7 Best Budget Golf Rangefinder 2020 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Interested in getting your hands on the best budget golf rangefinder 2020 has to offer? Our handy guide has everything you need to know about this essential golfing accessory and how it can improve your game. Rangefinders have exploded in popularity in recent years, helping newcomers to the world of golf streamline their training and become more proficient on the green in half the time.

With their user-friendly design and incredibly useful applications, rangefinders provide players with a simple way of determining distances on the course. Read on to discover what to look out for when shopping for the best budget golf rangefinder in 2020.

Golf Rangefinders Explained

In short, rangefinders help golfers eliminate the need for guesswork as they play a round. Used properly, rangefinders remove the reliance on distance markers and mean the player no longer needs to calculate distances manually. With proper practice, manual distance calculation is achievable, but there are numerous factors affecting this. The biggest factor that causes trouble for newcomers to golf is slope. Miscalculations caused by not taking slope into account can dramatically affect performance and increase overall handicaps.

Main Types of Rangefinder

There are two main types of golf rangefinder to consider. The first of these are GPS devices. This type of rangefinder is generally considered more advanced and usually comes loaded with more advanced features. In addition to distance calculation, the best GPS rangefinders will also allow the user to keep track of playing performance. You can use a GPS model to measure drives, keep score and monitor your club selection. When compounded with the benefit of distance calculation, these tracking features compound to significantly improve your game.

However, GPS rangefinders are not without issue. Compared to laser devices, GPS rangefinders are known to suffer from slight accuracy errors. The margin of error is usually slight, perhaps in the region of a few yards, but those looking to put all their stock in the guidance of a rangefinder may find this deviation a concern.

The other commonly encountered type of device is the laser rangefinder. It is not hard to see why this type of rangefinder is so appealing, especially to the golfing beginner. Laser rangefinders are designed with usability in mind. In most cases, all you need to do is aim it in the direction of a marker flag, hazard or bunker and press the button.

Once you have done this, you will be provided with a reliable indicator of distance. With this number in mind, you can make the best possible decision when it comes to club selection to cover the distance as quickly as possible. The better levels of accuracy provided by a laser rangefinder make them the preferred option for all types of players. However, they are most effective when calculating distances within 150 yards.

Rangefinder Mechanics

Rangefinders look very similar to binoculars and operate in much the same way. To use one, golfers take the unit in both hands and gaze through the eyepiece in direction of the exact spot they are looking to target with their ball. Once this has been done, the golfer then needs to press the button to trigger the laser and calculate the distance they need to clear. It is important to ensure the rangefinder remains as stationary as possible when carrying out calculations to determine as accurate a reading as possible.

Unlike GPS devices, laser rangefinders do require certain course conditions to be able to be utilised effectively. Namely, you will need to make sure you are measuring a distance with a clear line of visibility. If you attempt to use it with terrain and other obstacles in the way, the laser cannot be carried in a straight line and the readings it generates will not be useful in determining distance.

The Importance of Slope Features

We have already talked a little about the importance of slope, but it is worth delving more deeply into this topic. Rangefinder models at the more premium end of the market will take into the uphill trajectory and downhill trajectory of a shot as standard. After doing this, the device will subsequently integrate slope into the overall calculation, giving you a much more reliable and accurate distance reading.

Utilising a slope feature is a must for practice play. Determining slope manually is arguably one of the trickiest things for golfers to master as they start out, so such features make life much easier. Although slope features and rangefinders are not allowed in professional circles or when playing in tournaments, even the best golfers continue to use them during practice. Once you have trained with a rangefinder with a slope feature, you will instantly feel more confident on the course and can look forward to lower handicaps.

Key Rangefinder Features to Look Out For

In addition to overall accuracy and slope features, there are several other key things to focus on when investing in a new golf rangefinder. One of these crucial features is optics. Any quality rangefinder will utilise optical lenses as part of their design. To ensure you are getting the best results when it comes to determining distance, you will want to invest in a rangefinder with optics that allow you to view a range in excess of 1000 yards. Such models will then allow for distance calculations within the 450-yard mark.

