7 Best Wedge For Backspin 2020 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Perfecting the art of backspin is one way of significantly enhancing your golfing prowess. Browsing the market for the best wedge for backspin 2020 has to offer can be daunting without getting to grip with what makes this type of club so important. Many golfers might think a shorter club that is easier to handle is all it takes to help master this holy grail of golfing ability, but there’s far more to consider if you are looking to do it right. Below, you will find our go-to guide on the best wedge for backspin and the type of wedges available to help you realise it.

The Biggest Factors Affecting Wedge For Backspin


One of the key things affecting the backspin of a golf ball is speed. In particular, we are talking about club’s head speed and the impact you make with the ball. As a general rule, higher speeds result in more backspin. that is why you will never see backspin from a humble chip shot with low club’s head speeds.

Whatever wedge you opt for, you will want to ensure you are chalking up the highest possible club’s head speeds in order to get that backspin you are so eager for. Generally speaking, you will get best backspin results from longer wedge shots. However, that is not the only thing affecting backspin.

Spin Loft

Spin loft is another major area of consideration. When your club makes contact with the golf ball, two things are produced. These are dynamic loft and an attack angle. Spin loft refers to the angle between these two things. Attack angle refers to the path that the club’s head travels when it strikes the golf ball. To get the best possible backspin results, you will want to hit the ball as low as possible. To clear greater distances when teeing off, you will want to limit your overall spin loft.

Angle of Attack

However, when it comes to chasing backspin, you will want to pay special attention to creating an angle of attack that is as downward as possible with your wedge. Additionally, keeping your club’s face open can help in creating backspin. However, this can also have unwanted results. Open the club’s face too freely and you run the risk of producing too much spin loft. Should this occur, you will also find you have nothing useful in the way of friction. This is definitely something you want to avoid if you are eager to achieve backspin.

Thinking About Friction

You will always be dealt with some degree of friction when you make contact with a golf ball. However, the amount of friction is detrimentally affected if anything gets in the middle of the ball and the club head of your wedge. Don’t be disheartened, however. There are a few best practice strategies you can apply to ensure you enjoy increased backspin, every time.

For one, you will want to ensure that your wedge boasts clean grooves. If you are a regular golfer who puts their clubs through their paces often, you will want to change grooves as frequently as possible to ensure they are doing their job. you will also want to extend your thinking beyond your clubs alone. Golf balls will also factor into the overall spin rate you can achieve. Cheaper golf balls will produce less desirable results. If you want the best possible backspin performance, consider shelling out a little bit more on the gall balls you are playing with.

Next, you will want to think about the course conditions you are dealing with. If the environment your playing in is rife with tall and rugged grasses, you can expect adverse effects on friction. The best environment for achieving better backspin is one characterised by flatter overall surfaces with short grass length as the rule.

Weather conditions will also take their toll on backspin. In an ideal world, you want dry days with no rain. A dry playing environment with dry balls and wedge club faces will yield the best backspin output.

The Best Way To Achieve Backspin

There are a few key steps to keep in in mind when looking to put backspin on a golf ball.

Ball Position

For a start, you will want to pay attention to ball position and your playing stance. In most cases when you are dealing with the average shot, keep the ball position as centre to your playing stance as possible. However, when it comes to imparting backspin on a golf ball, you will need to make some adjustments to these general rules.

One way to alter things for the better is to switch the ball position from a central position to one that is more in proximity with your rear foot. Why? Simply put, it is easier for you to strike down with your club and make contact with the ball. When it comes to swinging, swing as hard as you can while successfully making contact with the ball. For best results, hit into the wind.

Angle of Attack

Paying attention to the setting up of angles is also crucial. If you are hoping for brilliant backspin results, opting for a steeper angle of attack is a must. Another thing to remember when going for great backspin results is to hit the ball before you make contact with the turf. In this situation, you will enjoy greater overall control of the ball and higher spin rates.

