7 Best Women’s Golf Driver 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Before we delve too deeply into this buying guide on best women’s golf driver, it’s worth making something clear. Women looking to play golf won’t be resigned to using specialist clubs at all times. Instead, as with any golfer looking to improve their game, picking out the right golf clubs for success is dependent on several different factors. Below, you will find some essential guidance on what to consider when buying golf drivers for women, along with some of the best options currently available on the market.

When is a Driver Required?

First, let’s think about when a driver will come in handy on the golf course. You’ll most commonly reach for such a club when looking to strike a ball directly from the tee. In most cases, this is the only time you’ll need to use a driver. However, the more experienced player may reach for this club again when looking to strike directly from the ground. However, you will need to be more proficient in your playing ability for such a move. Your swing will need to be sufficiently seasoned in order to pull off such a technique.

Your swinging ability and playing style are of paramount importance when picking out your next driver. Certainly, when picking out your driver, it’s worth noting that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The ideal match should leave you feeling confident upon address before you make your strike, while also allowing you to clear the best distances from the tee, all the while maintaining high levels of control over the ball.

How Much To Spend?

For newer golfers, this is perhaps the most important factor that contributes toward their buying decision. It makes sense that a less experienced golfer might want to hedge their bets when forking out for a new piece of golf equipment, but it’s also worth remembering that skimping on investment on a driver can hamper your performance later on.

That being said, the best fit for you needn’t cost a considerable amount. Furthermore, older models are always worth considering against more modern options. Retrofitting always allows you to upgrade older driver clubs to higher standards without the higher price tag. In the long-term, it’s also worth thinking about how much maintenance you are both able and prepared to perform on your clubs.

If you have got the experience and resources to carry out upkeep and upgrades to your drivers, investing slightly more in a driver is definitely worth considering. You can also invest less in your initial purchase and fork out later for upgrades and enhancements, but it’s worth shelling out for quality at the initial stages so not to limit yourself.

Fairway Woods or Drivers?

Those new to golfing might think that drivers and fairway woods are incredibly similar. Admittedly, these two types of golf clubs look superficially similar, although a closer inspection will reveal that drivers boast larger heads and generally longer shafts. There’s more differences between these two club varieties to consider as well.

Although they each deliver similar loft stats, it’s worth noting that fairway woods are reached for when looking to strike balls from the ground. With drivers, you’re looking at a club that strikes from the tee. However, as we’ve already discussed, you can turn to a driver to lift your ball from the ground in a pinch.

Adjustable Drivers Explained

Looking at investing in an adjustable driver but in need of some further explanation? No problem. An adjustable driver has specially designed hosels that allow the player to alter the loft of the face of your club. You can also use these adjustable hosels to make changes to the angle of your clubface. Ball flight performance can also be changed with adjustable drivers. This is made possible thanks to adjustable weights at the sole and edges of the golf club.

As a general rule, the launch is lowered and spin rates reduced if these weights are placed in close proximity to the face of the club. In the case of weights placed in a lower position, or toward the back of the club, you can expect higher launches from your strikes, with more spin and a better feel and level of forgiveness.

Product Reviews

Feeling inspired? Now we’ve taken the time to consider the specs, it’s time to look at some of the best golf driver options for women currently available on the market. You will find a line-up of premium options from some of the best golf manufacturers around.

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Aspire X1 Women’s Golf Driver Set 

Aspire X1

If you’re looking for a total golfing equipment solution, this Aspire X1 Ladies Complete Set is the way to go. Included in this affordable package is a 460cc Titanium Driver, which is in our opinion the star of the selection. There’s also a pick of stainless steel woods and irons, with a 100% graphite shaft across all of them.

There is also a dual-strap golf bag for carrying your equipment across the course, while the matching headcovers are a nifty addition. A quality choice for those seeking a budget-friendly option, there’s plenty to love about this amazing Aspire X1 High Launch line-up.

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TaylorMade M4 Women’s Golf Driver Set

Review of Womens Taylormade M4

There’s plenty of brilliant spec to get you excited about this M4 Driver from TaylorMade. There’s new and improved face curvature, along with corrective face angle for off-centre hits. This serves to reduce side spin and help deliver straighter shots on the course. You can also look forward to more loft in high-toe and less loft in low-heel, delivering consistent spin performance when you need it.