Scanning proficiency is also something you want to consider when buying a rangefinder. This simply refers to the amount of time a rangefinder requires in order to successfully make a lock on a target. Better quality rangefinders boast faster processing speeds as standard, allowing you to more quickly lock on to a target.

If you intend to play long sessions of golf or practice for hours at a time, battery performance is another feature worth focusing on. Almost every rangefinder model will utilise rechargeable batteries as part of their design. If your model does not have a rechargeable battery unit, make sure the disposable batteries it requires are easily found. In general, rangefinders deliver plenty of performance after a single charge.

If you are a golfing enthusiast, you will no doubt be heading out in all weathers. As such, picking a model that is built to withstand the elements is an absolute must. Go for a model that is adequately waterproofed to protect the essential components within so you can play in even the heaviest downpour. However, it is worth remembering that even the robust models should be dried thoroughly once you have finished playing to ensure moisture has zero chance of penetrating the outer housing and damaging the interior.

Product Reviews

Looking to build your confidence on the golf course? It is definitely time to invest in a rangefinder to help calculate distances. Below, you will find a variety of rangefinder devices from some of the best golfing manufacturers around. Need to stick to a budget? No problem. Our rangefinder line-up has plenty of options for those watching the pennies.

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SUAOKI Laser Golf Rangefinder 656 Yards


SUAOKI Digital Laser Rangefinder

This user-friendly rangefinder from SUAOKI has all the features you might need to make more accurate distance calculations on the golf course. Offering a range of approximately 650 yards, you can enjoy good levels of accuracy in almost any situation.

This laser rangefinder also boasts a scope with 6x magnification as standard, with incredible levels of accuracy. In fact, the margin of error here is a mere 0.55 yards. Easy to operate and read thanks to an ultra-clear HD display, this laser scope gives you ready access to settings and data as soon as it is gathered. A robust design that is still relatively compact and lightweight, this SUAOKI budget golf rangefinder is waterproofed to protect against the elements and good to go in all weathers.

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BIJIA Laser Golf Rangefinder with Slope -6X 650Yards 


BIJIA Golf Rangefinder with Slope


There are many great features on offer with this BIJIA rangefinder to help improve your game of golf. For starters, there is a flag-locking function to make quick work of successful birdie shots, while a speed measurement mode makes quick work of determining all distances.

Lightweight and portable, this rangefinder boasts an ergonomic design that is easy to handle and carry across the course. If you are seeking a rangefinder model that is not too cumbersome, this is a great way to go. Affordable and user-friendly, this rangefinder has been manufactured with broader applications in mind. If you enjoy all manner of outdoor pursuits, this rangefinder is a handy accessory for shooting, climbing and more.

WOSPORTS Laser Golf Rangefinder


WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder

This WOSPORTS laser budget golf rangefinder will become a go-to accessory for any golfer. A range and scanning mode is easily triggered by a short press of the power button. Once a target has been locked, distance is quickly displayed on the clear LCD panel. To trigger the continuous measurement scan mode, simply hold down the same button for longer.

A user-friendly flag-locking mode also comes as standard. Once flag distance has been successfully attained, the device will vibrate automatically to let you know your readings are ready.

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PEAKPULSE 7S Laser Golf Rangefinder with Slope Compensation Technology


PEAKPULSE 7S Golf Rangefinder


The PEAKPULSE 7S is a good choice of laser rangefinder for those looking to improve their prowess on the golf course with minimal effort. This handy model combines a compact design with incredible levels of accuracy, along with innovative vibration and slope features to make quick work of determining distance to the target. The slope function can be easily activated and deactivated with the slope-button feature, while flag-locking functionality is also allowed for.

If you want a rangefinder model that can be used during tournaments, this is also a good bet. Provided you have slope mode disabled, the PEAKPULSE 7S budget golf rangefinder can be utilised during tournament play. Precision is also assured here, with this rangefinder utilising laser technology that is accurate to distances of a tenth of a yard.

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SereneLife Advanced Laser Golf Rangefinder with Pinsensor Technology


SereneLife Advanced Golf Laser Rangefinder

Build confidence on the golf course with this SereneLife Advanced Laser Rangefinder. Key features to look out for with the SereneLife Advanced include an impressive range of 540 yards, with precise and accurate measurements as standard. Furthermore, the adjustable focus lens provides magnification of up to 6 times normal view.