To achieve the above and enjoy higher levels of friction, you also want to be hitting low on the club’s face. Be careful though. If you hit too low, you run the risk of producing awkward bladed shots. Practice makes perfect here, so be prepared to put the hours in once you have settled on a wedge that works for you.

Product Reviews

Now you have familiarised yourself with what to look out for when buying a wedge for backspin, it is time to see what best wedge for backspin is currently available in the market. We have put together a first-class pick of premium options on the best wedge for backspin from some of the best golf manufacturers around for you to consider. What is more, there is something to suit every budget.

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Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge For Backspin

Callaway Mack Daddy S-Grind Backspin Wedge


Give your backspin prowess a real boost with this Mack Daddy 3 S-Grind Wedge from Callaway. This wedge has plenty of neat features, such as three grinds to give you the flexibility you need for all manner of shots, course conditions and swing styles. This S-Grind wedge is well suited to all manner of playing environments, whether you are playing on soft ground, everyday turf conditions or more firmer courses underfoot.

Your shot types and swings, be them a more moderate approach or sweeping attack angle, are beautifully served by this club. The progressive groove optimisation of this wedge is also worth a mention. The groove package that is been milled into the face of this wedge optimises spin as you make an impact with the ball, making it an easy choice for those looking to become a master of backspin.

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Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge For Backspin

Wilson Harmonised Backspin Wedge


There’s a great deal of glorious spec on offer with this Harmonised Golf Wedge from Wilson. The high polish finish and traditional blade shape kicks things off nicely, with this wedge being an ideal choice for those looking to master backspin. If you are after a robust choice of a wedge that will hold well for a long time to come, this is also a worthy contender thanks to the True Temper steel used in is construction, delivering precise performance and consistent results.

The sole grind is also beautifully manufactured to allow the golfer to keep their club’s face open for higher trajectories with more levels of precision. The blade shape has also been carefully designed with modified bounce angles, delivering dead stop spin. If you are after a very versatile wedge that holds up well in all manner of conditions, you would be pushed to find much better than this wonder from Wilson.

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Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX-3 VMG (Mid Bounce) Wedge For Backspin

Cleveland RTX-3


This RTX-3 VMG Wedge from Cleveland is the way to go if you are after seriously impressive specs and innovative design features. Top marks need to go to the patent-pending feel balancing technology at work here. Nine grams of mass have been wisely removed from the wedge hosel and moved to the head part of the club, resulting in a centre of gravity that is in closer proximity to the all-important impact zone. you have also got V sole grinds as standard here, aiding in control and shot consistency.

You can also look forward to more leading edge bounce to help get through more challenging turf conditions more quickly, while a crisper overall feel and generally more consistent performance can be expected. Need more convincing? Backspin is further aided by the Rotex face, with third-generation features including a refined groove shape and micro-milling pattern optimising spin performance for superior results.

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Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind Wedge For Backspin (Matte Finish)


Callaway Mack Daddy PM-Grind Wedge


Designed by golf pro Phil Mickelson, this Mack Daddy PM Grind Wedge from Callaway is a great choice for those looking to bolster their chances of perfecting backspin. Designed with versatility in mind, this wedge is constructed so that you can accelerate through the ball and tackle almost any shot with confidence.

No matter whether you are stuck in the bunker, caught up in the thickest of grasses or fighting flops, this wedge is the way to go to help you get back into the game. The unique shape of this wedge is particularly appealing, with a design that is been engineered for the more aggressive shot. If you are a more experienced golfer looking for a wedge that can handle all manner of situations, this is the way to go.

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Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge for Backspin Pack (Right-Handed, Steel, Regular, 52/56/60-Degrees)


Pinemeadow Pre 3 Wedge Pack


Plenty of attention has gone into the construction of this Pre 3 Wedge Pack from Pinemeadow. A wider sole at the bottom of the club’s head, narrowing toward the toe, provides you with a far more forgiving surface. Looking for some great groove spec? You will find it in spades here. These wedges feature essential U groove technology as standard.