There is also the hammerhead slot to enjoy here. The reinforced exterior portions of this slot produce a lighter, more flexible face that gives you a much larger sweet spot to ease your game. The more central area of this slot also serves to increase overall ball speed, reducing unwanted spin and giving you greater distances. Need more convincing? This driver is shaped to deliver a more solid impact and louder sound. What’s more, the more reduced sole volume provides you with a bigger and more forgiving face. A definite contender for your next driver!

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Cobra Women’s Golf Driver – 2018 F-Max Offset Driver

Womens Cobra F-Max 2018 Driver

We talked a little about offset drivers in our guide, so this Cobra 2018 F-Max is well worth a look. You can look forward to higher launch with more draw basis thanks to the offset hose design. This delivers straighter shots with higher levels of accuracy. You can also enjoy the lighter shaft on offer here, with lighter swing weights also working to promote better clubhead speeds and increased distances, even with slower swing speeds.

The centre of gravity has been pushed toward the back and heel of this driver, promoting straighter drives and forgiveness. It’s also easier to make successful alignments with this club thanks to the visually eye-catching crown feature, allowing to make straighter shots from the tee. Finally, there is the forged ti-6-4 titanium face insert to mention. This face insert delivers enhanced speed and promotes increased distances, even with off-centre hits.

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Precise AMG Women’s Golf Driver Set 

Women's Precise AMG Driver Set

Here is another budget-friendly choice for those looking to complete their golfing kit in one swift purchase. This full set of clubs has everything you need forever eventuality on the course, with the premium driver taking pride of place. You can look forward to maximum levels of forgiveness from all your woods and irons in this set, delivering straighter shots as standard. What’s more, all the extras are included to keep your driver and other clubs in premium condition for longer. You will find a coordinating dual-strap bag to cart all your clubs across the course, while head-covers are also included in the package to protect the most important part of each and every club.

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Cobra Golf Women’s Golf Driver 2019 F-Max Superlite Offset Driver

Cobra F-Max 2019 Superlite

If you are after an offset driver, this 2019 F-Max Superlite option from Cobra is well worth considering. You can expect a lighter overall weight, with this driver shaving off unnecessary grams in all the right places. A total of 18 grams has been eliminated overall, with 7 grams from the grip, 6 grams from the clubhead and 5 gram from the shaft.

There is also forged E9 face technology, with a thin titanium face insert specially engineered to enhance ball speeds and improve distances across more of the face. Back/heel weighting also comes as standard, with an internal weight pad in a low position, promoting straighter flights and higher launches.

There is also an intricate crown alignment feature on offer here, allowing you to make square setups at address. You also have a choice of straight or offset neck drivers to achieve maximum draw bias (in the case offset) or a traditional address (in the case of a straight neck).

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Cobra Women’s Golf Driver 2018 F-Max Fairway Wood

Women's Cobra F-Max 2018 Fairway Wood

There is plenty to enjoy about this Cobra 2018 F-Max Fairway Wood. For one, you have the offset design to improve your game. The offset hosel creates higher launch upon impact, with more draw bias providing you with straighter shots and higher levels of accuracy. This club is also a lightweight contender, with lighter shafts and swing weights as standard. This not only promotes maximum clubhead speeds as standard, but it also improves distance potential for those with slower overall swing speed.

The centre of gravity has been pushed toward the back/heel of this club, promoting better levels of forgiveness and straighter drives. What’s more, you have an easier time of things when it comes to alignment thanks to the innovative crown alignment feature. With this, it’s far simpler to align the clubhead upon address, delivering straight shots from the tee with ease. Finally, there is the forged 455 stainless steel face inserts, serving to provide you with enhances speeds and greater distances, even with off-centre hits.

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Callaway Golf 2018 Women’s Golf Driver Rogue Hybrid Set

Women's Callaway 2018 Rogue Hybrid

There’s some very appealing tech on offer with this 2018 Women’s Rogue Hybrid from the good people at Callaway Golf. One of the biggest draws of this hybrid club is the Jailbreak Technology to help you get out of rough patches on the course. It’s worth noting that this is the first hybrid to boast such technology as standard.