There are two different modes on offer here, with both pin-seeking and distance measuring modes to choose from. Incredibly user-friendly and ideal for the beginner, the SereneLife Advanced is a compact and lightweight choice, yet still boasts a robust build that will hold up well to repeated use.

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Aukor Laser Golf Rangefinder 656-Yard


Aukor Laser Rangefinder

The Aukor Laser Rangefinder offers some premium specs at an affordable price. Pulse vibration technology comes as standard, with an impressive measurement range of up to 656 yards. You can look forward to reliable results every time with this rangefinder, with ranging flag-locking technology, speed scanning and fog modes all part of the package.

True vision is the name of the game here, with HD clear imaging on hand to ensure precise measurements of all types of playing environment and potential hazards. A sleek and ergonomic option, this is well worth investing in if you want to build playing confidence with minimal effort.

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MOESAPU Laser Golf / Hunting Distance Rangefinder with Pin-Seeker

MOESAPU Laser Rangefinder

Players of any proficiency have plenty to get excited about with the MOESAPU Laser budget golf rangefinder. An incredibly reliable choice of rangefinder, this device delivers accurate readings within a margin of just one yard. There is also a flag-locking function as standard, allowing you to sift the target out from all manner of obstacles.

Quick and easy readings are assured with this rangefinder, with measurements taking as little as 0.1 seconds. Prefer the metric system? You can quickly toggle between metre and yardage readings by pressing the mode button. This rangefinder is compact and lightweight, the included wrist strap only boosting its portability credentials.

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5 Best Golf Bags 2020 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Ensure your favourite clubs are close at hand on the course by investing in the best golf bags 2020 has to offer. Whether you want to keep your entire line-up of clubs in one place, or need something more compact to house your go-to staples, our handy guide has all you need to know about what to look for in a great bag. Below, you will find essential information on the different types of golf bag you can buy and their uses, along with which features are worth looking out for. Read on so you can make the best possible decision when choosing from the best golf bags in 2020.

The Importance of a Quality Golf Bag

Quality golf clubs and premium balls are of course the most important factor when it comes to enjoying success in a round of golf. However, these are not the only things you need to consider when looking to sharpen your game. Another key piece of equipment you do not want to overlook is the humble golf bag. There are a range of different styles you can consider, each with their own distinct features that make a more suitable choice for various golfers. However, no matter which style of bag you end up going for, you should be looking out for a few common features that all great golf bags share.

One key characteristic you should never overlook is having comfortable carry straps. No matter whether you are bringing your bag from the boot of your car to the driving range or carting it across the course, carry handles make life all the more easier. You need to ensure you are investing in a golf bag that can be comfortably slung over your shoulders and carried for long distances without causing any issue. If you prefer to carry your club bag in hand, picking one with premium handles complete with cushioned handles is all the more important.

Materials and Construction

You also need to bear in mind the bulk you are going to be carrying around in your bag. All those Fairway woods, long irons, wedges and putters will amount to serious carrying weight, so the bag you pick to house them needs to be robust enough to be fit for the task. Premium materials should be the order of the day in this regard. Materials should not only be sturdy and resistant to tearing, but also picked for their weatherproofing. If dreary skies and rain does not put you off enjoying a good game of golf, always ensure your club bag is water-resistant.

This way, clubs and grips will be kept dry and be able to be used immediately. Furthermore, long-term exposure to moisture will take a heavy toll on your club materials, requiring you to perform more maintenance on them. Making sure your club bag is ready for all weathers will offset this significantly.

In addition to picking a bag made of strong materials, you should also ensure the overall manufacturing of the bag is of a high standard. All those seams need to be reinforced to ensure a heavy cargo of clubs does not cause premature damage. Any extra pockets and compartments for accessories should also be finished to a premium standard as well.

Bag Size

Depending on the style of golf bag you go for, the overall size will vary. Professional players tend to use bigger bags to accommodate a greater range of clubs. These premium bags usually weigh more than ten pounds and can feature a larger number of additional pockets. You may also see golfing instructors using these more substantial bags, with the extra space required to house a wide array of club types and teaching accessories.