Tired of spending money on clubs that lose their veneer of quality and start lagging in the performance stakes too quickly? Pinemeadow have pulled out the stops to ensure you have a wedge that holds up well for longer, with a stainless steel finish that scores top marks for aesthetics and durability. A good all-rounder that ticks boxes across the board, these wedges will also bring plenty in the way of backspin to your game.

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Wilson Staff Men’s Harmonized Black Chrome Golf Wedge For Backspin

Wilson Harmonised Black Chrome


If you are a golfer who is struggling to put adequate backspin on your balls, this wedge from Wilson makes life simple. This Harmonised Black Chrome Golf Wedge has been designed with an innovative sole grind that lets you keep the club’s face more open, providing you with a far easier time of it when it comes to imparting essential spin on your balls, without you having to sacrifice control.

You have a choice of loft options here, with the gap wedge at 52 degrees, the sand wedge variant at 56 degrees, along with a lob wedge at 60 degrees. With such variety of choice, you have ample pick to ensure you are not left with any loft blind spots in your golf bag. To cap things off, this wedge comes with an anti-glare finish, delivering you a wedge that scores highly in terms of durability and essential aesthetics.

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Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Sureout Backspin Wedge

Callaway Sureout Backspin Wedge


The more proficient golfer will find plenty to love about this 2017 Sureout Wedge from Callaway. Look forward to fuss-free explosions from bunkers with this premium wedge, while consistent distance control is assured thanks to a superior design that ensures solid contact. When it comes to spin, this wedge will also not disappoint. High spin is easy to achieve, allowing you to secure fast stopping shots with minimal effort. what is more, you can savour superb manufacturing standards throughout, with top-flight shafts ensuring you have a wedge that will hold up well for a long time to come.


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How to create that backspin on your wedge shots

Best Gap Wedges 2020 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

As golf club manufacturers continue to fine-tune the design of their offerings, the best gap wedges 2020 has brought us so far can seriously benefit your game. However, to make the most of this golfing marvel and become a master around the green, it’s crucial you make the best possible decision when picking out a new gap wedge to add to your club collection. Our go-to guide has everything you need to get clued up on the best gap wedges 2020 has to offer.

Gap Wedges Explained

To get a handle on what exactly a gap wedge is, look no further than the name. Gap wedges are designed to provide a happy middle between a sand wedge and a pitching wedge. As a general rule, gap wedges have a loft of no less than 50 degrees and no more than 53 degrees. For reference, you will want to remember that gap wedges are sometimes referred to as attack wedges and, less commonly, utility wedges.

If you are a golfer who plays with a fuller shot style, a gap wedge is definitely worth considering. they are a good go-to for those who want something to clear distance, yet don’t want to compromise on control.

Even the more experienced golfer can have difficulty getting their heads around gap wedges. The reason for this is that other wedge types have changed substantially over the years, particularly pitching wedges. In particular, the loft of pitching wedges has decreased by several degrees, while other types of wedges, such as the sand wedge, have maintained their loft measurements. As a result, there’s a much wider gulf between available pitching wedges and sand wedges, which means golfers can face more difficulties on the green. Thankfully, the gap wedge is now readily available to bridge this distance.

Not To Be Confused With…

Occasionally, some golfers have trouble making a distinction between gap wedges and approach wedges. To make life easier, focus on the specs of a gap wedge. These types of wedge clubs have a loft generally measured between 44 degrees and 55 degrees. These wedges are designed with close shots in mind, with total distances usually no more than 120 yards.

A gap wedge provides the golfer with impressive loft and respectable levels of spin and overall ball control. When it comes to the approach wedge, things are somewhat different. These types of wedges have a greater amount of loft, ranging from 54 degrees and usually no more than 60 degrees. As a rule, they are generally the go-to for covering distances of around 80 or so yards.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Gap Wedge

There are several factors to think about when picking out a new gap wedge to add to your club collection, but we will focus on some of the most important. For starters, focus on what’s currently in your golf bag. In particular, fish out your pitching wedges and sand wedges and consider the lofts you are currently provided with. Once you’ve taken stock of lofts, you can determine how wide the gulf is you will need to bridge with your new gap wedge. Simple.