You have also got some premier speed face cup technology on the table, with increased ball speeds delivered as a result. With this Rogue Hybrid from Callaway, you can look forward to easy launches, straighter shots and long flights more often. If you are prepared to spend a little bit more money on the next addition to your golf bag, this hybrid is well worth considering.

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Driver Power with Aimee CHO

Best Driver for Slice 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Product Reviews

Before we delve into the options for the best driver for slice currently available and what to look out for when buying one, it’s best we take a moment to consider just what we’re talking about. Bear in mind that a so-called slice is unrelated to shot power. A slice won’t travel any further than a straight shot, yet the characteristics of a slice are markedly different.

Slices have more curved paths, compromising your overall distance and potentially landing you in difficult parts of the golf course. A slice will usually occur when the golf club impacts the ball more unevenly, rather than with an angle that strikes more squarely. This compromised impact places a precarious side spin on a golf ball.

Things to Remember About Slice

You will never be able to eliminate slice completely from your game, but ensuring more consistent play and reliable performance is manageable. In order to pick the right driver to help you compact slice, you will need to think long and hard about the various factors that can cause slicing in your game. Identify these and you’ll be able to see which driver specs will help strengthen your golfing prowess.

Alignment, Swing and Grip

Alignment is a key factor that can compromise your play and cause you to slice the ball. Many golfers think successful alignment is as simple as keeping shoulders parallel to the ball path upon address. However, it’s worth taking a moment to consider your alignment in more detail. Proper alignment might feel uncomfortable, but provided you keep your shoulders square, alignment needn’t be a shortfall that affects your game.

Golfers with a backswing that sees the driver brought inside will find themselves having to make compensations elsewhere. Specifically, such golfers will need to keep the clubface open as they bring the club down through the ball, resulting in a swing that’s out to in.

Furthermore, your grip may be hampering your performance, leading you to slice to the ball more than necessary. Even if correct grip feels uncomfortable or awkward, perseverance with best practice will pay off dividends.

Why Do Drivers Produce More Slice?

The main reason why a driver tends to produce so much slicing is down to its length and loft specs. Specifically, the driver is usually the longest club in your bag, as well as the one with the lowest loft specs. In short, there are far more things that can run afoul when playing with your driver when swinging than if you were using a conventional iron.

As overall club size diminishes with the driver category, the resulting lag on the face of the club tends to leave it lying open. This is the reason why slicing is so much more of a regular occurrence. With an iron, you’re looking at a club with a shorter overall shaft and loft levels that are higher. These make it simpler for you to strike the ball in your desired direction.

Slicing Solutions

Drivers from the best manufacturers available today are enhanced with technologies and design innovations to help combat the impact of the slice on your game. Many drivers available today may be marketed as offset. Offset drivers are simply drivers where the clubface and the shaft of the club aren’t directly aligned.

Furthermore, you will find that the angle of the clubface is further back from the nave of the club with these drivers. The positive result of these modifications is that players have a slightly enhanced length to work with, giving you more chance to hit the ball squarely when you swing. Land a sufficiently square impact and you’ll find your ball is less likely to be sliced and there’ll be less unwanted spin.

Weight balance is another area where manufacturers have made welcome modifications to golf drivers. Drivers that have more weight allotted in the heel of the club results in a driver that has a slower overall rotation. This means that the clubface remains more closed upon impact with the golf ball. As such, slice is minimised.

Both weighted clubs and offset clubs can significantly improve your game. If you are a particularly inexperienced golfer or someone looking to build confidence on the course, you can, of course, seek clubs that utilise both technologies for the best improvements to your game.

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Product Reviews

Now that we have summarised some of the critical things to consider when searching for a driver to combat slice on the golf course, it is time to have a look at what is available on the market. We have put together a premier line-up of options from the best golf manufacturers around. We are confident you will find something to help improve your game in 2020 below.

Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver for Slice

Cobra Men's 2018 F-Max Offset Driver

The F-Max Offset Driver from Cobra is a great go-to for those looking for something to tackle slice. The offset design is particularly appealing, with the offset hosel creating higher launches with enhanced draw bias, delivering straighter and more accurate shots. There is also the ultralight nature of this driver to mention.

The lighter shafts and lighter swing weights ensure maximum clubhead speeds are attained, while also delivering greater distances for those swinging at lower speeds.The centre of gravity of this club has also been pushed toward the back/heel area of the club, promoting better levels of forgiveness and ensuring straighter drives.

There is also the crown alignment feature on offer, which make sit much easier to properly align the clubhead at address, giving you a much better chance of hitting straighter shots off the tee. Finally, there is the forged titanium face insert on offer that delivers greater ball speeds and longer distances in flight, even with off-centre hits.

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TaylorMade Golf M6 D-Type Driver for Slice (460cc)

Taylormade M6 D-Type

There is some great spec on the table with this M6 D-Type Driver from TaylorMade. The clubhead has been injected with a tuning resin that optimises COR across the whole of the clubface, with this innovative speed injection technology designed to ensure maximum ball speeds and greater distances, every time. There’s also the innovative twist face curvature that’s worth a mention. The corrective face angle ensures reduced side spin and straighter shots, even with off-centre hits.

For the less confident golfer, this is a definite win. You have also got the aerodynamic carbon sole design to enjoy, with the shaping providing you with an increased club head speed that promotes better distances. There is also a draw-biased design at work here, with the two-tone crown allowing for the face angle to appear more open, producing a more closed face upon impact. Ultimately, this is a user-friendly driver that is just the ticket for tackling slice successfully.

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TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner 2016 Driver for slice

Taylormade Men's AeroBurner 2016 Driver

If you are looking to get a handle on slice, this AeroBurner 2017 Driver from TaylorMade is definitely worth a second look. Let’s start with focusing on the advanced aerodynamic shaping of this driver. This innovative shape promotes faster club speeds and allows you to cover more distance with minimal effort.

There is also the raised centre crown of this driver to enjoy, with the design detail ensuring that airflow is attached to the clubhead for longer, reducing drag and ensuring greater speeds are attained upon impact with the ball. What’s more, there’s a thinner face and speed pocket that, together in tandem, allow for a much larger sweet spot.

The end result of all of these welcome technologies and design details is a driver that’s easier to handle and minimises the occurrence of slice as a standard. Furthermore, it’s an incredibly budget-friendly option that won’t break the bank. A solid investment for the golfer looking to improve their game with some quality kit.

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Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver for Slice

Callaway Epic Flash 2019 Sub Zero Driver

This Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver from Callaway is a great go-to if you’re keen to tackle slice. This driver delivers an enviable combination of low-spin performance and high MOI, with Flash Face Technology taking centre stage. The Flash Face is particularly innovative, with this superior technology being the first of its kind to be developed by artificial intelligence to produce an architecture unlike anything seen before in the world of golf.

You have plenty of other premier details to enjoy here. For one, there is Jailbreak Technology with two internal bars to stiffen and stabilise the crown and sole of the driver. This places more impact load upon the face, giving you better ball speeds as standard. What is more, there is adjustable perimeter weighting on offer, giving you the option to easily promote draws, fades or a straighter flight, every time.

The superb head shape and internal weighting work in tandem to create a superior combination of high MOI and a lower spin, giving you a more forgiving club that delivers longer flights, every time. If you are long overdue a driver upgrade and need to tackle the impact of slice on your game, this Epic Flash Sub Zero Driver is a definite must.

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Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue Sub Zero Driver for Slice

Callaway 2018 Men's Rogue Sub Zero Driver

If you are seeking a driver that will perform well when it comes to combating slice, this Rogue Sub Zero Driver is the way to go. You have some impressive spec and technologies on offer here, with plenty that promotes better golfing, all round. For one, there’s Jailbreak Effect technology on the table that ensures improved ball speeds. You can also look forward to an increased moment of inertia (MOI) as standard, not to mention lower spin thanks to triaxial carbon crown design.