The occasional golfer looking for a bag for recreational use need not go this big. In most cases, an amateur or recreational golf player can get away with a bag weighing no more than three pounds in total. Despite their smaller size and lightweight design, these bags can still comfortably house upwards of a dozen individual clubs. Furthermore, they do not skimp on extra carrying capacity. Most bags of this size will include plenty of pockets for housing golf balls, markets and extra tees.

Golf Club Varieties

Look hard enough and you will find a great many different styles of golf club bag available. However, when it comes to down it, there are only three or four key varieties most golfers use. To help you make a decision on which variety is best for you, we have outlined the benefits of each main golf bag type below.

The Professional Choice

Tour Staff golf bags are instantly recognisable as the go-to choice of professional golfers. That being said, you do not have to be a golfing pro to be able to put them to good use. Benefits of Tour Staff begins include an altogether more professional aesthetic, with most giving you the option of personalising your bag with bespoke lettering and logos.

Furthermore, Tour Staff bags are generally larger and offer you more space for carrying around more clubs and accessories. In addition to extra space for more clubs, balls and markers, the biggest Tour Staff bags will also allow you to carry around additional footwear and protective gear for playing in the rain.

The trade-off with Tour Staff bags is that their larger size makes them quite cumbersome and difficult to carry. Even those with sturdy carrying straps can be awkward to cart around. For everyday golfers, this makes them an unsuitable choice. Likewise, the larger numbers of extra compartments limit the overall portability of them, especially when these pockets are fully filled with balls, tees and markers. Unless you have a dedicated caddy to cart your bag from A to B, a Tour Staff bag is simply too bulky to be useful.

The Cart-Friendly Choice

More commonly seen on courses is the cart golf bag variety. So-called because they can be attached to a golf cart with ease, this style of bag is a good bet for golfers who need to consider portability across the course. Most quality cart golf bags will include a strap loop so the bag can be attached firmly to the rear of a cart, without the worry of it slipping free in transit.

Generous dimensions are also the standard here. Most cart golf bags boast plenty of interior space for housing a good selection of clubs, while also offering extra pocket compartments for essential playing accessories. Despite their generous carrying capacity, this type of bag need not be a bulky option. Most are relatively lightweight and can be comfortably carried to the cart itself.

Unfortunately, there are a few downsides to this type of golf bag. Although they are relatively lightweight in nature, they are not suitable for carrying around in person for any length of time. Another possible drawback of this type of bag is the trend for manufacturers to include too many extra compartments with cart golf bags. Some golfers, of course, find this a positive, but in extreme cases, the high incidence of extra pockets and pouches can be more confusing than convenient for when it comes to locating smaller playing items and accessories.

The Standard Option

By far the most popular choice of golf bag is the classic stand bag. This variety of bag is generally very lightweight and boasts the ability to perch upright thanks to the inclusion of stand legs. If you are a golfer who likes to keep their bag and clubs close to hand at all times, this is the way to go. Any quality bag of this type should include robust legs that can be expanded and collapsed with ease while providing you with stable standing functionality at all times.

As this type of bag is intended to be carried around, you should also look for designs that boast user-friendly and comfortable dual straps as a standard. Carrying capacity is also worth looking into before you make the decision to buy. Most stand golf bags include a generous interior with handy dividers, with enough space to accommodate a full set of clubs. Extra pockets and compartments are also a common feature, with enough capacity so you can carry extra balls, tees and more essential accessories at all times.

This type of bag stands out as being the only variety to allow you to keep your clubs in an upright position, making them a go-to for use on the driving range. The sleeker nature of the stand bag also means multiple players can load their gear into a single car. If you are playing with friends and taking a single vehicle to the course, they are the only way to go.

However, stand bags are not designed with cart compatibility in mind, so brace for an awkward time of it if you suddenly decide mid-game you have had enough of carrying your bag around yourself. Also, unless you invest in a premium bag with high levels of workmanship, you should expect more noticeable wear and tear than with other varieties of golf bag. The standing mechanism is particularly prone to damage if not handled correctly, so take care when using them.