You will also want to bear in mind bounce when shopping for a new gap wedge. Bounce is an angle measurement, ranging from zero to 14 degrees, referring to when your gap wedge makes contact with the turf you are playing on. If you are after a more versatile choice of club, wedges with mid to high levels of bounce are the best option. However, if you are seeking a club to contend with firmer types of turf or sandier conditions, a lower bounce will better serve you.

Sole Grinds And Grooves

Another key area of spec to hone in on when buying gap wedges is the sole of your club. This part of your club defines the sold grind specs of your wedge. When it comes to sold grinds, you’ve several options on the table. As sole grinds will have an impact on bounce, you will want to pay special attention to this area of spec to ensure you are picking a wedge that marries well with your individual style of play. When it comes to grooves, it’s worth remembering that recent regulation has a huge influence on the grooves allowable. However, manufacturing processes and groove technology has come a long way in recent years, providing you with a healthy range of options. The more contemporary wedge will boast groove designs that can significantly improve your overall game, especially when it comes to spin performance and overall control.

Product Reviews

Now that we have discussed some of the biggest things you need to be considering when shopping for gap wedges, it’s time to see what’s currently available on the market. We have put together a premier pick of quality gap wedges from some of the best manufacturers around for your to consider, with top-flight options to suit all budgets.

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Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

Wilson Harmonised Golf Wedge

Grab yourself a great choice of gap wedge with this Harmonised Golf Wedge from Wilson. At first glance, things hit all the right notes, with an attractive high polish finish and classic blade shape. Delving deeper, you will appreciate the True Temper steel construction, providing you with a wedge that will hold up well to repeated use, delivering impressive results when it comes to performance and reliability.

You have also got a quality sole grind on offer here, letting you open the club’s face in such a way to ensure higher shots with more consistent accuracy. Finally, there’s the blade shape to mention with its modified bounce angles. With this, you can enjoy dead stop spins and a wedge that’s a more versatile weapon for striking from just about anywhere on the course.

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Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX 4 Wedge, Tour Satin Finish


Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge


Make the right choice when it comes to investing in your next gap wedge with this RTX 4 from Cleveland. Aesthetics are top-notch, with the Tour Satin Finish ensuring less glare and a much more sophisticated look that the more experienced player will lap up. On a technical note, there’s fourth generation Rotex Face Technology to enjoy. With incredibly sharp Tour Zip Grooves, you can savour aggressive face milling that ensures incredibly precise playing results.

There is also progressive feel balancing technology at work here, with the muscle shaping at the back of the loft delivering adjustments to the centre of the gravity, both on the X-axis and the Y-axis. With this in mind, you can look forward to enhanced feel and better distance control. If you are after a gap wedge that delivers when it comes to user-friendliness and precise shots, this is the way to go.

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Pinemeadow Golf PGX Gap Wedge

Pinemeadow Golf PGX Wedge


Bridge the gap in your club bag with this Pinemeadow PGX. A quality gap wedge that hits all the right notes, the PGX boasts plenty of technical efficiencies and design details to enhance your next game of golf. This wedge is equipped with a steel shaft, along with a classic Pinemeadow grip to improve handling and all-round performance. What’s more, the medium size wedge sole design ensures solid levels of accuracy when you play, no matter what the lie. You have also got a refined Tour shape and sharp leading edge at your disposal with this PGX wedge, ensuring you have a club that performs just how you want it to.