Looking for something adjustable? This Sub Zero Driver is well worth a second look. You’ll find interchangeable weights that allow for an increased spin, not to mention trajectory control. Finally, there’s a premium selection of shafts to choose from, with a range of weights on offer. This is a driver that delivers at a very affordable price tag. No matter what your proficiency on the course, this Rogue Sub Zero Driver will help improve your game without you needing to alter your playing strategies too greatly.

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Tour Edge Golf- Hot Launch HL3 Driver

Tour Edge Golf HL3 Driver

This Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3 Driver is the way to go if you are after a premium performance without the dizzying price tag. The forged titanium club head boasts a cup face design that’s intended to maximise ball speed, even when you strike off-centre. There’s also the variable face thickness technology of this driver to consider, which provides better overall performance with off-centre impacts.

You can also look forward to enhanced ball speeds and more forgiveness thanks to the power channel behind the face. There’s a real showcase of superior driver technology on the table here. For the more experienced golfer, these premier specs will come in handy, every time. For the less experienced player who might be lacking confidence on the green, the internal spec of this driver will help eliminate detrimental slice impact.

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How to turn your slice into a draw

Best Driving Irons 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Driving irons are definitely worth adding to your golf bag. Whereas long irons were once the only go-to, these often tricky to handle clubs are no longer the only thing to reach for. If you are someone who has trouble getting to grips with a 1 or 2 long iron, a driving iron is certainly a solid alternative. Need some help honing in on the right driving iron to add to your collection? Our buying guide will help dispel some of the myths about this popular type of club and improve your game.

The Benefits of a Driving Iron

Driving irons are popular with golfers for many reasons. One of the biggest perks of this type of club is that they’re a great choice for using when dealing with tricky course conditions. If you’re playing a course with tight spots and awkward geometry, driving irons can prove a saviour to your game with their ability to let you play with the utmost precision. This is certainly advantageous when you compare them against the often awkward feel of a long iron, even if these clubs are good for plotting your game.

Another benefit of driving irons is that they will help you battle certain weather conditions on the golf course. In particular, wind factor can be eliminated as a significant threat to your game, with driving irons hitting lower than other types of club. Even if you have reservations about this golfing marvel, never discount a driving iron. They can bring the crucial combination of forgiveness, distance and control to your game.

Some More Detail About Height Control

Although many golfers quickly reached for hybrids when they arrived onto the market to replace their long iron stalwarts, this change didn’t prove a positive one for every golfer. While hybrids do indeed have their advantages, they lack the alluring height control benefits of driving irons. If you are a golfer who has a tendency to hit the ball high, a driving iron is the way to go. It combines all the perks of a hybrid but comes with enhanced levels of control in this respect. A driving iron will also prove better at cutting through the rough than a conventional long iron. What’s more, a driving iron can cover greater distances when you hit with more impact.

Yards and Distance

For golfers who have higher overall swing speeds, a driving iron is also the better option than a hybrid. You will usually be able to cover more distance if you have got a faster swing, although it’s worth noting that these differences in the distance aren’t all that substantial. Ultimately, whether you opt for a driving iron or hybrid here is a question of personal preference. That being said, while distance benefits aren’t noteworthy, a driving iron brings with it better overall feel and a user-friendliness a hybrid can’t beat.

Let’s Talk About Loft

In most cases, driving irons will offer you the same loft as you’d expect from a long iron. In short, you’ll be looking at lofts ranging from between 18 and 23 degrees. Again, it’s worth noting that loft isn’t a hugely important factor to consider when determining the specific benefits of driving irons when making your purchase decision.

Are Driving Irons Better Than Conventional Drivers?

A driver usually proves to be the trickiest of all clubs to hit with. As such, a driving iron is usually a more forgiving option for golfers and can offer a greater level of precision. This is true even if you hit the ball off the centre when you make an impact. However, this precision brings with it some compromise. Namely, you will be saying goodbye to some distance in return for higher levels of control and precision. However, this compromise is an easy one to make once if you’re seeking sharper precision.

As we’ve previously mentioned, a driving iron is also a good alternative when you’re looking to play in bad weather. More so than a driver, a driving iron flies lower, making it a good selection to play within strong winds that you don’t want to impede your performance on the golf course.