For Occasional Use

If you are seeking a light-duty alternative to standing bags, the so-called Sunday golf bag might be a suitable option. Otherwise known as a carry golf bag, this variety is, without doubt, the most lightweight and compact option you can buy. Despite their smaller size and lighter build, you can still find many such bags offering enough carrying capacity for a full set of clubs at a push.

However, this style of bag is really intended to house a more stripped-back set of your favourite clubs. As with stand bags, they will not take up much space in the car, which makes a good choice if you are driving to the range or course with a group of fellow golfers all with their own kit. Furthermore, the discreet size of these bags make them an ideal option if you want to have a practice set stored away and ready to go at all times.

The best carry golf bags can include lightweight legs so they can be stood upright while you play, but these will not be as robust as conventional stand bags. If you do invest in one with legs, bear in mind that the lighter build of these bags makes them less stable when stood upright. If you play in windy conditions, they will quickly topple to the ground. Go for lightweight portability with comfortable handles instead.

Product Reviews

By now, you should have a good idea of what golf bag variety is the best fit for you. Below, you will find a first-rate selection of quality golf bags to accommodate all budgets. With a range of styles from the best manufacturers in the business, you are bound to find something that catches your eye.

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Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag


Datrek DG Lite II Cart Golf Bag

Cart-friendly with bags of user-friendly features, the Datrek DG Lite II is bound to turn heads. With its slick finish and high-quality build, this one will serve you well for many seasons of golf to come. A generous interior provides housing for no less than 15 individual clubs, with full-length dividers to ensure all your favourite irons, woods, wedges and putters are easily accessible.

No less than seven extra pockets are provided for all those golfing accessories, while an oversized cooler pocket is also included to keep water bottles chilled for play on summer days. A stylish and hard-wearing choice for those looking to spend some serious time on the course.

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Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Golf Bag


Bag Boy Chiller Cart Golf Bag

This Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag hits all the right notes. A 15-way top provides ample space for a full set of clubs, with full-length dividers to ensure easy access to your favourites. There are nine additional pockets on hand here, including oversized pockets for larger items and a fleece-lined pocket to keep delicate valuables safe and sound. A removable insulated cooler bag is also included here, providing you somewhere to store chilled beverages. Soft-grip handles allow for comfortable carrying, while robust materials ensure long-lasting use.

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TaylorMade Golf TM Cart Golf Bag 5.0


TaylorMade Golf TM Cart Golf Bag

Keep it simple with this cart-friendly golf bag from TaylorMade. This classic bag has a 14-way divider top, with three full-length dividers to ensure your clubs are within easy reach at all times. There are also seven extra pockets on hand here to house all those extras, be it a supply of golf balls, markers or tees. Two larger pockets provide storage for clothing and protective gear, while a velour-lined pouch offers you somewhere to store valuables. User-friendly and durable, this is a budget-friendly option that does not skimp on functionality.

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Founders Club Waterproof Cart Golf Bag


Founders Club Waterproof Golf Cart Bag

You can enjoy a game of golf in any weather with this Founders Club Cart Bag. This robust bag is made with waterproofed materials, with sealed seams and insulated pockets as standard. This bag is a spacious choice, with a 15-way top and full-length dividers providing all the room you need to house your full sets and favourite clubs. Despite its generous dimensions, this bag is still very user-friendly and portable, with a lightweight design and padded carry straps to make getting from A to B a breeze.

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OGIO ALPHA Convoy 514 Cart Golf Bag


OGIO Alpha Convoy 514 Golf Cart Bag


This Ogio Alpha Convoy bag is a great way to go if you are after rugged design and functionality. Premium materials are the standard here, with intuitive organisation at the heart of the design to ensure your favourite clubs are easily accessible at all times. Manufactured to withstand the weather, this bag boasts tough little details like YKK zipper pockets, magnetic fastening and integrated drainage to keep your playing kit and clubs safe from damage.

This is a bag that will hold up well for a long time to come, with the high-quality material specially formulated to provide superior levels of abrasion resistance and anti-tear integrity.