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Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s CBX Gap Wedge

Cleveland CBX Wedge


If you are after a premier gap wedge that won’t disappoint, this Cleveland CBX model is definitely worth investigating. An ideal choice for the golfer who demands more from their individual clubs, this gap wedge ticks all the right boxes when it comes to premium design and manufacturing standards. On a technical note, there’s a wide dual v-sole and cavity back to enjoy, while feel balancing technology makes for a club that’s both a pleasure to handle and more precise in the execution. Need more reasons to convince you? Third-generation Rotex face technology makes this a gap wedge that really delivers, every time.

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Pinemeadow Gap Wedge


Pinemeadow Wedge 52

If budget is a concern, this Pinemeadow Wedge is certainly something to consider. However, don’t let the lean price tag trick you into thinking you will be getting a gap wedge that’s subpar. In fact, this versatile wedge is a solid performer that will make a welcome addition to your club collection.

Made from quality steel, this wedge is a go-to for the less experienced golfer looking to bolster their range of clubs without breaking the bank. On a technical note, this wedge has a very large face area, making it a good option for those looking to make life simpler on the green. A range of lofts are available so you can make the right choice when bridging the gap in your kit.

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Wilson Staff Men’s Harmonized Black Chrome Golf Wedge

Welcome an eye-catching new addition to your club collection with this Harmonised Black Chrome Golf Wedge from Wilson. The black and chrome aesthetics of this club won’t just appeal to those with an eye on style, with the durable anti-glare finish also proving a good choice for those looking for fewer distractions when it comes to the game at hand. If you are after more technical features to get excited about, you will love the special sole grind of this gap wedge.

With this sole grind, you can open the club’s face more than you’d be able to with some comparable clubs, with improved performance and usability a given. A user-friendly and versatile club that will instantly enhance your golfing prowess, while also staying well within budget.

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Callaway Golf Men’s Matte Black Mack Daddy 4

Callaway Men's Matte Black Mack Daddy 4


This Matte Black Mack Daddy 4 from Callaway proves you don’t have to spend a fortune on first-rate golfing gear. There’s a raft of remarkable golfing tech on the table here, but we will start with the Groove-in-Groove Technology. This nifty design detail will help deliver more spin on your balls, which is an essential requirement for the more proficient golfer. you will also find four sole grinds on offer here, more than enough to suit a versatile range of playing styles, course conditions and attack angles.

This Mack Daddy 4 makes for a wide range of bounce and loft combinations, giving you the golfer plenty of freedom when it comes to experimenting on the course. The soft carbon steel construction also makes for a precise centre of gravity, as well as a much more satisfying feel when playing. An absolute classic you won’t regret investing in.

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Guide to understanding golf wedges

6 Best Sand Wedge 2020 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Finding the best sand wedge in 2020 is certainly a daunting prospect without the right guidance. One of the biggest mistakes a golfer can make is overlooking the importance of picking out the right choice of a sand wedge. Putters and drivers are brought out of the bag more often than the humble wedge but do not make the mistake of thinking they are a rarely called for tool.

In a typical professional game of golf, the wedge can account for a substantial portion of overall shots. Take note from the pros and start giving wedges the careful attention they deserve. Below, you will find our go-to guide on picking out the best sand wedge 2020 has to offer to help you out of all manner of sticky situations.

Sand Wedges Explained

When they were first introduced to the golfing world, sand wedges were intended for shots from sandy terrain. In terms of design and construction, sand wedges have a noticeably wider sole and a heavier bulk. Sand wedges also have an overall loft angle than other wedges, with loft angles ranging from 54 degrees to approximately 58 degrees.

Bounce angle is also higher than the average wedge, with angles ranging from around 10 degrees to 16 degrees. Due to its higher loft, sand wedges were historically the go-to choice for chip shots and shots taken from sandy bunkers. However, as the world of golf club manufacturing has moved on, the sand wedge has become a far more versatile performer that can be utilised more widely.