Can a Driving Iron Replace a Hybrid?

Many golfers at some point ask themselves whether or not they need to be making a choice between hybrids and driving irons. The truth is, both clubs have their place in your bag. Both hybrids and driving irons have been available for a while and can both be put to good use on the course.

Which type you will reach for most of the time is ultimately a question of your individual playing style, however. In particular, the question regards how well you hit off the tee. If you have a tendency to make off-centre contact with the ball when striking, a driving iron is probably your best option. While they fly higher than long irons, driving irons tend to fly lower than hybrids. This makes them a suitable selection for those looking to perform better during a long approach.

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Product Reviews

Now that we have run through some important specs that showcase the benefits of driving irons, it’s time to delve into a selection of some of the best driving irons you can currently buy. Below, you will find a breakdown of some premium driving irons from the best brands around.

Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue Individual Driving Iron

Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue Individual Iron

This Rogue Individual Iron from Callaway has some seriously impressive specs that justify the addition to your golf bag. For a start, there’s the 360 Face Cup and Variable Face Thickness technology to mention. These design details expand the available surface area of the face that ensures faster ball speeds.

The Variable Face Thickness is particularly successful in this respect, with the flexible rim delivering faster ball speeds, even when you make off-centre hits. Flight and control specs are further enhanced by tungsten weighting that brings high levels of prevision, while urethane microspheres make for better audible feedback and a more forgiving feel.

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Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue X Individual Driving Iron

Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue X Individual Iron

This Men’s Rogue Individual Long Iron has plenty to get excited about. For one, there’s the appealing combination of 360 Face Cup technology and Variable Face Thickness, promoting much better ball speeds that should serve your game well. Internal weighting has been designed with precision in mind, encouraging better flight performance and delivering better overall levels o control.

As with the previous iron from Callaway, urethane microspheres come as standard, delivering superior sound feedback and a greater feel. If you’re after a driving iron that delivers superior distances, this is the way to go.

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Cobra 2018 King Utility One Length Driving Iron

Cobra Golf - King Utility One Black Iron

Here’s an iron with plenty going for it. This iron has been meticulously designed to perform just as well as a 7 iron in terms of length and weighting, giving you a user-friendly option that delivers consistent results on the green. There’s also Power Shell Face technology here, delivering a thinner and stronger cup face and sole. This ensures a superior sweet spot zone on the club’s face, allowing for higher overall ball speeds and incredible distance potential, even when you strike off-centre.

The construction also boasts a full hollow body design for top-notch sound feedback and feel, with a lower overall centre of gravity to ensure a much-improved launch.

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Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Individual Driving Iron

Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Individual Iron

The Apex 19 Individual Iron from Callaway has been created with distance in mind. A very soft feel comes as standard thanks to the forged carbon steel body, with urethane microspheres, worked into the construction for added performance. What’s more, the 360 Face Cup technology is on hand to deliver faster overall ball speeds and ensure more consistent distance performance.

Spin control is also assured thanks to Variable Face Thickness technology. A tungsten-infused construction also provides precision when it comes to the centre of gravity, making for optimal ball control and flight. If you are a golfing enthusiast, this is one driving iron worth considering.

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Mizuno 2018 MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Driving Iron

Mizuno 2018 MP -18 MMC Fli Hi Iron

The 2018 MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron is the way to go if you’re seeking to swap out your long irons for something that performs. Optimised weighting here provides a lower, deep-set centre of gravity that ensures higher launches with minimal effort. There’s a premium veneer of quality throughout here, with a satin nickel and chrome finish with a non-glare treatment. Definitely worth looking into if you’re after something that makes the start of your game as hassle-free as possible.

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Callaway Steelhead XR Individual Iron

Callaway Steelhead XR Individual Iron

There’s plenty of great Callaway details to devour with the Steelhead XR Individual Iron. 360 Face Cup technology comes as standard, promoting better overall ball speeds and increased distances, even if you misfire when striking or make off-centre contact with the ball. There is also Shock Eliminator Technology on the table here, providing you with less vibration and a greater overall fee. Hollow Bore-Thru hosel design means the unwanted weight is dispensed with, giving you an easier to handle and more forgiving club.

