Best Golf Cart Cover 2021 | Buyers Guide & Reviews

Best Golf Cart Cover

The best golf cart cover will keep your vehicle looking its best for as long as possible. Although most golf carts are made to a high standard, they are generally not as robust as conventional vehicles. Golf cart materials can be more prone to weathering, while the finish of your golf cart can also become more easily damaged. A cover is therefore essential to ensure your cart is not exposed to the elements when you are not using it. Our guide outlines the key things to remember when selecting the best golf cart cover for your budget.

Durability & Materials

Premium polyester is the fabric of choice when it comes to golf cart covers. The higher the denier rating, the more durable your golf cart cover will be. Polyester is a particularly durable material that will provide you with good weatherproofing, ensuring water does not penetrate through the cover.

However, you should also look for covers that include an additional coated layer to provide you with the most reliable protection against the elements. An external PU coating is desirable, while an undercoating of PVC will dramatically bolster the weatherproofing properties of your cover.

Breathability is also important. Look for covers that include vents in the upper corners, as these will ensure that any heat between the fabric layer and your cart quickly dissipates. This will prevent moisture from lingering around on the surface of your golf cart, eliminating the chance of corrosion and mildew build-up.

Zippers & Fastenings

The best golf cart covers include plenty of zippers for easy access to your golf cart. These should be made from ABS material whenever possible, with these material being very resilient to exposure to moisture. Rain shades are also good to have, as these will protect the zipper itself, as well as the entire zipper track.

You should also look for covers that include a smaller zipper section at the rear, providing convenient access to your cart cab, without you having to remove the entire thing.

Buckle fastenings are also good to have. These firmly attach your cover to your golf cart, preventing them from falling free when exposed to fast wind speeds. However, an elasticated hem will provide you with similar windproof performance, provided the cover is a good fit for the size of your cart.

Correct Sizing

If your cart is on the small size, you will need to pay attention when selecting a suitable cover. A 2 passenger golf cart will require a cart cover that is small enough to provide a snug fit. When it comes to larger carts, you have a little bit more leeway when it comes to choosing a suitable size. While there are plenty of covers designed specifically designed for use with 4 passenger golf carts, you will also find larger options that can be used with vehicles with four and six seat configurations.

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Reviews of Best Golf Cart Covers

Ensure your golf cart is always kept in pristine condition by investing in a new cart cover for your vehicle. Do you need some inspiration? Below is our pick of the 10 Best Golf Cart Cover options currently available.

Himal 4 Passenger 400D Waterproof Sunproof Golf cart Cover roof 80″ L, fits EZ GO, Club car and Yamaha, dustproof and Durable

Himal 4 Passenger Waterproof Sunproof Golf Cart Cover | Fits EZ GO, Club Car and Yamaha

This Himal golf cart cover will ensure your vehicles are protected against wind, rain and UV rays when not in use. This heavy-duty cover is made from durable 400D fabric, providing effective protection against blustery conditions and rainfall.

Stitch sealed seams and rains shades along the zippers also increase the waterproof credentials of this cart cover. If you are looking to protect a larger cart, this cover is a good option. It will fit over a wide range of 4 passenger golf carts, including models from Yamaha, Club Car and EZGO.

This cart cover is also fairly breathable, ensuring heat and moisture is ventilated.


– Durable 400D fabric and robust ABS plastic attachments
– Large size make it suitable for 4-passenger cart models
– Waterproof and windproof


– Too bulky for use with smaller cart models

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Explore Land 600D Waterproof Golf Cart Cover Fits for Most Brand 4 Passengers Golf Cart


This golf cart cover from Explore Land will provide waterproof and windproof protection for your golf models. Made from durable 600D polyester with an additional PU coating, this cart cover is incredibly resilient to weathering and will last for a considerable amount of time.

Double stitching adds to the durability of the design, with double air vents also included so your golf cart does not succumb to rusting and mildew. Buckle attachments and zippers are also hand to ensure your cart is completely encased by the cover material prior to storing it.