When To Bring Out A Sand Wedge

When it comes to sand wedges, the bounce angle has been carefully determined to ensure struck golf balls bounce off softer terrain, namely sand. As such, a sand wedge is your best bet for getting the best results from bunker shots. However, the bounce angle of sand wedges also means you can reach for them in different situations. For example, if you are faced with stubborn grasses or muddier terrain, a sand wedge and its bounce can get you out of a tough spot and back into the game. Ultimately, the sand wedge is a useful choice of club for playing almost anywhere on the course, provided you are not playing on particularly firm ground.

Key Strengths Of a Sand Wedge

As we have already mentioned, the high bounce of a sand wedge sets this type of club ahead of comparable ones. Due to the bounce design of sand wedges, you will find the club’s head is a relatively heavy one. As a result of this heavier bulk, the centre of gravity is ultimately lower, resulting in higher overall trajectories. With a sand wedge, the leading edge of the club sole is positioned off the ground, meaning the player can more easily align with the centre of the ball upon address.

The sheer versatility provided by a sand wedge is admirable, with the angled sole allowing for a bounce of all manner of surfaces, from very soft sand to sodden ground. With a sand wedge at your disposable, you will rarely have trouble returning your golf ball to the green. Finally, this type of wedge is a must if you are looking to put more spin on your balls. Thanks to their overall shorter design, sand wedges are easier to handle for adding some spin to your shots.

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Sand Wedge

One crucial thing to bear in mind when picking out sand wedges is the types of course conditions you are usually met with. If you are someone who usually plays on courses with shallower sands, it is advised you go for a wedge that has a more shallow sole and medium bounce angle. To be specific, you will want to find a wedge with a bounce angle of no less than 7 degrees and no more than 11 degrees.

Alternatively, you may find yourself dealing with looser sand conditions and gravelly terrain. If this is the case, you will want to pick a sand wedge with a higher overall bounce angle, no less than 12 degrees and no more than 15 degrees. Also, find a wedge with a wider sole design. Finally, you may be met with course conditions rife with buried traps and finer sands. If this is your situation, you will want a sand wedge with a substantially higher bounce angle of no less than 16 degrees. you will also want a wedge with a sole that is even wider than anything we’ve talked about so far.

Potential Distances for Sand Wedge

With a sand wedge, a competent golfer with a decent swing should be able to cover a minimum of 80 yards. Your swing speed will, of course, have a significant effect on potential distances you can clear. it is worth remembering that due to their shorter lengths, a sand wedge will attribute more spin to shots, which will limit overall distances. If you are someone who has trouble getting a handle on a spin, you can expect even more limited distances.

Other things that can affect distance include loft angles. With higher lofts, you are usually looking at lower overall distances. That being said, the user-friendliness of sand wedges to help you out of sand traps and bunkers makes for a good compromise.

Sand Wedge Loft

When it comes to sand wedges, you are usually looking at lofts ranging from 54 degrees to 60 degrees. In certain cases, you may even find lofts above 60 degrees. Which loft you go for will ultimately be determined by the lofts provided by the rest of your clubs. To make the best possible choice, make sure you are not left with any great gaps between sand wedge lofts.

Product Reviews

Now we’ve summarised some of the most crucial spec to consider when shopping for a sand wedge, it is time to see what is currently available on the market. We’ve put together a first-rate pick of best sand wedges from some of the top manufacturers around, with choices to accommodate all budgets.

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Wilson Harmonised Golf Sand Wedge

Wilson Harmonised Golf Sand Wedge

If you are seeking a sand wedge that delivers on all counts, this premium offering from Wilson is sure to impress. First impressions are good thanks to the high polish finish and classic blade shape, ensuring you have a handsome wedge to add to your collection. On a more technical note, the True Temper steel used in its construction ensures high levels of performance and reliable results, every time.

Need more convincing? The sole grind of this wedge allows you to open the face of the club further, hitting higher shots and ensuring higher levels of accuracy. what is more, the blade shape boasts modified blade angles that allow for dead stop spins, giving you an incredibly versatile choice of a wedge that will easily rescue from the sandiest of traps.