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Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Smoke Individual Irons

Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Smoke Individual Iron

This 2019 Apex Smoke Individual Iron has it all. A super-soft feel comes as standard thanks to the forged carbon steel body, while urethane microspheres in the forged iron provide an even better feel. Face Cup Technology is also on hand to deliver more consistent distance performance and better spin control, even if you’re a more aggressive golfer. The multi-material construction with tungsten elements also provides a better centre of gravity, making this a more precise choice of driving iron.

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Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Pro Smoke Individual Iron

Callaway Golf 2019 Apex Pro Smoke Individual Iron

If you’re after tour level performance from your golfing kit, the Callaway 2019 Apex Pro Smoke is the way to go. This forged iron brings plenty of brilliant design details to the table, with some superior distance technology leading the pack. You can look forward to a very soft feel thanks to a mild carbon steel body, while urethane microspheres are also included in the design to boost the forgiving feel even further.

There is also the inclusion of Callaway’s 360 Face Cup Technology here, providing you with consistent distance performance, every time. What’s more, the Variable Face Thickness technology brings you more precision, even for off-centre contact. If you are a more aggressive golfer, this VFT spec will definitely prove a welcome addition to your game. For the more dedicated golfer, the tour inspired shaping of this club will go down a storm. You have got the classic Callaway look, combine with a straight leading edge, higher-placed toe and thinner top line.

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Taylormade GAPR MID Golf Club

Taylormade GAPR MID Golf Club

Look forward to a great game with this GAPR MID Golf Club from TaylorMade. There’s an optimised centre of gravity here to improve your performance, delivering longer distances at a higher trajectory. Trajectory control is further improved thanks to the loft sleeve of this club. You can also look forward to easier alignment thanks to the superior shape of this driving iron, with the medium width sole making it a user-friendly choice. Superb sound and feel are also assured thanks to a speed foam construction.

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Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on Irons

How to play golf iron shots

Hitting irons straight is relatively straightforward provided you bear a few key tips and tricks in mind. For starters, you will want to pick out your target carefully before you do anything else. Even experienced golfers can overlook this crucial step, which of course has detrimental effects on the quality of the subsequent shot. For best results, pick as small a target as possible. However, no matter how small your chosen target, you will want to ensure that it lies within clear sight. Picking out a clear target should become a fundamental part of your pre-shot ritual.

If you are looking to lift your iron shots higher into the air, there are a couple of things to bear in mind. For one, you nee to be hitting the ball on the downswing, aiming to take a divot after you have made contact with and lifted the ball. The likelihood of achieving a crisp impact is significantly increased by the downswing tactic. The result is that the ball will enjoy a more stable flight, with good levels of backspin more likely. Furthermore, you also see better stopping power. This is crucial if you are nearing the green.

How to grip a golf iron

In order to make most effective use of your golf irons, ensuring a good grip of the club is crucial. To begin with, take your right hand and take hold of the club shaft at the point where it meets with the grip. Be sure to hold the iron out in front of you, paying special attention to maintain a 45-degree angle. Once you have done this, bring your left palm to toward you.

You will want to ensure that the grip is set in between the knuckles of your first fingers at the top part of the palm. Maintaining the grip with your let hand, you must now curve the smallest finger, the middle finger and the ring finger of your left hand around the golf iron handle. The underneath of each of these finger should be making contact with the grip if this has been carried out correctly.

The next step is to correctly set your left thumb. Bearing in mind not to change the position of the grip, you need to roll the left thumb over right side of the handle, while also curving the index finger on your left hand around the golf iron grip. The base of your thumb should be making direct contact with the handle if you are doing this correctly.

Next, bring your right hand to toward the left one. The right hand should, as with the left one, have the shaft sitting comfortably between the base of your palm and the knuckles. Once you have done this, you should move the smallest finger of your right hand to wrap in between the index and middle fingers of your left hand. Some golfers also prefer to interlock them. Your right middle and ring fingers should be wrapped around the handle. Adding optimal pressure is crucial here to ensure a good grip.

What golf iron hits the farthest?