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Best Golf Travel Bag 2020 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

If you are looking to travel in your pursuit of a great game, our go-to guide is on hand to help you find the best golf travel bag 2020 has to offer. Whether you are planning a golfing holiday, training for a tournament abroad or simply want something that is easier to carry, a travel bag can make a great investment. Below, you will find all the essential factors to consider before you splash out on a new purchase, along with our pick of some of the best golf travel bags 2020 has to offer consumers.

Do You Need a Golf Travel Bag?

Planning on travelling abroad to enjoy a golfing holiday or tournament? Unless you can afford the eye-watering excess luggage cost, chances are you are in no position to bring your Tour Staff or Golf Cart bags with you. Admittedly, a classic stand or Sunday bag offer a more lightweight alternative, but they are not really designed with travel in mind. Furthermore, you probably want to have a full set or your very best club line-up to hand when you head to pastures new to play golf. As such, you will probably benefit from investing in a reliable golf bag travel cover or a hard case to keep your chosen clubs safe and sound as you journey to destinations farther afield to tee off.

Key Things to Consider When Buying Golf Travel Bags

Firstly, you need to bear in mind all the usual important factors when buying a golf bag for travel. If you are spending money to travel abroad to play, be it for recreation or tournament play, you do not want to compromise on the functionality a good golf bag provides. However, beyond this, there are a heap of extra factors you need to be bearing in mind due to the travel implications.

Bag Size and Weight

When picking a golf bag for travel, it is very tempting to go with a lightweight option. Many amateur golfers heading off on a playing holiday may be tempted to the apparent convenience of a lighter model, but you should really consider whether or not a lightweight choice is the right one for you. Admittedly, a lightweight bag is easier to carry, more convenient and generally speaking, more affordable. However, lightweight bags tend to offer less in the way of durability and offer limited protection for your clubs. No doubt you will be taking your most prized golf clubs with you on holiday or to a foreign tournament. As such, you do not want to take chances when it comes to the protection of your clubs. If the actual travelling part of your journey is relatively short, a lighter option may be worth considering. However, if you are looking at a long haul flight or intend to regularly travel, it may be worth biting the bullet and making some compromises when it comes to carrying weight. A hard case travel bag, while a heavier choice, will offer unrivalled levels of protection for your valuable clubs. Furthermore, it will hold up well after repeated use and prove a worthwhile long-term investment.

If you are instead investing in a travel cover to keep your existing bag protected, size plays a crucial factor. It should go without saying that any travel cover you invest in is big enough to slide over your bag. Make sure you invest in a cover that offers a snug fit and will cling firm to the bag beneath. Go for too large a cover and you run the risk of it falling free of the bag beneath, leaving the contents to move around in transit.

Maximum Portability

One key feature to look for when buying a golf travel bag are wheels. The added convenience wheels offer is massive and should be considered no matter whether you are heading across the country or flying to an international destination. However, they are particularly handy for those boarding a plane. Smooth-running wheels will allow you to zip through the terminal with ease and catch your flight with no delays. Any quality bag with wheels should also have heavy-duty carry handles as a standard, however. This way, you can sling your bag over your shoulder and climb stairs with ease.

Extra Padding

The more lightweight a bag is, the thinner the levels of padded protection it tends to offer. To ensure your clubs are kept in the best condition possible while in transit, opt for models that boast superior levels of padding as part of their design. Even if you are only interested in an additional cover to place around existing bags, consider options that incorporate a layer of padding as standard.

Secure Locks

This is particularly important for those who have to entrust their golf bags to airport baggage handlers and during travel when you will be separated from your valuables. Many of the best travel bags on the market intended for international travel will incorporate integrated locks as part of their overall design.

Additional Storage

Any good golf bag should include a reasonable number of extra compartments. However, if you are heading off on a golfing holiday in new climes, extra pockets and pouches are all the more important. In addition to ensuring you have adequate storage for golfing essentials like extra balls, markers and tees, you will definitely want to have added pockets for additional garments. A chiller section is also a must for those playing in warmer conditions than they are used to.

Product Reviews

Counting down the days until you head off on a golfing holiday? Below, you will find our pick of some of the best options currently available on the UK market. You will find premium picks from some of the best manufacturers around, with a range of options to suit every budget.