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C3i Wedge – Premium Lob Wedge for Men & Women 

C3i Premium Sand Wedge

This premium C3i Sand Wedge is the way to go if you want top tier performance when you are in the thick of it. This sand wedge boasts an extra-wide design, with an auto-glide sole that makes quick work of cutting through sand, without the worry of digging or skipping. Suitable for male and female golfers alike, this wedge is just the ticket for clearing bunkers and awkward terrain with minimal effort.

There are bundles of brilliant design details we could mention here, but we will stick to some of the most standouts. The extra curve and bevelled leading edge reduce contact with the ground, while the specially engineered design allows for easy alignment and aiming. As such, swings are a breeze and require far less time and effort. If you are seeking a wedge that will tackle sand bunkers and let you return to the game more quickly, this is the way to go.

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MAZEL Wedge for Men & Women

Mazel Golf Sand Wedge


This CNC Milled Golf Wedge from MAZEL is an easy choice for those struggling to get their balls out of the sand and back on the green. The innovative sole design gives you a more versatile choice of a wedge that dramatically expands your playing options, with this wedge suitable for use around the green as well as in the sand.

The durable 431 stainless steel construction makes for a more durable choice of club, with the hardy material staving off corrosion and the wear and tear of more aggressive play. The cavity design is also worth noting, with the feature giving you a softer overall feel and audible feedback that scores top marks. A go-to option if you are looking to simplify play and bag a lower handicap.

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Mizuno JPX919 Golf Sand Wedge


Mizuno JPX919 Golf Wedge

If you are seeking premium design features to enhance your performance, this Mizuno JPX919 Golf Wedge is guaranteed to impress. First, let’s talk about the face milling lines you will find with this wedge. Thanks to these, you have an increased surface roughness that increases spin as a standard. You can also look forward to X30 soft stainless steel, a material that is both soft and durable at the same time.

If you are someone who values a superior feel from your golf clubs, this is bound to ring the right bells. If aesthetics are important, you won’t be disappointed here thanks to the pearl brush finish, with chrome plating ensuring more precise lines when playing in sunnier conditions. Finally, there are quad cut grooves, with the deeper grooves having been optimised for stronger lofts and wider, more shallow grooves for higher lofts.

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Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 S

Cleveland Golf Men's Smart Sole 3


You won’t be disappointed if you decide to add this Smart Sole 3 Wedge from Cleveland to your club collection. There’s an impressive line-up of appealing specs to savour here, but we will start with the three-tiered sole. This sole has been engineered to provide maximum forgiveness, with three distinct activation pads that allow for superior turf interaction and all-around easier play from all lies. You can also look forward to feel balancing technology, with weight redistributed from the hosel and moved toward the toe.

The result is a centre of gravity that lies closer to the centre of the club’s face. With this, you can enjoy an improved overall feel and much tighter shot dispersion. Finally, there is an optimised loft design at work. The club has been specially engineered to provide you with an ideal loft to hit bunker shots and other critical shot scenarios with ease.

Ultimately, this is a very user-friendly wedge that scores highly in terms of versatility, with high levels of performance and none of the complexity usually associated with such awesome specs.

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Tour Edge Golf 1Out Plus 56/11 Sand WedgeTour Edge 1Out Plus


Take your club collection up a level with this Tour Edge Golf 1Out Plus Sand Wedge. Some seriously impressive spec is on hand to help ease your game and improve performance, with standouts including the counter-balanced grip to improve overall levels of stability and your wrist position. The result of this is a much better level of accuracy across shots. what is more, there’s an extra-wide sole design that will particularly help out when it comes to landing easier sand shots with the precise results you are after.

Finally, you have a heavier sole here, applying maximum weight below the ball to promote far easier launches. Ease of use is assured with this premium wedge that should be a must if you are looking to enhance your game with increased levels of accuracy and precision.

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How Tiger Woods Hits a Wedge Shot