative coil mount also makes this fan easy to attach to your golf cart frame, while also broadening its applications for use elsewhere.


– Very powerful choice
– Flexible coil mounting system
– Large battery capacity
– Multiple speed settings


– Does not offer dual cooling functionality
– Little more expensive than other cart fan options

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COMLIFE Versatile Fan, 5200mAh Battery Powered Clip-on Fan with Flexible Tripod, Ultra Quiet 360°Adjustable


This efficient fan will make a good addition to your golf cart. The integrated battery has a generous 5200mAh battery capacity, meaning you can use it for longer after a full charge. After a 4 hour charging cycle, you can expect runtime of up to 13 hours when used at low settings.

There are four different speed settings to choose from, allowing you to maximise runtime and tailor cooling levels to your liking. The octopus mount also makes this a very convenient option, with the tripod legs wrapping around crossbars to provide sturdy attachment to your golf cart.


– Versatile octopus mounting options
– Generous battery capacity
– Fast charging times
– Multiple speed settings


– Relatively low runtime when used at full speed

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BESKAR 10000mAh Rechargeable Battery Operated Mini Clip Fan with 36 Hours(MAX) Sturdy Clamp 3 Speeds Fast Air Circulating

If you are looking for a fan that will run for longer, this model from BESKAR is worth considering. With its generous 10000mAh battery capacity, this fan can run for up to 36 hours after a full charge. Charging time generally takes no longer than six hours, meaning it can be ready for use with little notice.

Although this fan is fairly small, with a diameter of just six inches, it is a very portable option. The operational noise is also fairly quiet, ensuring no distraction while driving your golf cart. There are also multiple speed settings to choose from, allowing you to select the right amount of airflow to combat outdoor temperatures.


– Multi-angle adjustments
– Reliable clip fastening
– Good battery capacity and runtime
– Low operational noise


– Relatively small diameter
– Battery will run down more quickly when used at higher speed settings

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NANW Clip on Fan, Max 45 Hours Auto Oscillation Fan, 5000mAh Rechargeable Battery


This NANW mini fan offers plenty of great features that make it ideal for use in golf carts. Thanks to two integrated batteries, this fan offers exceptional runtime. After a full charging cycle, this fan can run for as long as 40 hours when operated at low speeds.

This fan also provides you with full 360-degree rotation, with vertical and horizontal adjustment allowable. You can also tailor speed settings to your liking, with step-less speed adjustment provided. Water-absorbing sponges are also incorporated into the design of this fan, providing you with an integrated odour diffuser function.


– Very impressive battery capacity and runtime
– Odour diffuser function
– Stepless speed control


– Clip on mounting is not as reliable as an octopus mount

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KOONIE 5000mAh Clip Fan with Flexible Tripod, 6 Inch Portable Handheld Fan with 3 Speeds, 360°Rotatable for Golf Cart


This KOONIE USB fan is a good option for those looking for compact convenience and reliable cooling function. The octopus mount provides you with plenty of flexibility when it comes to attaching your fan to your golf cart, while the 360-degree rotation means you can target cool air in any direction you require.

The 5000mAh battery also means you have a fan that will run for a long time, without you having to constantly worry about recharging. You have three different speed settings to choose from, allowing to select a suitable amount of airflow to combat various temperatures.

The airflow gaps of the fan housing are also very narrow, making this a safe choice with no chance of the blade rotation becoming disrupted.


– Variable speed setting
– Flexible octopus mount included
– 360-degree rotation


– Not the most durable construction
– No stepless speed controls

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OPOLAR 10000mAh Clip On Fan with 22 LED Lights, 4 Speeds, 360° Rotation


This OPOLAR fan has plenty of great features that make it an ideal addition to golf carts. The 10000mAh battery makes it a particularly efficient choice, providing you with up to 35 hours of runtime after a full charge.

You also have four different speed settings to choose from, with low operational noise to distract you. The hanging hook allows for convenient attachment to your golf cart frame, while the durable housing makes this a hard-wearing fan design.

A great additional function of this fan is that it includes a 22-LED display, providing your golf cart with additional lighting.


– Large capacity battery
– Long runtime after a full charge
– Integrated LED lighting array


– The hanging mount is not the most reliable
– Using higher speeds will use up your battery more quickly

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Which Golf Cart Fan Should You Buy?

If you are looking for something affordable and reliable, the SHVYOG flexible tripod fan we have discussed above is a good choice. Thanks to its 5000mAh battery, this fan can be used for many hours before requiring a recharge.

It also offers a range of speed settings, with low operational noise, even when used at high speed settings. It also includes an octopus mount, making it easy to attach this to your golf cart frame.

Another option to think about is the OPOLAR fan with integrated lighting. This fan has a generous battery capacity which provides you with an extended runtime, along with four different speed settings.

Although the hanging hook somewhat limits installation options, the inclusion of a bright LED array provides you with enhanced visibility when golfing during the evening or at night.

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