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AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Club Travel Bag Case With Wheels

Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag


This soft-sided travel bag is ideal for golfer who don not want the bulk of a hard shell alternative. Easy to handle and built from durable materials, this bag will hold up well to all weathers. There are also plenty of neat details that make ideal for transporting your club valuables, with compression straps in place to ensure your clubs stay secure in transit. Extra adding also comes as a standard, while you have plenty of additional components for all your golfing accessories. A great all-rounder and budget-friendly option.

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Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag

Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag


This heavy-duty golf bag is perfect for travel. Key features on offer here include a thick layer of padding throughout, ensuring your clubs and golf extras are well-protected in transit. There are also four protective feet at the base of the bag, along with a robust vinyl base. This is particularly useful in staving of wear and tear sustained from drag.

There are a selection of straps on offer here to ensure maximum portability, with a comfort grip handle at the top, plus padded tote handles and shoulder straps for maximum flexibility. In addition to wide metal zippers for easy access to the interior, there is also an integrated locking function on offer here, providing you with plenty of peace of mind as you travel.

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Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag

Himal Soft-Sided Golf Travel Bag


Make life easier the next time you travel with this Himal golf bag. A heavy-duty design with plenty of user-friendly features, this is an affordable choice that will hold up well for a long time to come. There is a generous layer of thick padding through this bag to ensure your clubs are well-protected as your travel, while a 600 D polyester construction makes it an incredibly durable choice.

This is a great choice for those looking for maximum portability, with easy-rolling wheels on hand to allow you zip through the airport with minimal fuss. There is no shortage on space here either, with plenty of extra pouches and pockets for all your additional accessories.

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Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian


This ClubGlider Meridian from Sun Mountain scores top marks for portability and flexibility. Key things to observe here include the innovative leg mechanism that can be extended and retracted in a single simple motion. Thanks to this, you need never worry about kneeling down to load and remove clubs from your bag again.

There are also plenty of nifty design details here to ensure things stay firmly in place as you travel. These include internal cinch straps to keep your bag secure, along with heavy-duty zippers that keep compartments securely shut at all times. Finally, there are pivoting caster wheels that deliver impressive levels of manoeuvrability as you go.

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Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix Golf Travel Bag

Caddy Daddy Golf Phoenix Golf Travel Bag


The Caddy Daddy Phoenix is a great way to go if you are looking to streamline trips through the airport, while also enjoying superb levels of portability and protection for the duration of your golf trip. The cover accommodates all large golf bag types, including staff bags, while the high impact EVA molded foam provides you with a robust protective shell to guard your precious clubs.

This self-standing design will serve you well from airport terminal to your golf course destinations, with plenty of internal space to accommodate your favourite club line-up, not to mention all those essential accessories you need for a great game of golf.

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Partage Golf Travel Bag with Wheels,Golf Travel Case for Airlines

Partage Golf Travel Bag


This Partage golf travel bag is just the ticket for those venturing off to play a game of golf abroad. Specially designed with air travel in mind, there are a number of innovative features to keep your clubs and gear protected and provide you with total peace of mind. Smooth wheels ensure you can make quick work of airport dashes, while heavy sponge pad linings provide superb levels of protection to ensure your clubs sustain no scuffs and dents in transit.

Robust metal zippers provide easy access to the interior, while the zipper seams themselves are of a very high standard to ensure no snagging and damage. This bag is of the classic standing variety, meaning it can be used for travel and playing on the course itself. Hard-wearing 600 D polyester fabric has been used in its construction, giving you a robust and weatherproof option.

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Bag Boy T-700 Golf Bag Travel Cover

Bag Boy T-700 Golf Travel Bag


The Bag Boy T-700 is the way to go if you want the perfect combination of protection when you travel and functionality when you play. A thick layer of dense foam provides you with superb levels of impact resistance, keeping your clubs safe and secure, while neoprene handles make it easy to carry around. Inline skate wheels are also integrated into the overall design, making this a very portable option.

For peace of mind, a lockable zipper comes as standard, ensuring your clubs stay secure in transit, while still allowing you easy access to the interior of your bag when you need it. A generous interior provides more than enough space for your favourite clubs, while spacious extra pockets give you the added space for essential accessories.

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How to pack golf clubs for travel