This versatile cover can also be used to encase a variety of cart sizes, making it suitable for use with both 2 passenger and 4 passenger golf carts.


– Incredibly durable 600D polyester material
– Additional PU coating for advanced weather protection
– Secure zips and buckle fastenings
– Suitable for use with wide range of cart sizes and models


– Expensive option compared to other available cart covers

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10L0L 4 Passenger Golf Cart Cover Fits EZGO, Club Car and Yamaha


This 10L0L golf cart cover provides your golf vehicle with effective shielding against the elements (Waterproof, Sunproof, Dustproof). The durable polyester material will keep moisture and wind at bay, while an additional PVC coating further enhances the weatherproofing properties of this cover.

Wind straps and elastic banding is included along the base, ensuring the cover does not blow free if exposed to significant gales. Meanwhile, two-sided zippers and rip-tape fastening ensure a snug fit to your golf cart. There are also three vents in each of the top corners, ensuring moisture and head does not build up underneath the cover.

This will prevent your golf cart exteriors from succumbing to rust, while also ensuring mildew can not gain a foothold.


– Durable polyester fabric with PVC coating
– Two-sided zippers and rip-tape fastening
– Elastic band keep cover locked in place


– Not suitable for smaller golf cart models
– Not the cheapest golf cart cover

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HiCaptain 2/4 Passengers Waterproof Golf Cart Cover with Drive Side Opening fits EZ GO Club Car Yamaha Golf Cart(4 Seats)


This HiCaptain golf cart cover provides you with triple waterproof protection, ensuring your carts remain in pristine condition, no matter where they are marked. The cover material is hard-wearing and manufactured to keep rain out, while sealed seams provide you with an extra layer of waterproofing.

The zippers also include rain shade coverings, keeping the metal protected against corrosion. This cover also features a small zipper section at the driver side, meaning you do not have to remove the entire cover to access the cab. A convenient storage pocket is also included for housing small items you might need when driving your golf cart.


– Available in 2-passenger and 4-passenger varities
– Durable waterproof design
– Elasticated hem and buckle strap fastening


– Lighter colour may become stained over time

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FLYMEI 4 Passenger Golf Cart Covers for EZ GO Club Car Yamaha Golf Carts 4 Seat Club Car Cover (Up to 112 Inch)

41 tfACvPuL

This FLYMEI golf cart cover will ensure your vehicle is kept protected against the elements (Waterproof, Sunproof, Dustproof) when you are not using it. Made from 420 polyester with a coated finish, this golf cart cover provides reliable protection against rain and wind.

It will also offer exceptional UV-resistance, with little chance of ultraviolet radiation penetrating through the fabric and damaging the finish of your golf cart. This cover also includes a rear zipper so you can access your cart without having to completely remove the cover.

The zipper hardware is made from a high-quality alloy, meaning you will not have to worry about them becoming damaged from exposure to rainwater.


– Provides effective protection against wind, rain and UV rays
– Durable polyester material
– High-quality hardware and ABS fixtures


– Only suitable for larger golf cart models

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Classic Accessories Fairway Quick Fit Cover For Golf Carts With Rear Facing Back Seats


This cart cover from Classic Accessories is an affordable way to keep your golf protected when not in use. Made from durable polyester, this cover offers excellent water-repellent properties and will also ensure your cart remains protected against the wind.

This cover will also cope with regular exposure to the elements, without shrinking or stretching. Designed to fit golf carts with rear-facing seats, this cover includes an elastic cord along the hem to ensure a snug fit. Rear zippers are also included to allow for easy entry to your cab, without you having to remove the entire cover beforehand.


– Durable polyester fabric
– Easily fits most cards with rear-facing seats
– Elastic hem for snug fitting
– Rear zippers for easy access to cart cabs


– Might not fit carts with taller roofs
– Tan colour may discolour over time

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Moveland 6 Passenger Golf Cart Storage Cover Compatible with E Z GO, Club Car, Yamaha | Waterproof & Durable


This Moveland golf cart cover is a good option for those looking for high-quality materials and maximum protection against the elements. Made from 300D polyester fabric, this cover will cope well with regular exposure to moisture, without you having to worry about stretching or shrinking.