Understanding the distance potential of your long irons is important in ensuring you always pick the best club for each situation on the golf course. Thankfully, determining average distance is relatively straightforward when it comes to long irons. As a rule, the lower the number of a golf iron, the greater the average distance you can hope to clear.

The best iron to reach for to cover the greatest distance is the 2-iron. Generally speaking, a quality 2-iron will cover an average distance of 190 yards. A 3-iron will clear approximately 180 yards. A 4-iron is the way to go if you are hoping to cover distances of around 170 yards, while a 5-iron should suffice in clearing distances of 160 yards. A 6-iron should cover an average distance of 150 yards, a 7-iron should clear 140 yards, while an 8-iron is able to handle distances of 130 yards. At the lowest end of the spectrum is the 9-iron. An average 9-iron club will clear distances of around 120 yards.

Provided you familiarise yourself with what a 2-iron and a 9-iron are capable of in terms of distance, it is easy to make the best judgement on which iron to bring out of your bag at any time. Simply subtract ten yards from distance estimates the higher the number of your long iron.

When do golf irons wear out?

Many golfers find that certain clubs in their bag, such as the putter, hold up well to regular use, year after year. Other varieties, such as the Fairway club, are also known for their robustness and resilience, while wedges are far more demanding of regular re-grooving and maintenance. Golf irons are a different kettle of fish altogether, with the less experienced player often finding it hard to determine whether or not their clubs need replacing.

Professional golfers are known to swap out their longs every playing season. The reason for this is simple. Golf irons are some of the most heavily used clubs around, although deciding on whether or not to replace your irons is not a straightforward task. The reason for this is that all golf players tend to use some irons more than others. In fact, most golfers tend to only utilise no more than two irons most of the time. As such, only a small fraction of the total number of irons in any golf bag will be experiencing wear and tear. Just because one or two irons might need replacing, does not mean you will need to invest in a brand new set.

To ensure you are not investing in irons ahead of time, carry out regular inspection and maintenance of your clubs to keep them in premium condition for longer. You will want to regularly inspect the grooves of your clubs, keeping them clean and free of debris. Bear in mind you need to keep the groove edges as clean as possible at all times. Furthermore, you may wish to get have the lofts of your irons checked. Most players will benefit of having these checked at least once every year. A professional fitter can carry out such checks quickly and easily return your irons to their loft if need be.

Why are golf irons different lengths?

The key reason why golf irons vary in length is distance potential of balls hit. Distance is ultimately determined by both the loft of a club and the length of it. A golf iron with a longer length generally provides greater leverage for the user, while also ensuring faster levels of speed. Provided a solid impact is made, the ball is hit further.

With shorter irons, the length of the club does not really have anything to do with distance. Rather, shorter clubs are designed with precision in mind. As a rule of thumb, you will be using longer irons at the beginning of a game, before reaching for shorter ones as you near the green. The lower your overall handicap, the more chance that you will only be using two long irons before swapping your clubs out for wedges and putters.

How to change golf iron shafts

Changing golf iron shafts yourself is incredibly easy and can save the cost of having it done professionally. To begin with, simply clamp the iron shaft into place with a specialised shaft vice clamp. To make life easier, you may wish to warm the ferrule so that the material becomes softer and easy to remove. Once you have applied heat to the ferrule, you can remove it by using a high-quality utility knife.

To remove a shaft from the club head itself, you will once again need to apply heat, this time to the hosel. Use a blowtorch for best results, applying heat for around half a minute. Using protective gloves, take hold of the club head and remove it with a twisting/pulling motion. You may find that the club head fails to loosen. In which case, reapply heat in shorter bursts and repeat until you can remove the club head with ease.

You now need to remove any excess resin from the hosel interior. A standard wire brush should suffice in clearing away any epoxy, particularly if the materials are still warm from heating. After the hosel has cooled down, you should take some time to remove any noticeable marks sustained from the heating process before continuing. Next you will need to take some shaft tip measurements.

A shaft identification gauge is essential for making proper measurements. Your replacement shaft should have a tip size that matches the one you have removed. Once you have your replacement shaft ready to go, you will need to trim the tip before completing your refit.