It also features an additional PU coating for additional waterproofing. The dark colour and thick material also provides effective protection against UV rays. This cover also promotes good breathability, meaning you do not have to worry about moisture building up between the cover fabric and your cart. This is important if you do not want to worry about rusting or mildew build-up.


– High-quality fabric and excellent waterproof properties
– Ideal for use with larger cart sizes
– Breathable fabric
– Elasticated hem cord for snug fit


– Too large for compact golf carts

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Outdoor Golf Cart Cover Compatible with EZ GO,Club Car, Yamaha, Movaland Custom Cart Cover with 300D Material + Extra PVC Coating Waterproof Dust Prevention


This Moveland golf cart cover is a must-have for anyone looking to protect their vehicle against the elements. Made from durable 300D polyester with an additional PVC coating, this cart cover offers excellent protection against moisture and wind.

The elasticated hem and zipper tracks also ensure a snug fit, keeping your cart protected from dust build-up when it is stored for long periods of time. The darker colour of this golf cart cover also makes it an effective option for those looking to protect their vehicles from UV rays.

This cover will accommodate larger vehicles and 4-passenger carts, with dimensions that are compatible with models from Yamaha, EZGO and more.


– Durable polyester material and PVC coating
– Locks out moisture, wind and dust
– Elasticated hem for snug fit
– Includes storage bag


– Too big for use with smaller carts
– Lighter shade may discolour over time

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Deluxe 6 Seater Golf Cart Cover fits E Z GO, Club Car, Yamaha Model in Grey


If you are looking for a cover that can be used with a larger golf cart, this quality cover from Formosa is something to think about. This deluxe cover is suitable for use with many 6-passenger carts from the likes of EZGO, Yamaha and EZGO, providing total coverage and protection against rain and wind. The 300D polyester fabric offers excellent waterproofing and is treated to protect your vehicle against UV rays. An additional undercoat of PU provides you with even more confidence that your cart will remain in pristine condition when parked up and not in use.


– Suitable for use with larger golf cart models
– Premium polyester fabric
– PU undercoating provides an additional layer of protection
-Treated to protect against UV rays


– Too big to use with smaller carts
– Light colour may discolour over time

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Deluxe 4 Seater Golf Cart Cover roof 80″ L Grey, Fits E Z GO, Club Car and Yamaha G Model – Fits GEM e2

31wX 7z J6L. SL500

This deluxe cart cover from Formosa will ensure larger cart models are properly protected against the elements. Suitable for use with 4-passenger carts, this cover is made from high-grade polyester to protect against rain. The snug fit also means the cover will remain fixed in place, even when exposed to significant wind speeds.

The cover material has also been treated to ensure maximum protection against UV rays, ensuring the finish of your cart will not fade over time. A rear zipper provides convenient access to the cab interior, without you having to remove the whole thing. A duffel bag is also included, providing you with a convenient place to store your cover when it is not being used.


– Available in a range of colours
– Effective protection against water and dust
– Secure fitting with rear zipper access
– Includes duffel bag for storage


– Not suitable for use with smaller cart models

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Key Things to Remember When Selecting the Best Golf Cart Cover

If you want to keep your golf cart looking its best, you definitely need to purchase a cart cover. When selecting a suitable golf cart cover, there are a few key things you should remember before making a purchase. Firstly, high-grade materials are a must.

A quality polyester fabric will provide you with effective protection against the elements, while an additional layer of PU or PVC is also desirable. Any zippers should also be made from robust ABS material, while rain shades will also ensure your zipper hardware is protected against corrosion and premature damage.

Another crucial factor to bear in mind is size and compatibility. Although some larger cart covers can be used for both 4-passenger and 6-passenger carts, you will need to opt for a smaller size if you are looking to protect a 2-passenger cart. Provided all of the above criteria is met, you should have a cover that will ensure your cart is kept in good condition when you are not using it.